What's your favorite wire for building coils?

I’ve only been building coils for about a week and I did a lot of research before I decided to dive in. I recently tried the G Plat wire from MFS. I think this stuff is amazing. I built a 24 gauge .2 ohm dual coil with 13 wraps on a 1 ml screwdriver. It really delivers on flavor and produce massive clouds on such a simple build. There is no need to twist or none of that stuff to get low ohms. I hope these coil last a while because it’s $8 for 6 feet.


I probabaly should have researched G Plat wire before I bought it. Come to find out its 317L welding wire which can be purchased much cheaper.



I remember reading that reddit post :smile: I’ve never used Gplat or 317L - I am very satisfied with my kanthal :smiley:
But perhaps I should pick up some 317L welding wire?! :smiley:

Good info!

Good looking build there NewDrip!! Very nice.
My favorite I stumbled across has been Dual parallel 28ga 6 wraps, great flavor, can’t remember where the ohms were at but you’ve inspired me to build another set.
Been slacking off on that aspect since DIY liquids.
AND whats this about 317L wire being ok for coils??? I was just in hardware store w a spool in my hand, looking hard and wondering “why not”, but sometimes i get to far “outside the box” ya know.

From what I read, the 317L welding wire is safe to use in this application. It really out perform Kanthal.

Normally I build with 28 Kanthal, but the other day I twisted six 36 Gauge wires together and it turned out pretty nice. (36 gauge wire was used for the vision eternity atty in case you were wondering)

I usually try to make low ohm coils with as much surface area as possible (more wraps), hoping to make contact with more eliquid… I noticed the G Plat wire was good for that. From what I have seen and read it helps with flavor and vapor production.

I found a good deal for the ER316L welding wire. Supposedly like the GPlat wire. Ordered it today. Here’s the link.


Question for some pros…my coil keeps jumping ohms…from 2.0 all the way up to 3.5 …I’m brand new to it .what did I do wrong …it’s throwing insane flavour still but I keep having to adjust the power …school me

I’ve had that happen, when I forget to dry-burn the coil to adjust it - You know, pinch it and strum it. It’s important to do that, get the coil(s) to glow evenly from the inside out. Also don’t pack too much cotton in it, as it can mess a bit with the coil.
And with my Lemo, I just experienced it jumping from 1.2 to 6 ohms and all over that spectrum - It turns out I had to screw off the bottom cap, clean it and re-attach it - then it was stable at 1.2 ohms again. Weird.

I did dry burn …didn’t space out the coil that great …maybe that’s it …I’ll try the base idea

Nope still doing it …maybe my coil is too close to the sidewall?

I use 316L. I ordered it from Amazon $10/65feet. It is jewelry wire. I believe Gplat is 317L. I have both and they vape identically.

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Made another coil , came out 1.4 ohm …no jumping …weird

My guess is that by reseating the coil you are now making better connection and the jumping stopped. I have noticed that if one coil is not making good connection the ohm reading is always just a little under double the normal reading. Sounds like what you experienced…

Could also be something in the post hole, at the bottom. Like a small piece of wire or left over SS from the threading of the post. Ive this happen before, just something to keep in mind.

Your probably right …sad thing is the coil was throwing better clouds than the 1.4 I put on …I’m in experimenting faze …better order a bunch of kanthal from fasttech lol

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Awesome thanks ! Love them coupons

Awesome company too. Almost every order i have placed was shipped next day.