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What do you really hate?


You’re the man @daath :sunglasses:


In the middle of a move too. I thought I was getting stuff done for the past few weeks, but it almost amounts to diddly. I filled an entire garage with attic contents. Moving is a biotch. And I found out I really suck at painting. Really suck, I’m just awful at it. This has been a hair pulling few weeks.


Sorry to hear that @Silhouette.


I am so sorry to hear this , moving had to be on my tope 3 hate to do list lol , hopefully its a better situation for you and yours … The good thing about the move is the place os wayyyyy bigger and the yard is huge . Once the move is over ill be happy


I think my mother used to throw Lima beans at me growing up. It’s definitely a deeply rooted issue. :roll_eyes:


:rofl: as a kid, my father hated bananas so much that his 2 older bros teased him by chasing him w/ one


Well, I’ll be …


I’m one of the weird people that loves to paint-I can cut in a room like nobody’s business!


Has the latest troll been banished from the realm? Dilly Dilly!!


Well I invite you to fix this mess:

It looks frack-diculous.

PS, I used a bath sponge on that weird ceiling texture. It fell apart. I have failed.


If its popcorn ceiling then you’re going to want a thick-nap roller. It’s even better to spray it with an airless sprayer, but those a total PITA for a novice user(Gotta tape/tarp everything and set up decent ventilation) Popcorn ceilings are THE WORST when you’re trying to lay down a coat of paint-It’s the main reason I removed them from my house when we were prepping it to move in(The house had been a previous rental property-LOADS of work were required before the missus and I could start hauling in our home)

Long story short-It’s not your technique that is lacking but rather the daunting task of trying to paint a craptastic product that should have never been used in the first place!


Carful with the ceiling, it looks like I could be ‘Artex’, which most often contains asbestos. As long as it is not disturbed (drilled, sanded) it is not dangerous though.


Not banished. Just sent a PM - I have hopes that people can be civil and reasonable :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that sucks, I’ve been working on patching a hole in the bathroom ceiling which also has that texture, so I’ve disturbed the crap out of it.
@paingawd I probably could have picked a better way, but I found the last ceiling I had to paint, I would start to get dizzy and pass out looking up on a ladder, was a little afraid for that to happen again. I have that entire room to do too. The entire house has that stupid ceiling.


See, something told me I should have came to y’all first.


No, No, NO! No passing out on a ladder. Yikes! Don’t do that. There’s got to be another way.


Yes @Silhouette @SmilingOgre’s right, if you’re getting dizzy on the top of a ladder, that only ends one way. Is there someone else who can paint on the ladder maybe ?? The house ventilated ?? Paint fumes ??


You’d think it was like that, but it’s not. It’s in fact when I’m looking straight up for an extended period of time, it’s the damndest thing. I just go boom, over. My husband can do the ceiling, but we are both clumsy on an inhuman level. It’s actually quite funny.


That is not real uncommon, but ya might want to ask about it on your next doctors visit, I get that way very fast and usually just walking looking at the horizon feels like I’m on a rowboat in the middle of a hurricane, but then again I have suffered from un-treatable Vestibular ototoxicity for a couple years due to a medical treatment. Be careful falls hurt :smile:


Get yourself one of these, and save the ladder work for someone that doesn’t try to dive bomb the carpet!

I’ve got one that I’ve used for YEARS-from regular old ceilings to even the most onerous of cathedrals. It takes the majority of the ladder work out of the equation, leaving your feet on terra firma and, get this, it actually works better if you’re not looking straight up when rolling out your ceilings! It’s better/easier if you work at about a 30-45 degree angle with the roller head out in front of you and on the ceiling.