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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


The little shit uses his paws like hands … Opens cupboard doors… tries to turn door knobs …ect :slight_smile:


It looks like a kitten wearing mittens.


Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there.


Nice @Molly_Mcghee :cat::cat::cat::cat::cat:


3pm today in the back yard … 6 bucks, 1 doe.


Cabo Lito -----The newest ‘Alpha’ after Elvis crossed the bridge a few yrs ago.



Gorgeous creatures!
Nice rack too!


They are here each day, along with many others.
Bred and born here for many generations.
The grandkids have named all of them.
If you noticed, one buck has two large scars and only one antler.
grandkids call him Wiley (coyote)( aka RoadRunner Beep-Beep)
in pic just below Cabo Lito (cat).
I will get a better pic of Wiley, and post.


Wiley aka Beep-Beep ( formerly called Ronco)

Just after Thanksgiving, coming home late after delivering some large cages
to a sanctuary, in the dually pulling a 50’ gooseneck, barreling up one of our
driveways, several of them ran across in front of us…we hit Wiley.
Truck went over him, trailer went 3/4 over him, and he got stuck…dragging him
well over 100’ on the gravel.
Took almost 2hrs to get him out, and he was very patient and stayed still mostly.
Broke off one antler, several spines from the other, and two big gashes on his
right side. Cleaned him up, put a dozen stitches in him, then he stood there for
about 10 mins just looking at us…like WTF?
Didn’t know if he would make it, but no apparent broken bones.
Been almost 3 months, and these pics are from today.


Very tough creatures. When I lived in Iowa I saw one get hit by a car thrown 15 feet into the air land on the pavement get up and shake it off like it was nothing and run into the woods apparently unscathed by the blow.


How about car? Did it shake off and drive away too?


Yes, it drove away I didn’t see the damage as I was several cars behind them :slight_smile:


I’ve only had one car survive a deer.


Sorry for your loss. But a big congratulations to your new baby!


That’s ok, I didn’t want to go to the post office and drop off all these boxes anyway …


I know how that feels, dealing with snail mail, but I thought it’s just in my area, since everybody wants to blame the extreme rain in the last couple of weeks.

I can’t track some of my packages, others say delivered then 5 minutes later they are in pre shipment, next moment on the way to somewhere nobody knows about, no scans at all for days, no printing of stamps etc.

I’ll just use Amazon today, who needs snail mail if you can get speedy service somewhere else, wish that would be a option when ordering flavors or hardware…
like this

USPS ground
Amazon Logistics



Well, I can’t speak to any extreme rain effect, but I had 6 labels to print and ship, but when the website goes down, … it’s down …




That thing is insane :wink: