What Do You Really Hate? (III)

I have one remaining VTC mini (dual) left after giving away 4 or 5 original model minis as decent starter kits to friends wanting to quit cigs. Wish I had kept some of them. One of the best single battery, regulated mods ever made, and a lot of fun to tweak if you ran ArticFox on them.


Up at 1:00am watching random documentaries not able to sleep and have to be up at 5:15am😵‍💫


Been there, my friend. It suuuuucks.


I know that song @TimWV.



I hate the fact vta is done. I have searched all over the world for cinnamon donut vta trying to get a big batch and all i can get is 10ml bottles for nomz. 120ml will cost me £30 and its not worth it for me.


I’m totally gutted mate. VTA make some of my favourite flavours and they appear in most of my favourite recipes which means that I won’t be able to make them anymore.:sob:


Yeah i have 5 all day vapes i need to rework. And one i need to build. That vanilla ice cream vta was really good and i use it in all ice cream recipes. When the csc line went it sucked as their vic was real good and had to get a replacement. I might grab a bunch of the vic vta from nomz so i can still keep going and make testers as i go.


I will miss the pudding base and the milkshake base… used both to good effect in some recipes.


Sadly, one seller used Royal Mail to deliver something to me. Luckily, this time they didn’t claim that I wasn’t there or that my house doesn’t exist and instead they relied on a novel excuse: They sent the parcel to the wrong Delivery Office. The one they sent it to is around 800 metres from my house, rather than the central one which is a few miles away.

Edit: I have now been told that the package has been sent 41 miles (that’s 41 miles in Freedom Units) away in order to send it back to me.


Hotmail once again having no reliable spam or phishing filter. I remember the days of quickly scanning my junk for anything which got filtered into it. Now, we’re back to phishing in Focused messages and over 150 spam emails a day. This seems to be the new ‘normal’ for them.


The video does seem to show one marine losing his composure while the trio were trying to leave, though the way the group acted is utterly unacceptable: I can think of a deluge of offences they committed in the first few seconds alone.


Top story: Man has an affair and breaks no laws and is vilified. Which leads to him being cancelled.

Second story: A criminal who openly admitted to assisting in an attempted contract killing on national television, broke laws he helped to ratify and is getting close to being arrested for perjury.

How much does someone living in the closest get to people, especially when a man is only guilty of nepotism?


Our senate, which was voted out last March, has pushed through two very important laws that nobody wants, just before they piss off and leave it to the next group.

The emergency corona laws are now permanently put into law. Only the minister of health decides whether there are any grounds for lockdowns and other shit.
Climate change has also been named a danger to human health, so prepare for future climate lockdowns for your own safety.

This is also in the WHO documents they will sign shortly. That’s probably why they made it into law. When the WHO commands, they have will have to implement whatever it is and that is a little difficult outside of the law.

What’s also seen as a great danger is misinformation. That call it an infodemic. They can lock you down for that.

The biggest crime however I have saved for last. We have the biggest pension pot of Europe. 1500 billion euros.
It’s a communal pot. They’ve just turned it into 10 million individual pots which are going to be put on the stock market. Casino pension.

Apart from implementing all of it, which will be a disaster, looking at stuff like the toeslagen affaire isn’t very assuring, people’s pensions will rise and fall with the market.
It’s completely insane.
They even said themselves, we have the best pension system there is. So why the fuck are you changing it?

The fact that these people have been outvoted already and still keep pushing their agenda, no matter what, talking democracy no less, pisses me off to no end.
Nobody wants it, people have warned, they’ve been told over and over again not to do it, and they do it anyway :exploding_head:

I have no horse in this race, I have no pension. The only assets I have are in my head. It is called common sense, which unfortunately is not all that common.
Still, this is pure theft, I can’t stand these people.


This one does stand out as a logical leap to me. Particularly as you are strongly implying that a state (and not a nation state) can be a signatory to an international agreement. That would automatically struck-down at a federal level as a clear overreach.

Also, the WHO does not have the to capacity to issue binding agreements: It is like NICE in the UK - they advise on the medical efficacy of treatments and what would be advantageous for the NHS but the government and individual NHS trusts can ignore them.

So don’t worry yourself too much about such things.


That’s about to change shortly. New documents going to be signed soon. They don’t care about overreach.
They’ve passed that station a long time ago.


Could you send me a copy of the document which would empower them to be able to change their own charter in this regard.


There isn’t one yet as far as I know. They are still negotiating. I’ve seen bits and pieces of drafts being discussed where little things were changed.

Phrases like human dignity and such being replaced with the new vague terms of today, diversity, equity and inclusivity.

The WHO will be in power when there is a pandemic. That would be fine if the decision whether we’re dealing with a pandemic or not would be in the hands of a neutral party.
It is the WHO who decides and nobody else.

That’s too much power for an organisation that gets about 86% of it’s finances from private sources, mainly the Bill and Melissa Gates foundation, and is headed by a man who should be in prison for his acts of terrorism in Ethiopia before he became the minister of health of that country.

Those organisations might have started of as a good thing. They are all rotten to the core, as is everything else in this society.
It’s a law of this planet. Everything corrupts.
Our time is up, our civilisation has overexerted itself with useless wars and power grabs and now the shit is crumbling.
I remember the history lessons about the Roman empire, specifically the downfall of it.
An empire in it’s death throws is never pretty and we are right in the middle of it.

Don’t expect rules and laws to protect the citizens from this desperate riff-raff, it’s not going to happen.
They will cling on to their power as long as they can, in any way they can.

They are of course going to lose :grin:


Well that is dubious in the extreme.

Normally green and while papers would have been in circulation for years prior to a provisional draft and the final text.

As such I’d suggest confronting it with the Sagan standard before letting it affect your mood.



Normally a senate that was voted out wouldn’t squander a pension pot of 1500 billion in the last week of their carrier.

Normally farmers who provide food for a planet that hasn’t enough food, or so they claim, are valued and not chased of their land and brought to the brink of desperation.
There have been suicides.

Normally fisherman wouldn’t be required to destroy fishing boats in mint condition.

We have many normalities not applying any more. You only have to look around you to see the extraordinary evidence that the world has gone completely insane.

Don’t worry about that. I have my moments of pissedoffness, if that’s even a word, it is now.
Mostly it just makes me laugh.
All that scrambling of little people who fancy themselves all that.
They all going to die like anybody else and it scares them shitless :rofl: