Variable Wattage Box Mod Benefits?

What do VW Box Mods provide the vaper that Mech Mods do not?

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Lets say you have a 0.5ohm build and you take your battery off the charger and slap it in your fav mech mod. 4.2v with a 0.5 build you’re kicking out 35.28W (8.4amps). However, after a while your battery settles down at 3.7v, so now your 0.5 coil is only being provided 27.38W (7.4amps). Your VW box mod is still kicking out 35W until the battery can no longer support it.

My Sigelei 100W has 2 x Samsung 25r batteries in it and I vape at about 35 - 45W and I charge them, on average every 2 - 3 days. The other advantage I have is being able to test my juice at different settings e.g. one batch I made tasted like arse if you had a moderately warm/hot vape (and no I wasn’t burning the cotton :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

That’s my 2 pennies worth :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been very happy with my simple 18350, 500, 650 mech mod for 2 years now. I’ve not made the VW mod jump quite yet because of not quite understanding what all the hubbub is? Is there really that much of a difference between the two styles of mods?

Honestly, I love my Sigelei now. To begin with I nearly ditched it because it was SOOOO big. Especially compared to my Kylin telescopic mod. But now I’m used to it, I wouldn’t be without it. For me, I get all the positives of a mech, with a bit of added safety, without any of the downsides i.e. carrying batteries around. The only downside is what I mentioned before, which is size but eLeaf seem to be sorting that out lol.

Should also note that my next vape purchase will likely be a Praxis mech mod lol


BillyBankrupt, that makes some good sense. I would like to not have to change batteries so often. And I guess, having the mod poot out the same juice to your coil until the batteries crap out is a good thing. I do know that when the battery gets low, it makes my wife cough.??? Don’t understand that???

Sub-ohming is no longer necessary - That’s a nice plus. I prefer my coils around 1-1.5 ohm and I vape anywhere from 35-100W, but mostly around 50W. Battery life is amazing.

I really like my Sigelei 150W :smiley:


I saw something about that on another forum somewhere, if I find it, I’ll post a link. If I remember rightly, they said it was because the coil takes a little longer to heat up, you don’t get that initial punch, so you end up taking longer hits. I mean that seems to make sense but no idea if this was scientific analysis or a finger in the dark.

Oooo @daath you make a very good point!!

Yes more massive coils have a “ramp-up time” - the more mass, the longer it takes to get the temperature up :smile:

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I appreciate the input on this topic. I’ll be doing more research and following concerning the vw mods. I guess the simplicity of the mech mod has me satisfied at the present time. Size is a concern as well. The vw mods are getting smaller and smaller. I like that, due to storage on my person at work. I need to have something that will fit in the small verticle pockets of my cargo shorts. My 18350 with a small tank or dripper fits that bill now. I love researching things to death, so, my task is before me!

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For me in the beginning it was convenience and lack of knowledge going w a VW.
After researching pros and cons I picked up 100w Sigelei and sub ohm tank.
Turned out to be excellent combo until coil cost started bugging me.
Switched to Plume Veil RDA on it and now it does the proper voltage and shows me where I’m at on the Ohm’s.
So, I guess in a nut shell, a regulated mod is easier and safer(for me), batteries can last about 3days, excellent performance and I’m a little on the lazy side :smiley:
Different strokes for different folks.


@Highcountry you can’t beat a Plume Veil on the Sigelei! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Jimk I made the decision to get one after borrowing a box mod off a mate (nearly didn’t give it back lol). I don’t know what you type of coils you build but if your not going to need more than 30W I’d suggest picking up an eLeaf iStick 30W. They’re pretty bloody cheap, absolutely tiny and there’s no pulse width modulation. Happy researching :smile:


I usually hang around .6 to 1 ohm simple micro coils w/ 26 to 28 ga. nichrome; dual coil drippers and tanks. I could certainly bump up my ohms to fit within the vw needs of whatever box mod. I’m not married to any specific coil type, but simple is good. I’m lazy that way.

Perfect! 0.6ohms at 4.2v is 29.4W. I think that’s a great excuse for a new vape toy :smiley:

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Ok, so having a VW mod that will handle from 30 to 150 watts is for folks that coil below .5 ohms? Daath says he keeps his coil at 1 to 1.5 ohms, yet Vapes anywhere from 35 to 100 watts. That is what is a bit confusing. So the variance in wattage is there to perhaps help with the flavor of different eliquids. Some taste better/worse at different wattages?

Ah, I like mine at 1-1.5ohm, but vape around 50W usually. For high wattage, you do need a lower resistance, I believe around 0.3-0.4ohm - I don’t recall.

In my small amount of experience, yes, some flavors like different temperatures.
As far as Watts/volts/ohms, someone i’m sure can explain that better than me.
I use a regulated box exclusively.
My coils range between 1.4ohm and .25ohm that I’m using now @30watts/2.8volts.
Sometimes I’ll vary the Wattage according to which flavor, ie: Desserts taste better at lower heat
(25-28Watts), Coffee and Chocolate tastes better w higher heat (32-35Watts).
I set the Watts I want, the box calculates the volts and ohm’s automatically for the coil installed.
Hope this helps a little, if you already knew feel free to delete this.

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No! I know very little about VW mods. Thus the reason I started the thread. Any and all suggestions or explanations are appreciated!!!


@Jimk I was about to reply but as I took a tug on my Atlantis and the coil crapped out on me, which forced me to rebuild a RDA. The build came out at 0.2, so for me to vape on it like I had a fresh battery (4.2v) I had to set it to 65W. The Atlantis was at 0.5 (cotton rebuild) and to get 4.2v it was set at 30W. Hopefully that gives you an idea. The point @daath was making is, with a mech mod your mod is the constant and you coil is the variable. With a regulated mod you could consider the coil the constant and the mod the variable. So instead of adjust your coil to get a particular vape experience, you simply adjust the mod to suite your taste.


I forgot to mention: Yes, recipes can taste very differently at different wattages - The same is true for flavorings; Cocoa (FA) for example does not like high wattages - it will taste bad :smile:
When I taste new juices on my Siggy, I always watt-surf a bit to see what it tastes like at different wattages…


Checking out the Sigelei 150w… It’s killing me that they didn’t put a usb charge point on that thing. Wonder why?