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What do you really hate?


I hate when I read a really, really crap non-fiction book - and then check the publisher and it’s Yale or Harvard. For “The Best Colleges in the World”, they sure do commit a lot of academic malpractice. At least, that’s what I’d call some of the books they publish.


What I really hate today is flying to Singapore where vaping is banned for sheer stupidity… well, not stupidity but love for money, the income they get from cigarettes is so high that’s unbelievable… the gov has cops going around to check that if you have a cigarette in your hands it’s got the government stamp on it… if not, you get heavily fined… nuff said


That blows, I’m going to take Singapore OFF my to go to list now …


Wish I could… have to go there at least twice a year for work…
If you get caught at customs with vaping gear or whatever is confiscated and you face a 20.000$ fine, usually they throw everything away and you go into a black list, second time you get caught is jail, for smuggling into the country…

I’m in Zurich now and will catch the plane in a couple of hours, got a JF and a very old Vision Spinner… I’ll take it t pieces and puti it in three different places…now catch that…


Getting a vehicle state inspection and Tax season… Not prone to stress and anxiety but these 2 seem to trigger it. grrrrrrr, I hate extortion.


i really hate thiefs

my shed got broke into again last night this time I had the serial # for the tools that were stolen. filed a police report with them…

few hours later I find my tools posted on face book for sell. notify the police and talking to the thief set a time for him to be at his house… that way I could go over there with the police… they say dont go over there, that they will go … of course he don’t come to the door and has deleted his face book account…

all i had to do was go over there and get him to come out and show me my saw … then they could have gotten my saw back and arrested the thief and could have started the flooring job next week that I need the 12" miter saw for…


We should hook your shed up, so this dosn’t happen again.


yea i need to get cameras, but hell I found the guy for the police and they still couldn’t catch him… he used bolt cutters to cut the padlock on the shed…


I think I’ve posted something similar here before but I hate it when RL gets in the way of me logging into ELR. It’s been so long I’ve no idea when I was on last (well except for tonight that is).

Half my time was taken up with busy period and deadlines to meet at work (hate that with a passion :angry: but it pays the bills) and the other half was spent researching the wondrous world that is “squonking”. I suppose the “research” can’t really be counted as wasted time though. Order’s been placed so now just have to wait for China to get my gear here. Anyways, I’m off to post a video and try and catch up with some posts. Cheers…


What kind of fracking fart face steals a 15 foot ladder out of someone’s backyard? Nevermind my purse or electric guitar in my car, no no, let’s steal a ladder. That makes sense. I can’t even reach the gutters now.



@Mark_Turner took it


But that does suck




If it will make you feel better you can give us the location of the purse and guitar… :wink:


Man that backflipping Mini Cheetah is freaking me out! Makes me think about the Rise of the Machines. Has it started already? A cold shudder is runnin’ down my spine… :scream:


That’s a quick flip at the pawn shop or local swap meet …something to do this weekend …check Craigslist and local pawn shops for a nice used ladder. Sorry for your loss …of personal security. I have an expensive folding Gorilla ladder and I guard it like it’s a laptop. An electric guitar at a pawn shop is worth less because it’s electronic and can otherwise have a multitude of hidden problems affecting its resale value …a ladder is much easier to diagnose valuewise …and new ones are $$$~!

I Hate Thieves!! [back on the rails]


Inkjet printers – for all kinds of reasons, beginning with that 0.02 USD manufacturing cost for a cart (well, prolly up to 3 cents now) that they charge like 15 USD a pop for but that’s not what’s bugging me right now.

I got the Epson Ecotank (2750 specifically) because, well, mostly I wanted to support non-asshole business practice, but the damn thing keeps giving me pop-ups on my pc like “Running this thing while low on ink is gonna break it!” M%#$!@#!@, yer full! Shush!

It’s a minor gripe, totally, but it’s bugging me XD.

Also, the first time it did that, the print happened to fail, so I thought I was out of ink for two weeks until I got more, went to fill it and guess what? It was full! The whole time! Grumble grumble grr. :stuck_out_tongue:

MEh, sometimes we need a minor complaint in this thread, cheer things up a bit.


In Illinois it seems the law is determined on “who/what you are” and not “what you did”.

CHICAGO (AP) — Infuriating Chicago’s mayor and police chief, prosecutors abruptly dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett on Tuesday after the “Empire” actor accused of faking a racist, anti-gay attack on himself agreed to do volunteer service and to let the city keep his $10,000 in bail.


This is not surprising and would put money on the probability the political posturing is all for show.


@kanamit I, for once, am utterly speechless.