Weekend project (Flavour Case)

Okay, was goin* to do a Flavour fridge like @woftam. But the candidate for surgery does work properly… fridge temp only got to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

So next idea… Walmart bookcase…

Excuse the mess… plan is to take the shelf idea used in Flavour fridge and apply then to the bookcase… using supply’s bought at Lowe’s or homedepot…

@woftam feel free to post pics of your wonderful flavour fridge .

On way to Lowe’s and homedepot now…


Need 2 or 3 sticks per shelf


You’re putting more shelves into the black bookcase right? Don’t know what a flavor fridge is? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thought everyone has seen @woftam awesome idea

Edit : went and grabbed a pic



I like my simple sears mini wine fridge. made to hold 16 bottles and a few more in the base… bought it long ago and it is still licking (15 years)… makes for a great bedside table as well perfect for that 8 weeks with no weight bearing on your repaired leg. Ideal for stocking with powerade and such so you need not hop to the kitchen every 30 minutes.

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Hi use a Bookshelf from Ikea for my concentrates. I made some “steps” out of rooth lath (30x50mm) as steps and stripes from shelf floor boards (from 25mm for 10ml concentrates to 50mm for the bigger bottles). Now i have 7 Steps per shelve with space for 25x10ml per step.

The LED Stripe is Crap… or my installation qulaities…


Alright i’m with you now, a fridge for your flavors. Lol.
Just thought you were going to make the bookcase a ‘flavor fridge’ but do you have a fridge you are going to use? :grin: