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What do you really hate?


Congratulations @fidalgo_vapes


the national news/politics wars and “bombs” and the actors that are trying to stir the pot eh


I Do Not wish to HATE, but this tests me https://www.yahoo.com/news/pittsburgh-shooting-live-multiple-fatalities-152800281.html


I’ve said it once and, knowing the current conditions in our country, I’ll say it again. If someone wants to go on a shooting spree, I’d really wish that they’d start with the one staring out at them from the mirror.

I’m not necessarily condoning suicide, but I’m really getting tired of people going out and playing Whack-a-Mole for keeps.


I apologize. I read a bunch of comments and got pissed, so I deleted them.


What do I really hate? … .not a lot. But, Butter beans are disgusting!

really starchy, bitter and gritty … HATE them.


Brussell sprouts! Never had them in any way, shape or form that makes me want to take more than the smallest of bites.


Soaked in Garlic Butter and GRILLED! Yummmmmers

edit: Of course, just about anything done this way is yummy. lol


Once again, we have proven that taste is subjective LMAO


When I loose track of time and leave someone on the grill too long.


So you’re the medium-rare type. Gobble them up with a little scream still in 'em?


I has to agree wit you Alisa. Love Brussels Sprouts and almost anything that way :smile:



I can vouch for this method, if done right, you won’t be able to stop eating them.


My steaks are served to me with two steak knives one to stake to the table so it don’t get away and the other to cut it with! Rare Rare here :drooling_face:


When I was a little Ogre some times the toilet seat would fall down on my peepee.


Butter beans, Lima beans. Same, right?

Can’t stand them. The sight of a can in the grocery store gets me freaky.


My ex was that way with peas. Wouldn’t walk down the canned food aisle for fear of being spooked by peas, no matter how much I reasoned with her. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

All I was saying was give peas a chance…


Seriously tho just put em in a food processor on pulse …hmmm just think about …I mean

Imagine whirled peas


Ha! Too funny…good one!