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What do you really hate?


Kissing the dragon?


I shall adopt that term as the official name for my stupidity.
Dilly dilly!


I hate it that I have to spend money on premade juice.
I usually have my juice, my spare juice and spare of the spare juice, just in case I got bored with the flavor. This morning I put them in my bag, and had to changed my bag for a bigger one, and forgot to bring my juices with me.
I bought 2 juices, Crush Tasty (strawberry and Pineapple) and Orbit (local made, sweet cream mango)
Both have the same sucralose body, very sweet, with a hint of fruit. The Orbit supposedly have cream in it, but I couldn’t taste it.
At least I have 2 extra bottles now :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey? Those empty bottles are each worth a $~! :smirk: Oh wait… have to ask …how much did these two cost (if I may)?


@delltrapp You gotta love those extra bottles !!!


After spending hours helping others, nobody can even say thank you anymore. Everything is taken for granted… or forgotten within 3 seconds. Guess you call that unappreciative people?


Preach on sister …


with the current exchange rate, each cost about $4,30. The most expensive bottles I have :sweat_smile:


Thanks :snowman:️:tada:


So, a few days ago I had to buy pre made juices, and what I didnt say was that the store was having a give away that I entered by buying something from their store. Turned out I won the give away, and they just sent me the prize. 3rd prize was an Innokin Ares RTA, 2nd Prize was 50 bottles of juice, and 1st prize was SL Class SX Mini with YiHi Chip.

With my luck, could you guess which prize I won?

yaaaayy… more bottles for me, I guess…


some of them might be decent :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m trying some of them now. the Taro cotton candy is actually pretty good, and not too sweet.


at least you didn’t win a $50 voucher where you have to spend $40 to use it :smiley:


Ah, yes, you won that one, didn’t you?


yup :slight_smile:

Still willing to give it away to anyone who might actually use it


I just wanted to ask you how it ended up. Sorry about that @adary


@delltrapp interest piqued. Maybe start a new thread if you find something standing out …like Taro Cotton Candy. Sounds kinda good


I didn’t want to have to post this, but I cannot help myself …


Maybe they can do the one handed clap. :man_facepalming:

Speaking of the clap…in other news. :joy:


@Chrispdx My wife was trying to EXPLAIN the story to me, and I was like, “Wait, … what ?”. I didn’t WANT to read the story, because, you GOTTA be kidding us right ?? I mean, we’re going to ban what ??

And then, I read the story…