Wife quitting vapeing

Hi guys my wife wants to quit she wants to know if it will be just as hard as smoking to come off she is on 3mg juice has anyone tried to come off or know anyone who successfully quit thanks

It shouldn’t be very hard at all. It’s not the nic she’ll miss probably. It will
be having something in the hand… or the oral ‘fix’ she’ll miss probably.

Please keep us informed as to how it works out for her!


I got a buddy who quit. He and I both started vaping about the same time and he went full bore right away buying a ton of stuff every month. Then a couple years ago when I got into sub-ohm he followed suit. Dropped his nic like I did and was a happy vaper. Then one day he said he was done, that looking back on it he thought the money spent on cigarettes and vaping was just silly and wasteful.

Point is, I think many of us ventured into vaping as an escape from the clutches of tobacco - never intending to trade one habit for another. And once we’re free from those bonds, quitting e-cigs should be a breeze in comparison. Personally I continue to vape because I love it. But I know beyond a doubt cigarettes no longer own me, but neither does vaping.

If your wife wants to quit I have no doubt she will be fine :slight_smile:


Try gradually lowering the nic level until she’s vaping 0 nic - at that point her goal should be to vape less and less, until, hopefully, she decides to just stop :slightly_smiling:


I don’t think its as bad as quitting smoking…the handful of times Ive forgotten my device and had to go more than 4 hours wasn’t the end of the world…

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Thanks guys she is going straight off them @jacatro yes that’s true there’s has been times where she has gone out for the day and it never bothered her she will be fine I think :+1:


@Alisa yes I will keep you all informed


Yes I do, and I helped them do it. Being that you blend your own juices you and your wife have a real advantage over most vapers trying to cut down on the nic. The whole idea is to drop the nicotine down lower and lower while barely noticing you are doing it. Here’s what you do…

Non Subohm Equipment (Nautilus, Aerotanks, ect)

I personally dropped 2mg per every 100ml of juice. This was about 2 weeks of juice at the time. For my customers we did approximately the same. I estimated the amount of juice that would be consumed in a minimum of a 2 week span and blended this amount for the person. So, every 2 week the nicotine would be dropped by 2 mg until you reached 0mg nic. At this rate of nic reduction you hardly notice it. You vape just a little more at first with the reduction, you settle in on the new nic value, then after the 2 weeks is up you are ready to drop 2 more mg of nic…

Subohm Equipment (Subtank Mini, Triton, Crown, TFV4, ect)

Unfortunately I have not had a customer ask me to help them cut down the nicotine who was using a subohm device and I was using non subohm devices at the time I weaned myself down in nic. Not to fret, the principle should be the same but there is a extra variable to consider…

1: How much juice do you blow through in a 2 week period?
2: Mouth To Lung or Direct Lung Hits?

Calculate the amount of juice you use in a 2-3 week span. This will be the amount of juice you will blend. If you do Direct Lung Hits I recommend a drop of only 1/2 mg of nicotine per blend. If you do Mouth To Lung Hits I still recommend 1/2 mg drops in nicotine per blend but, you can try 1 mg if you like since your intake of nicotine is not quite that of the person who does direct lung hits…

The whole idea is to drop the nicotine content slowly and by little enough amounts to make the change nearly unnoticeable. Anyone can do this and it’s a heck of a lot easier than one might expect. Good luck !!!


Brilliant! This is a great approach and it’s predictable and methodical. I think it deserves it’s own thread honestly.


I agree with Alisa about the habit of having something in her hand. She is already at 3mg which is not very much. I started with a 12 mg and have several 6mg and some 0 mg. I don’t seems to notice much of nicotine levels because I use several flavors (nic levels) thru out the day. It is not as hard as it is to quit smoking since with cigarettes you have many other addictions. She most likely has already noticed when busy doing something time consuming for example busy cooking or at work all day time passing by fast and too busy to stop what you are doing to grab a vape. This being the case in idle time like sitting watching tv when you would have your vapor nearby, maybe try adding some hobby. I crochet so I use both hands, while watching tv and my hands are too busy for me to stop and take time to vape, I find myself thinking oh one more row and I will but when I get to the end I go on and start the next row, same when I am reading a book, I can’t seem to sit it aside long enough to vape. If she may not read or have hobbies then find something to hold. I know an elderly lady that smoked for years and her lungs in pretty bad shape, she has quit smoking but now has to use in inhaler quite a bit, she holds it in her hand and calls it her cigarette. I am sure she would have loved the vapor but she quit long before there was a such thing. Good luck to your wife in quitting. I don’t think she will have a problem at all.


Update for you guys it’s now day 3 and she has not vaped at all she is doing very well the only thing is she can hardly sleep don’t know if it’s through nicotine withdrawal and as most of you said she misses something in her hand and the warmth in her throat especially after food I will keep you updated👍 Thanks for the help once again