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What do you really hate?


I hate when I have to sleep, because sleep make me weak :sleepy:


Well at this point of my life what I REALLY REALLY hate is the sorry assed sniveling lower that slug shit asshole that my country allows to ruin our country right from the top.

I really hate him and how he mocks anyone he disagrees with. Just because he’s president doesn’t give him the right to treat others like he does.


Seriously??? So…is laughing at comedies still allowed?


I don’t even have a frakking emoji for this…



That’s all we need more jackasses !!!


That statement makes me THROBBING mad, what a circus, these articles are for clowns that live under a dutch oven tent.


I agree it’s a little crass, but it showed up in my Google News, I couldn’t not click it. I actually thought it was a joke at first. The fact that an Eliquid maker would make such a dangerous and irresponsible move is a little baffling.


I hate overpriced e juice.
I hate overpriced mods
I hate work


Sadness and despair abound, … at the closing of the pool. :frowning:


Not a very discreet way to hide the body…


My neighbor’s an ex-con, he said I’m “good”.


Toss some lime in there


Ahhhh Lime, … the spice of life !!!


Im good also, but my juice isn’t that bad.


Actually my juice is bad enough to kill you. It’s killin me. I might as well wear them as perfumes, all of them smell like heavens delights but taste blah. I hate they call these things flavorings. they’re fruit and food perfumes. IDK


Add some coconut too and mix it all together. Lol.




Long Story short.
We decided not to go to our normal store for groceries it’s 55 miles round trip and both Wifey and I have been having more than our share of pain the last two weeks. It’s just been a shitty couple of weeks. So anyway I poured over the available whole bean coffee available at the local mega mart and the best (well I thought it would be the best) one I could find was a bag of dark roast Sumatra by Starbucks What ever you do don’t buy this junk. I have had coffee from the dollar store that was better. It made me wonder how do they stay in business peddling a cheap ratty sorry excuse for coffee. My wifeys insight was great. Anything they sell in the store has so much milk or some sort, cream, sugar, chocolate and or other flavors all in an effort to bury the nasty coffee they sell.


Starbucks beans are great if you like strong, acrid coffee that murders your taste buds-I happen to be one of those weird people. I loathe creamy, sugar-laden java of ANY form-The only thing worse, in my book, is the gawd-awful taste of chicory. Keep the sticks outta my coffee, dammit!


The coffee I live on is from in the bulk section of Winco. and it’s dark roast Sumatra. I cannot believe the difference in flavor of the two.