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What do you really hate?


Having heard first hand of Aldi( deep discount German chain) coffee buying habits, I can tell you that while you are not getting a rare bean from there you may well be getting some of the most consistent coffee in the market.
In UK, my go to beans are the cheapest ones from Saintsbury, a middle range supermarket chain. Not the absolute best but you never get a bad surprise and they are pretty good. Better than anything pre ground for sure.


Just sayin’ @GPC2012


Love that one, sadly not available where I live. Even so they opening US stores, still not in my area yet :frowning:

It took me a while going through coffee of all kinds, I settled for folgers French roast. Nothing special but at least it’s coffee, in comparison to most brands here or starbucks.

Even milk/cream won’t fix Starbucks puddle water lol


Eight oclock whole bean french roast is one I use a lot.


So, I went shopping at my local Winco and on a whim decided to get some of the Sumatra beans. I’ll brew some up in the AM and give you my biased-by-Starbucks taste test. They do smell tasty, so they’ve got that going for them!


I just posted this in VapeMail, but I HATE that I can’t figure out the Donut Custard !!! (I really do …)


While I’ve never tried Donut Custard, it sounds freaking AWESOME! I know all too well the pain of not being able to clone one’s beloved juices. I’ve been trying my hand at some of the ones I used to order from my favorite mixer and I cannot for the life of me nail ANY. Well, almost-I did manage to crack their Raspberry Sorbet well enough that I don’t fiend for it anymore. Spongebob is being a right bastard tho…


I hate that I can’t vape the casper candy sticks! Now I’ll sit here all night thinking how to make it vapeable…well after I actually googled what it’s supposed to be, but I love the package :wink:


Wasn’t looking for rare, just as you say consistent and every day I can count on a good cup of coffee that I know what it’s going to taste like every time well providing I make it right lol it is early morning after all


Having not had it I will say this. A common “secret” ingredient in glazed donut dough is a small amount of cardamom Could be the essence you ae missing

Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar Recipe

•1 cup all-purpose flour.
•1 teaspoon ground cardamom.
•1 teaspoon baking powder.
•1/8 teaspoon salt.
•1 egg.
•1/3 cup granulated sugar.
•1/2 cup whole milk.
•3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted.


Cardamon and black pepper is the ‘secret’ of my mango sorbet.
I use quotes because I like it at a level where it is hard to miss :slight_smile:


Now if you would just replace the “mango” with well just about anything I know Pineapple would work good and maybe blood orange. I just don’t like mango but that’s a personal thing nothing against mangos. Mangos didn’t do anything except taste the way they taste :smile:


Try proper orange mangoes rather than green and red ones. Two completely different beasts.


Moving i just hate freaking moving , i think i hate it more than anything in life …MOVING SUCKS


I’ll move one more time in my life and that will be when they move me to the cemetery. I bought this place and I aint leaving


yes ill be buying again soon but for the last few years ive rented , after a divorce my house went bye bye long story but this next place will be my last place b4 i buy again


Been there done that with the divorce thing the bitch even took my VHS John Wayne movies. Not only couldn’t she play them she didn’t even like them.


my ex didnt take my house or get it , i had to make a xhoice, Pay the lawyers or pay the mortgage … i was fighting for my kids so at the time the house didnt mean anything… I thought i would be able. to make arrangments to get caught up but that didnt happen … a lesson learned . One mistake ill never make again


I was never able to buy with the first wife, she was too busy hiding money from me and or blowing it on stupid things like 5 $100 a pair pants that were 2 sizes too small (but she planned on losing enough weight for the to fit) She never did BTW and then she donated a bunch of used old clothes to salvation army and yup there went the pants. In a panic she tried to get some beat up old jacket back because after two days of fighting I learned she had $500 stashed in the zipper pocked on it but had forgotten about it.
It was only $400 I know because I checked the pockets of everything as I put it in the bin and had the money stashed in my wallet. Made me wonder how many other stashes she had around and forgotten about.


Aldi’s is GREAT! When my wife first started shopping there, I was skeptical as per experiences with other low cost markets. You can get some things that don’t make the cut but most of the products are wonderful and I love the receipt. I’ve come to prefer a number of their brands over more publicized brands.