What's the best DIY-recipe you've tried?

Ok, this could get interesting. What’s the best DIY-recipe you’ve tried? Taste is subjective, so there is bound to be something for everyone :smile:


Have tried just a few, the best being mothers milk clone.

I’ve tried a lot too - My personal favorite is somewhat boring, but I’ve vaped it for over a year, so I guess I really like it! It’s my take on Grant’s Vanilla Custard:


Lemon Mer 2% Cap & Fruit Circle 10% TFA.
Taste like a majority of cereal e juices I’ve had FruitHoops/Pebbles not a CaptnCruncch cereal - waiting to try some Sweet Cream on that simple recipe​:wink: I hear good thing about the sweet cream ! Cheers yall :wink:

My version is pretty close to yours, I also use 2% tpa bavarian cream and 4% french vanilla dlx. Awesome vape :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried anyone’s yet I plan on making plenty that were posted in the past couple of days :clap:. As for my own it would be fat kid it’s a chocolaty vape that may not be for everyone but it’s good taste like eating a brownie more than anything it’s darn good and hasn’t lost it flavor and I made the batch in early December!


Which of the dozen MM clones are you referring to?

Rocket Puppy ry4… Probably the best ry4 ever …like a sweet creamy smoky dessert ! I tweaked it a bit but the credit has to lie with the originator for sure .


My favorite and ADV is my own nutty, creamy concoction called Bust-A-Nut. But, I’m looking for great new ones !


Yes, will try it soon :smiley:

I tried this one with reduced strawberry

Not to toot my own horn but it is one of my recipes:

Strawnana Custard V1
10% Vanilla Custard (CAP)
4% Banana Cream (Colorless) (LA)
3% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
4% Strawberry (Ripe) (TFA)

This has been my wife and mothers ADV for around 6 months now. I dont use other peoples recipes for anything other than ideas tho the one i have copied was from Botboy, his Banana Pudding recipe is pretty darn good.

‘nana Puddin’ by Botboy

4% CAP Vanilla Custard V1
6% LA Banana Cream
4% TFA Graham Cracker Clear
1% FA Cookie
1% TFA Sweet Cream
1% TFA Sweetener

Mine isnt bad either

Naner Puddin

5% Banana Cream (LA)
2% Banana (CAP)
1% Cheesecake (LA)
.5% Graham (TFA)
2.5% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
.5% Bavarian Cream (LA)
.5% Sweet Cream (TFA)
2% Vanilla Custard (CAP)

Hope someone else finds them ejoyable.


Whoops. I first responded on my SO’s page.

Anyhow, I’m thrilled you like the recipe. I would love to hear how you’ve tweaked it. I’m constantly changing it up. I did lower the final recipe’s AP to 0.2%.

I’ll post it as non-private.

Well first of all I’d like to say thanks for the great recipe ! I’d been on the hunt for a tobacco flavor that suited me after my reg tobacco juice could not be found anymore . Then I stumbled across your recipe and bam …loved it …I’ve honestly been vaping this off and on for months . I’ve got my brother hooked on it. And I always keep at least 80 ml steeping at all times . How I’ve tweaked it is minor mostly . Like you’ve said …lowering the ap and boosting the vanilla bourbon a bit as well as the caramel . Not all at the same time just one change per 30ml just to see . I’ve also added a few ingredients to it a few times . I’ve added a 0.5 percent Capn Crunch by FW . Which turned out quite yummy …I would recommend you try that one . I’ve also added yellow cake tpa which I wasn’t a fan.

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Imo , the recipe is perfect the way it is . Easy great ry4.

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Yes, enjoying your recipe now @daath , its pretty nice :smiley: Been steeping for 3wks now :smiley:

Nice! …Careful - It will grow on you! :smiley:

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I would love that :smiley:
BTW, which vanilla custard do u recommend for best taste? the original one?

I haven’t tried Vanilla Custard v2 - but everyone I talk to prefer the original diketone-version :smile:

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I made some of this Apple Pie Ala Mode by odesian and I’ve not been able to put it down. I went through 30 ml in the last 2 days. Lovely feature of what can I make btw… can’t wait to get all the new flavors that are coming added in.

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