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What do you really hate?


Now see, that looks way better than the flimsy piece of plastic I bought. The roller keeps untwisting on mine too, I have to tighten after 2 min. of rolling.

@David5362 they really do. I think ladder avoidance might be in my future, and I’ve just stopped looking straight up for a good while now. The ladder before this, I got stuck on the roof, my dad had to come get me down (yes, I am an adult, which makes that so much more embarrassing). I was trying to help shingle a roof, it was a disaster.


@Silhouette, If you only need 4 ft. I’ve found a removable broom handle fits the standard roller.


Stepping barefoot on a piece of coil clippings, and not being able to see the bottom of the foot to try to get the sliver out.


I have to measure, I’ve got those really high ceilings, in the bedroom and even higher in the Living Room.


@nicomanteno good lord that sounds awful. Maybe a good soak to draw it out?

I hate that Hulu can have the League of Gentlemen but not have Psychoville. What kind of crap is that? At least they still have Little Britain. I really wanted to watch Psychoville. :neutral_face:


I always wear shoes in the vape cave for this very reason. A couple of stabs was all it took.


Yeah, kinda the same deal with a guitar workbench… String clippings can be brutal.


“computer says nooo”


It’s the only way I can find the coils that fall off the table.
Good thing I got that tetanus shot this summer…


LOL, I’m a coil pieces magnet.


“Bitty?” :baby_bottle:



I hate coming home to TRASH at the end of my driveway!!
This… today:

Reward for the capture of the litter-bug! lol :smiley:


I think the litter bug is already suffering for the loss of their $30 or so of medicinal herb and delivery system,:rofl:


@Alisa wait a minute, … WHAT ?? !!! LOL


Yup. Truth. Came home from Post Office to find that in my driveway. Someone was avoiding being caught with it, me thinks.


Ok, ok, ok. Just be careful Alisa, heheh I know how this plays out (at least in MY neighborhood). You walk out, all nonchalant “Dippity dippity do, just goin’ to mah mailbox…”. You grab the “trash”, then, in a flurry of activity, lights, sirens, someone screams, “Yeah, that’s HER, … GET HER” !!!


I was going to ask "what is it and what’s the big deal, then I got my “oooh” moment. The baggie should have given it away but I’m brain fried today (and not from partaking of similar “litter” material)


Looks like you have rollies in there too. Set to go


You posted in the wrong place, this clearly belongs in the “what has made you smile today” thread lol


Going to the supermarket and finding a really good price on something only to find out you need to buy five of the items in order to get that great price on each. Do you have any idea how long one bottle of Balsamic Vinegar will last me? C’mon man!