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What do you really hate?




Stop it! How am I supposed to justify my anger when you post stuff like this? LOL


Sounds like they’re trying to promote the old “sharing is caring” philosophy!

You get one for you, and 4 to give away to family and friends! lol

Either that, or they’ve seen one too many AT&T commercials (friends and family plan)! :wink:


“…just act natural Man!”


Here’s one for @SessionDrummer.



That whole situation angered me.


To find out it was a total fabrication is even worse.



Trader Joe’s is actually Aldi as well.


i hate when i stuck in traffic :triumph::triumph::triumph:


I so want one…or an army of them. I have plans.


I hate my country, and especially a certain group of my countrymen who are complete and utter assholes.

Bunch of ultra religious assholes rioted on an airplane because it was delayed from NYC to Israel, because the delay would cause them to violate Shabbat


DIgju jest Black Mirror me bro?


Exactly !!!


I hate it when @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee are gone for so long…but I’m happy to see ya back around!


Thanks! I’ll try to never take another loooong hiatus! I missed everyone!




A-EFF-ING-MEN to that! We’ve missed you two @Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92!


I hate the fact that I am getting so fat because of my monthly injection that I am having a hard time wiping my ass after a poo and I constantly have an itchy asshole


Here you go @Joel!