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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I am smiling right now because for the first time I have finally DIYed some juice that’s made me look at the last of the purchased stuff I have (which is a 3 year ADV) and thought ‘yeah, I don’t need to buy that any more’


Oooorah @BikesAndBacon !!!


That is an awsome moment, congratulations


Great. Patience and perseverance pays off.
Thinking out a recipe, researching pairing,
and good old time also helps.
The more you blend flavors with good personal results,
the easier it gets to perpetuate taste combos.

I love those kind of rides. The grandkids think I’m crazy,
but they love that I ride with them…when many of their friends won’t.
My body tolls a bit more abuse these days at 76, but my mind
(in 2nd childhood teehee) still claims I am invincible.


#WalkAway ??

I’ve never heard of this before …





Verizon came out recently, and basically gave us all new equipment, ONT, BBU, Modem, STB’s, and cables. Lowered our bill, and upgraded our speeds for free because of all of our previous issues (see equipment replaced for our previous level of discontent). We now have the itty bitty miny me STB’s all over the house, and although everything works great, much faster, etc., the STB’s no longer have a display for channel selected or time, but only power and DVR record LED’s. We actually kind of got used to them, and now were missing them. Looked high and low for find a slim, black, low profile clock we could setup by all the STB’s to make up the difference. FINALLY found them, and picked up a few. Shout out to any other Verizon FIOS customers who miss their STB clock displays. All HT equipment and amps are black, and this is wooden, but the LED’s show thought the wood (somehow).


This is old but only saw it just yesterday.


Some things NEVER get old @warkwarth. :slight_smile:



dessert%20vape 5ml premium%20juice


That last one made me drool lol