What are you watching? 2022/23

I haven’t commented on my movie choices in a while, so I will for tonight’s as it is such an odd choice: Freddy Got Fingered.

I chose this for Come What May as it is the most famous ‘Joe Dante presents’ movies ever made. Stating ‘Joe Dante presents’ is used by cinephiles to indicate that the director doesn’t give a shit and just wants to have fun making a movie they have no interest in, particularly if a studio is insisting that they make it.

Obviously this comes from Joe Dante directing Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The studio couldn’t find a script for a sequel they liked, so decided to just give Joe a bag of money to make it. And, we got the finest self-indulgent meta-movie of the decade.

More recently, Lana’s direction of Matrix Resurrections gained the Joe Dante moniker prefix.


While pondering suitable videos on biology for my lovelies I ended up revisiting the glory of True Facts:


I was asked to examine a few videos and oddly they were all hosted by a reliable commentator.

@Lucas_James_Holden Nuke’s is one of a near empty hand of posters who actually care about veracity (Slapped Ham and me is an ongoing game of me just rubbishing all he views as acceptable).


Tonight, I’ll use my recent release card and watch John Wick 4.

I have heard many details, though I tried to ignore them. As such, I am expecting a slightly demented final chapter due to the never-ending lore based characters. And with these added layers, many will have a fundamental failure to provide oxygen to their cells.

When you combine movie 4 and 5 into one: you need to handle it carefully.


America, 1969. Four guests check in to a once-stylish, now down-on-its-luck hotel. None of them are quite what they seem — and neither is the hotel itself. The stage is set for an almighty reckoning.
Watched this last night. Reminded me of a Tarantino film, but this one was more “noir-ish”. Excellent acting by the entire cast, especially Jeff Bridges. Plot twists abound.
Highly recommended!


Probably old news but we just finished watching this. It’s a fly on the wall type series depicting how Boris Johnson and the government dealt with the pandemic. At the beginning of each episode it states how it’s based on a true story rather than it is a true story but a lot rings true from the news that was circulating at the time.

I wasn’t going to bother but the wife recorded it and I actually quite enjoyed it. People from The UK would obviously be able to state how authentic it is better than me.


This one has peaked my interest after watching the trailer. Time to send out my privateers to source it.

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Well, John Wick 4 was generally very good: with the expected intense action and lavish set-pieces. His character sticks to what has been established and pays off on a number of details which were set-up in the first three outings.

It’s only big weakness is trying to add more lore into this fictional universe rather than just trying to lead to a resolution of what has already been established. At times it really felt like it was what it is: An attempt to merge a 4th and 5th John Wick movie into a single film. Adding in a whole power struggle around the High Table and even more functionary characters like The Harbinger just took away from the razor focus which made the first movie exceptional. Sadly at times this led to it being as silly as some aspects of Parabellum.

All in all, it is definitely worth a watch, though at times you may have your suspension of disbelief questioned.

For tonight’s choice, my playlist for May states that I need to revisit a personal favourite of mine: Withnail and I.

If you are not a wizard, I do not recommend engaging in the themed drinking game while watching.

Edit: I forgot to mention the nod to The Warriors which precedes the dead by dawn fun and games:


I’ll be watching this sometime in the next week. Have to be in the right mood.
Just finished the mini-series “Zen” on Britbox (3 episodes of 90 minutes) with Rufus Sewell and enjoyed it. It had a feel from a couple of shows in the 60’s and 70’s for me, and I fully enjoyed each episode.


Let me know your views on it - when you find the matching mood.

I am generally a long way behind when it comes to TV series: I think It’ll take a few years to clear the backlog of recommendations and only if I watched 24/7.

I think the most recent series I’ve watched was Bodyguard.


I will post my impressions on it.
I enjoyed “Bodyguard” a bunch. Though I stream from Hulu and Netflix, I am finding more series on Britbox that I enjoy. Mainly via Netflix, some of the Scandinavian crime dramas have been outstanding.


I am already versed in those:


As I am still rather lapse with my reviews/retrospectives, I am again listing what I plan to watch next month in advance. The theme is ‘In Tune With June’. For this, I chose a festival for each day and then listed the first movie to spring to mind. Some choices are obvious, some relate to key scenes and the others are really tenuous.

In Tune With June.

1st Dinosaur Day - Tammy and the T-Rex

2nd Rocky Road Day - Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

3rd Repeat Day - Live, Die, Repeat / Edge of Tomorrow

4th National Internet Cleaning Day (So it’ll be a TV show from my archive. Due South: All the Queen’s Horses springs to mind as needing a rewatch).

5th National Gingerbread Day - The Gingerdead Man

6th Visually Impaired Peoples’ Day - The Book of Eli

7th Global Running Day - The Running Man

8th National Upsy Daisy Day - Demonic Toys

9th National Meal Prep Day - Tremors II: After Shocks

10th Global Wellness Day - A Cure for Wellness

11th National Children’s Day and National Corn on the Cob Day - Children of the Corn

12th Raggedy Ann and Andy Day - So one of the Annabelle movies as she is a Raggedy Ann doll

13th International Albinism Awareness Day - Blade 2

14th International Bath Day - Ghostbusters 2

15th World Elder Abuse Day - X

16th Fresh Veggies Day - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

17th International Surfing Day - Surf Nazis Must Die

18th Father’s Day - About Time

19th National Take Your Cat to Work Day - Uninvited

20th Plain Yoghurt Day - The Stuff

21st World Day of Music - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

22nd Positive Media Day - 1984

23rd International Widow’s Day - Krull

24th International Fairy Day - Pan’s Labyrinth

25th Log Cabin Day - Chuck and Dale vs. Evil

26th World Refrigeration Day - Jack Frost

27th Decide to be Married Day - Ready or Not

28th Tau Day - The Life of Pi

29th International Mud Day - Predator

30th National Food Truck Day - The Ice Cream Man


I am currently digesting the chǎomiàn I made for dinner and a mad idea from Townsends’ peaked my interest:


There are many of us here who love Lovecraftian tales and cosmic horror in general. I sometimes listen to his works while I sleep, though I’m the kind of person who only sleeps well during storms or earthquakes.

If you haven’t seen them, then there are two more recent ones I’d recommend:

The Void is what a modern Hellraiser should have been and has an air akin to Baskin about it - though luckily in English.

All I need to say about Colour out of Space is that it is Lovecraft and Nicholas Cage.


To be ‘in Tune with June’ you’d need to change the 3rd June i think. That’s a historical day, actually the most important day that somehow always stay forgotten. It’s a birthday of the Great Reset.

3rd June 2020 – The Great Reset has officially started.

3rd June 2020 – Prince Charles launches page on his royal website (here). Today, through HRH’s Sustainable Markets Initiative and the World Economic Forum, The Prince of Wales launched a new global initiative, The Great Reset. (check dates on all these pages)

3rd June 2020 - WEF launches The Great Reset page Now is the time for a 'great reset' of capitalism | World Economic Forum

3rd June 2020 – IMF (International Monetary Fund) launches the Great Reset page https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2020/06/03/sp060320-remarks-to-world-economic-forum-the-great-reset

3rd June 2020 - “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future,” Schwab declared on June 3, 2020.

I have some movie ideas for that particular day, but i don’t dare to suggest them.


Oh, please do dare: I am always open to suggestions.

Although, my current choice does fit in with the Great Reset.


Good choices, but I’d have to go with the 1966 classic The Endless Summer :slight_smile:


Oh no, nothing can beat the glorious madness of Mama Washington: