What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part III/IV) 2019/2020

Alright, you probably have the Malina. DIY’s info is pretty correct for strengths, and if you’re using Malina, 0.25-0.50% might be a good starting off point.


That’s my favorite, and it’s good, but VERY strong.


@sjcloudz I know @anon84779643 has her favorites, but I have another one to offer you. It may just alter your thoughts on what you USED to know about Raspberries.


Will have a look into that WF Raspberry soon, just got me gloves on for a quick mixing session will report back stat :smiley:


WF wonder flavors

those are MF Medicine flower :slight_smile:
yet another ultra


Hehe, please do continue, do not stop and order anything, I just wanted you to be aware that Medicine Flower makes some of, if not the BEST fruit flavors out there. All natural extracts, nothing artificial. Higher priced, but they are dead on accurate, clean, and Ultra concentrated.


Ah yep that’s my bad, I saw the Raspeberry Wild flavour without seeing the brand and assumed WF! But will check out the MF brand in general, sounds top notch :slight_smile:

So I’ve just mixed up batches, 1 of the reworked Pink Melonade and 1 of the Dragon Berry. I must say at the lower percentages I can actually smell and make out more flavour profiles than I could with the melon heavy variant. Also, am astounded by how good Dragon Berry smells for a first attempt, need to get a trial in on that asap. Just giving them both a warm water bath to mix properly as my VG is quite thick and I haven’t premixed the PG/VG to homogenize it yet.


Here is the recipes to the Dragon Berry & Pink Melonade mixes!

Pink Melonade v1.1

  • FLV Lemonade 1.5%
  • FLV Wild Melon 1%
  • FA Lemon Sicily 1%
  • INW Raspberry Concentrate 0.5%
  • INW Cactus Concentrate 1%
  • CAP Super Sweet 0.5%

It is missing the Strawberry flavours I wanted to add in but I figured that adds 1 more complication that I can factor in later but right now I’d rather dial in the Raspberry, Watermelon and Lemonade then see what would be nice to add in. May have overused the Cactus by accident also because it flowed out instead of coming out in drops, so I immediately pulled it away as to not get too much more than I intended to go in.

Dragon Berry v1.0 (simple)

  • TFA Dragonfruit 7%
  • TFA Strawberry Ripe 3.5%
  • CAP Sweet Strawberry 3.5%

This one is super simple but smells absolutely divine, I cant wait to try it! Again another one where i considered complications like Blueberry, Raspberry, layered Creams ect but I will try them all in later variations. I quite like a creamy flavour but I also love juicy with no cream, so I have constant cognitive dissonance on what to do and just have to mix one and try the other later lol.


So I have absolutely 0 knowledge about rebuildables and am just starting to read up on them now, but am wondering are these a good option for DIYing because we try so many new flavours? Seems like a better alternative to me stocking up on new pods and going through a $5 pod per flavour. I know this is probably the wrong section but I haven’t fully worked the site and its sections out yet


Also realised a few of my mixed are off because I’d been mixing off the idea that 20 drops = 1mL even though I knew in my head that all liquids and bottles will be difference then saw in the FLV recipe book they suggest 50 drops = 1mL, so I will be getting myself a set of 1mL syringes with needles over the next few days to alleviate this problem. Silly me I’m slapping myself over how I could have done this since I started DIY (not long ago). I would like to mix by scale but that’s not an option for me at this current point in time due to my personal legal troubles having ultra fine scales in the house doesnt help my case lmao. Hope someone starting out can learn from my errors before they get too far Into it hence my sharing :slight_smile:


I may have finally made a SB recipe of my taste :slight_smile:

Sweet, bright, creamy


haha!!! Sorry @sjcloudz… not laughing but this is just a shout out… 50 drops do = 1ml
if you choose drops in the elr calculator instead of grams… the box does pop up on every single recipe to input that 50 drop per ml and I can promise, it will change your recipes… (for the better!!)

Just happy to see it there in the book now. I have been saying this for years now… and looking at recipes with the elr standard drops of 35… and knowing every single recipe I see of all flv is off… I can only giggle… a few have learned this from me, but if I can get everyone to at least try… It will keep me happy too… I wont have to laugh on recipes any longer… :stuck_out_tongue:


Am glad you second that, I was using the 20 drop per mL until then and damn does the 50 drops make a difference! Now I’ve got a few flavours I basically need to go back through and add an extra 1.5x my original drops to make them where they should be and it makes a lot of sense in terms of where I expect the flavours should be verse where they actually are at 20 drops. Some of them will be super flavour heavy if I was already happy with them at 20 drops but I definitely need to try them all for what they should be lol


You are very much welcome, and yes it does. It took me a bit to figure it out a few years ago… and between the solo taste factor and adjusting your drops… FLV is just beautiful. Happy to have you find it out @sjcloudz… some I just can not reach because they refuse to even try. I wish everyone could see the light on how one does things, can and will make you a better mixer :slight_smile:

It does and it will make you crazy to see your juices only improve, knowing this works! :slight_smile:

You will have to adjust those, as flavors do have thresholds. It can mean the difference of so so juice and juice you just wont ever put down again :wink:

Try your solos first… from 2 drops and work up (10ml bottles) and then look at what you used before then. It will make a difference.


Honestly it makes so many things that made me wonder what I was doing wrong make sense now. Last week I mixed up a 10mL Red Energy by SC 3mg/mL thinking I was using 5% as the base when it would have been closer to 2%, no wonder I went and tipped a heap more flavour in and it still didn’t do what I wanted :joy: gotta have an open mind with any craft I believe, and I’ll happily take advice from anyone whose been mixing their own juice longer than me which isn’t hard!

Went through earlier today and fixed up a heap of flavours that would have been off, that all fell under the “yum, but I want more flavour” category now I’ve sadly gotta wait for a few of those to steep as they were mostly bakery & cream combos. Also fixed the ratio on the new Pink Melonade mix and the Dragon Berry, as well as adding all my concentrates to the flavour stash on here! Now gonna play GTA V for a bit while I scheme up what to do next. I’m almost out of the my 50mg/mL Pink Lemonade pod juice so am deciding what flavour to make next for pods, may even do another batch of that with improved drops/mL and see how that goes. I’d imagine it would be divine, that was one of the ones I was actually happy with while using the 20 drop /mL so I cant wait to see what it would be like at the correct drop/mL ratio.

Do you think 50 drops per mL is a safe assumption for every brand or does each brand have it’s own kinda safe zone? Probably should ask that before I go mix up some more lol.

I’ve also been reading up about Malaysian juice quite a bit, there is a brand called Fantasi that’s been in NZ for years that I didn’t realise was Malysian but I always liked the flavour profile and noticed it was a bit different than most stuff I get that’s either locally made or USA/Euro import. More “cooling” sensation and much brighter flavours. Am thinking of doing a couple juices that aim to do something like that, so have been sifting recipes that include both WS-23 and Sweetener to try achieve something like a commercial style malaysian inspired e-juice, with correct nic ect of course as I’ve read a lot of the malaysian stuff seems to have minimal nic. Is there another place in the forum used more for rambling like this or is here appropriate?


It works for all flavor companies… :wink:

I would suggest to try each company out by using 10ml bottles and a scale…
Count your drops till you reach a ml… then you know.


Once I have more spare bottles I’ll prob do something like that but with the graduated cylinder, easy to check a mL on those things as long as you got the filler in the bottom. I only have a 50mL graduated cylinder that’s graduated from 5mL upwards so usually go 5mL of base then flavour + nic then base to top it off, or in the case of nic salts the nic goes in first up to 5mL then flavour and filler from there.


Absolutely NOT.

This is one of those areas of DIY that (if it’s important to you) you’re just going to HAVE TO verify for yourself to learn the reality of.

Remember the old adage: “Trust, but verify”?
This is one of those things/times/cases.

With everyone (speaking all-inclusive here; manufacturers, vendors, end users) using different size and types of bottles and tips, there’s going to be instances where they are the same (or similar), but they can also vary WIDELY.

Look at the factory original bottle that FA Italy uses (find a pic online with an open lid if you don’t have one personally. Then compare that with a tip on a bottle from River Supply who rebottles. Then compare that with the ‘Pip-Tip’ that FLV went to for a while (and are still in many mixers inventory). Or the factory original bottles from Capella. Etc etc.

Now, I’ve verified the differences for myself, so I don’t have a horse in this ‘race’. And it’s also why I use a method other than drops (and I won’t get into that volatile subject either).

BUT, I am saying that not all drops are equal size. They WILL and DO vary depending on the dispenser they’re coming from.


I assumed as much. For now I’m just mixing drops for personal use till my syringes arrive then will measure flavours syringes and have a good method for everything else.


Well, that’s part of where my experience came from. chuckles
And without rehashing history (or opening ‘new controversy’ over an “age old” topic), I’ll say that drop size/count varies even between syringe guages, and then again between blunt tip vs injection tip! (surprising, I know…but curious minds want to know and all. :wink: lol)

I get those who mix by weight (scale), and I get those who mix by syringe, and I get those who mix by the drop.

The key takeaway though is to remember that they all serve different masters (goals). As long as it’s doing what is desired, it’s not that big of a deal. But, if you don’t know or understand why, it can muck things up pretty quickly sometimes.


I was thinking of using graduated syringes to measure flavour, not count the drops so to speak. As long as its accurate enough for my own taste that’s the main thing, though drops I can see why they would vary between different liquids but 50 per mL is a good estimate then just adjust by taste sorta thing.

Accidentally got like a couple drops of water mixed into a mix today is this going to hurt it? I rinsed out my graduated cylinder after mixing then after I’d tipped that out I had a moment and saw a little bit of liquid In the bottom, thinking it was ejuice I tipped it in with the mix then realised it was water. Hopefully not harmful or anything, was pretty keen to try this mix out! Inspired by HICs Orange Tic Tac x Fantasi Orange Fanta. Using the Mad Fruit because I dont have a Soda base and didn’t want to use Lemonade, so took that one from the HIC Orange Tic Tac.

Double Orange Ice:

6% FA Orange
5% FA Mad Mix (Mad Fruit)
2% FA Mandarin
0.5% TFA Dragonfruit
0.5% INW Cactus
0.5% CAP Super Sweet
0.5% WS-23

60/40 VG to PG ratio.

Got the Orange and Mandarin that dont really need much explanation and the Mad Fruit is explained above. Then the Cactus x Dragonfruit combo to blend the Orange & Mandarin nicely with the WS-23 and the sweetener to add that touch of a cold, sweet drink to the mix. The percentages on the Orange, Mandarin and Mad Fruit are double to HICs because though delicious, his flavours come out quite subtle to me and subtle isn’t what I’m going for with my juices, though he knows what he’s doing a lot better than me! Will most likely halve this batch, then dilute one half while topping up the 0.5% additions back to 0.5% that way I can see how the flavours interact at the recommended levels as well as my increased levels. Always learning haha, cant wait to get an RDA or something so I can try more flavours in a short period of time. My sub ohm coil currently has Cream flavours locked Into the cotton so I cant vape much other than desserts through it without ruining the experience at the moment.