What are you watching? 2022/23

Excellent feel-good choices.


Has anyone watched :point_down: (still waiting for this one to land on torrents)?


Excellent Movie Buckets of Blood & Gore Galore.
“Mommy’s with the Maggots now”


Not yet @Mikser, but now I WANT to.

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I haven’t commented on my movie choices in a while, so I will for tonight’s as it is such an odd choice: Freddy Got Fingered.

I chose this for Come What May as it is the most famous ‘Joe Dante presents’ movies ever made. Stating ‘Joe Dante presents’ is used by cinephiles to indicate that the director doesn’t give a shit and just wants to have fun making a movie they have no interest in, particularly if a studio is insisting that they make it.

Obviously this comes from Joe Dante directing Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The studio couldn’t find a script for a sequel they liked, so decided to just give Joe a bag of money to make it. And, we got the finest self-indulgent meta-movie of the decade.

More recently, Lana’s direction of Matrix Resurrections gained the Joe Dante moniker prefix.


While pondering suitable videos on biology for my lovelies I ended up revisiting the glory of True Facts:

I was asked to examine a few videos and oddly they were all hosted by a reliable commentator.

@Lucas_James_Holden Nuke’s is one of a near empty hand of posters who actually care about veracity (Slapped Ham and me is an ongoing game of me just rubbishing all he views as acceptable).


Tonight, I’ll use my recent release card and watch John Wick 4.

I have heard many details, though I tried to ignore them. As such, I am expecting a slightly demented final chapter due to the never-ending lore based characters. And with these added layers, many will have a fundamental failure to provide oxygen to their cells.

When you combine movie 4 and 5 into one: you need to handle it carefully.


America, 1969. Four guests check in to a once-stylish, now down-on-its-luck hotel. None of them are quite what they seem — and neither is the hotel itself. The stage is set for an almighty reckoning.
Watched this last night. Reminded me of a Tarantino film, but this one was more “noir-ish”. Excellent acting by the entire cast, especially Jeff Bridges. Plot twists abound.
Highly recommended!


Probably old news but we just finished watching this. It’s a fly on the wall type series depicting how Boris Johnson and the government dealt with the pandemic. At the beginning of each episode it states how it’s based on a true story rather than it is a true story but a lot rings true from the news that was circulating at the time.

I wasn’t going to bother but the wife recorded it and I actually quite enjoyed it. People from The UK would obviously be able to state how authentic it is better than me.


This one has peaked my interest after watching the trailer. Time to send out my privateers to source it.

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Well, John Wick 4 was generally very good: with the expected intense action and lavish set-pieces. His character sticks to what has been established and pays off on a number of details which were set-up in the first three outings.

It’s only big weakness is trying to add more lore into this fictional universe rather than just trying to lead to a resolution of what has already been established. At times it really felt like it was what it is: An attempt to merge a 4th and 5th John Wick movie into a single film. Adding in a whole power struggle around the High Table and even more functionary characters like The Harbinger just took away from the razor focus which made the first movie exceptional. Sadly at times this led to it being as silly as some aspects of Parabellum.

All in all, it is definitely worth a watch, though at times you may have your suspension of disbelief questioned.

For tonight’s choice, my playlist for May states that I need to revisit a personal favourite of mine: Withnail and I.

If you are not a wizard, I do not recommend engaging in the themed drinking game while watching.

Edit: I forgot to mention the nod to The Warriors which precedes the dead by dawn fun and games: