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What do you really hate?


I really dislike the insular and hive-minded mentality of certain mixing cliques. Wish more mixers were down-to-earth and welcoming like on this forum. The self-congratulatory back-slapping that goes on in these forums is truly sickening.


Encyclopedia Salesman :neutral_face:


I can fall out of my chair laughing at the Circus. My wife absolutely does not get it at all.


Love em… I can watch over and over n find new things to catch n laugh at.


Neither did any of mine :laughing:


Hey sweetheart you get them just fine!


When you hear Whitesnake’s “Here I go again” on “oldies radio”, and realize 'Wow, that was 30 years ago? o0


Thanks for the reminder. I need a nap now.


perhaps see you in an hour when u need to pee


Let’s just hope I wake up in time


Fixed it for you. :+1: :joy:

(Sorry couldn’t help myself :wink:)


Leaving a restaurant …walking down the sidewalk …distracted as some guy is getting back in his double parked car …see a cellphone on the ground …dudes about to leave …“Hey!? Drop your cellphone?” He says “[expletive] [expletive] YES!? THANKS!” I say “Merry Christmas!” Now he’s rolling down the window “Really …THANKS!” I walk around the corner he drives around the corner leaning out his window to say “Hey? Merry Christmas PoPz!”

…Popz? …POPZ~?!? <grumble<grumble< Kids today!


After much research and deliberation I decided to take the plunge and place a big order (for me anyway) for some FLV flavors. Seeing as NicRiver have a 25% sale on, I thought why not? The discount might help offset the overseas shipping to Australia.

Discovered that out of the 35 flavors that were on my wishlist, 24 of them are on the Flavorah DG list. I’m involved with importing from overseas (I’m in purchasing) so I know all about the hoops you have to jump through (paperwork-wise and exorbitant freight charges and so on) to get anything DG into the country.

So what do I hate? I hate that I’m not able to get in everything that I want because of DG regulations. The good thing though is that my local flavor guy is gonna get my whole order (that will make him happy), assuming he has what I want in stock of course. I’m off to see what he has right now. Cheers…

Disclaimer: Even though DG regulations drive me insane, I fully understand that they’re there for safety reasons so maybe I shouldn’t really complain. I can still be annoyed though :angry:


That’s a sure sign one is getting old.


I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I made one… Err, maybe more of a personal goal. My goal for 2019 was to not need surgery. Well, New Year’s Day, @Cutlass92 got to rush me to the ER with the absolute worst abdominal pain I’ve ever experienced. Six hours later, diagnosis is a lovely kidney stone. My first (and hopefully last) and if course it was too large to just let pass. Surgery yesterday. Jeebus Crabst… Maybe 2020 is my year. :joy:


Sucks big time, hope feeling better soon and have a quick recovery. However, since I never try to see it as a omen, 2019 just started, maybe it’s still your year ! :hugs:


Fingers crossed!


That sucks @Molly_Mcghee, and what a way to do it too, kidney stone, bleh.

Here’s hoping that 2020 IS the year !!!


I hate that it’s a Sunday and for a change I can actually sleep in. And wake up at 7am and cant go back to sleep/

WTF I wanted to sleep till at least noon. time for a healthy breakfast

Grandma’s French toast
3.00% Black Label French Toast (Real Flavors)


@tartarusspawn THAT, sounds like an EXCELLENT idea !!!