What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part III/IV) 2019/2020

I will definitely give a diluted mix a go! Will most likely make a new mix or two as well with lower percentages and see how they go. Once I find one I’m liking I’ll remix that with my Nic Salts. I think diluting it is a good idea but am also looking to see if I can get that Wild Melon working in tandem with the Pink Lemonade, as I’ve found a Pink Lemonade I was happy with and got a Niv Salt juice of that one made up to vape on, but thought I’d love to add some melon to it. Can anyone suggest what are the best Melons to work with, I prefer watermelon above the rest and dont mind candy!


Thanks man, that makes a lot of sense and I will definitely try that out as well. Having multiple varied recipes of it made up to work out what tastes right seems like a good approach, at the moment I’m trying to make 3+ juices a day aside from weekends to keep the stockpile growing and keep learning more, I’d eventually like to be as knowledgable as some of you and be able to work completely without a recipe and just think up a flavour combination and be able to mix that and have it taste good! I’ve still got a long way to go but trial and error with some good advice always seems to do the trick :wink:

Also RainbowBright that mix for your girl looks DELICIOUS!

Thanks team!


@sjcloudz thank you. She really enjoys it. I’m trying like crazy like you to be as good as others.






I am loving this one, but I’m finding now I want to add some sort of sweetener to it, which I would rarely use.
The glam I added flv sweetness and the balls I added sweet coconut on the 2nd attempt.
Just tried it will equal parts MB Apricot and that seems to be working well initially.


You really have to take a step back from the concept that Manufacturer X works best in the range of Y to Z%. There are flavors that are incredibly strong from just a single drop in a 30ml mix, just like there are flavors that you can add and add and never reach that strong flavor that you’re after.
Flavorah in general is an ultra concentrate company (less than 1% needed in a mix) but they do have weaker flavors as well that are recommended at higher than normal %, some even as high as 7%.

Intended Use: …Because of its high potency, we recommend to mix from 0.25-5% solution, depending on the flavor and profile desired…

But that being said, there are quite a few of their flavors that work best even below 0.25% and a few that can be pushed even higher than 5%. The above is just general recommendation and it depends on the specific concentrate, your use, your taste buds, your equipment and what flavor profile you’re after.

And that’s not just valid for Flavorah but for any flavor company. If you take Flavour Art for example, it’s generally speaking a super concentrate company (2-4%) but take Blackberry or Cardamom for example, a single drop in 30ml may even be too much for what you want and e.g. Forest Fruit may even be used at 10%.

It pays off if you research a little bit before buying and using your concentrates so you have a good idea what you’re working with and not just waste your concentrates and miss all the finer flavor notes that you could get out of them. In the end though, what counts is your experience. If a flavor is recommend at a certain % but you enjoy it much higher or much lower, then just go for what you like and disregard what anyone else says or thinks about it.


Said very well. Rare is it I take flv lemonade over 1.4% but then I layer that with lemon at .4%. This will not fade or diminish in taste.

Wild melon… notes on it here are so skeward… It is an African horned melon. Excellent for keeping drinks wet if used between .12% and .4%. Used higher than that, from .6% and up, you will get a jellied melon taste.

All flavors have what is called thresholds, where their intended flavors work well based on the description of that flavor. When flavor “pushing” happens, it can warp the flavor, loosing notes from anywhere, top bottom, sides and the middle. Its best to pay attention to what your mouth is saying to you. If you follow along, you will be able to detect and adjust. :slight_smile:

I also mix like with like… I keep the ultras with other ultras and so far I have yet to miss out…


Hey all, was about to mix up this as a redemption round to last weeks Super Melonade flop, then looking at the ratios realised I could potentially try it without the LA Lemonade no? The only issue I see in doing that is that the INW Raspberry may take too much dominance and I’d have to up the FLV Lemonade to 1.5% or something. If anyone has any input here that would be helpful, just curious as to whether people think itd be worth mixing without the LA Lemonade in it or not. I could always do both just only have 7 or so empty bottles left till my order arrives

Pink Melonade v1.1

  • LA Lemonade 6%
  • INW Raspberry 2%
  • INW Cactus 1%
  • FLV Lemonade 1%
  • FLV Wild Melon 1%
  • FA Lemon Sicily 1%
  • CAP Super Sweet 0.5%

In the mean time I am scheming up a simple Dragonfruit concoction that I will probably mix and post up today, just hunting through recipes for some inspiration on flavours combos.


I dont see FLV Raspberry in your mix at all… you hiding it??

If you do have flv raspberry, take inw out and run the flv at .6%

I’d also drop the lo lemonade and run flv lemonade at 1.2% or 1.4%


My bad, I’m not long awake so typo’d the FLV Raspberry, I am yet to order that sadly. Was meant to say up the FLV Lemonade to 1.5 or so. Will get it in my next order to compare to the INW. Will edit now. Thanks a ton @anon84779643, will give that a try today! I also wanted to add a Strawberry into this but none of the ones I have seem to be fitting, I have CAP Sweet Strawberry, TFA Strawberry Ripe and TFA Strawberry.


I’d say you’re right, may want to back that powerhouse back down a few notches.


Will start her off at 1% and add a drop if needed, if it’s too strong next round will start at 0.5%. I prefer being able to taste things though so will start at 1% and see where shes at :slight_smile:

Thinking I’m gonna do a basic Dragonfruit and Strawberry as well, no creams to start with so I can shake and vape and see how the percentages are working out. Then might play around with some creams or something added in. Thinking as a starting point I’ll go

TFA Dragonberry 7%
TFA Strawberry Ripe 3.5%
CAP Sweet Strawberry 3.5%

Nothing too special but will help me judge percentages on those flavours and try out how the 2 Strawberries help each other out. I must say my DIY strategy has become expensive with the Corona Virus slowing / stopping chinese shipping, I was gonna use import pods to get the price down but am currently paying $20 NZD for a 4 pack to taste each flavour, its either that or buy a heap of coils for my sub ohm and then keep cleaning the tank.



From: https://diyordievaping.com/2018/05/01/noted-ep-47-raspberry/


@SessionDrummer so should I start her at 1.5% based on that?


@sjcloudz if you look closely Inawera actually has 3 Raspberries. I’m not sure which one(s) you have to guide you.


@SessionDrummer it’s called Inawera Raspberry Concentrate. I’m thinking that’s the Raspberry Malina 0.5%