Wotofo Elder Dragon Review by SessionDrummer

Enter the Dragon, Elder Dragon that is. This little 22mm squonk friendly RDA has been out for a while, and despite being late to the party on this one, the flavor on it, was SOO good, I couldn’t NOT share this with you guys. This smoking little flavor chucker was a colab with Wotofo and Ryujin. Let the flavor chucking review commence !!!


  • Build Deck Diameter: 22mm
  • Overall Height: 34.5mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
  • Threading: 510 Thread
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Coil Configuration: Single Coil
  • Juice Feeding Method: Drip / Squonk
  • Insulator Material: German PEEK

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Elder Dragon RDA
  • 1 Coil Trimming Tool
  • 1 Extra Drip Tip
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 2 Clapton Coils
  • 1bag 3mm Agleted Cotton
  • 1bag Extra Orings & Screws

Included coil specs:

  • Tri Core Fused Clapton Coil
  • 26Gx3+38G N80
  • ID 3mm
  • 0.17ohm (40W-75W)

Wotofo knows how to package their equipment.

Starting out on the in the boxers were grubber, and phillips drivers, spare o-rings, standard pin, screws, coils, and cotton.

There’s more ?? Yes, they even decided to throw in the book, AND a coil cutting card. They ONLY thing they didn’t throw in, WAS the juice.

Now if all of THAT, doesn’t tell you they’re serious about YOUR vaping, I don’t know what will. Checking out the star of the show was pretty impressive with the nicely designed RDA, two drip tips, and a 510 adapter.

Starting at the bottom, you could see that they didn’t cut corners on any of the detail work, including the gold plated, default installed squonk pin.

Once I took a look at the seriously DOMED cap, I knew that they had focused this on flavor, and flavor, is what I savor.

Moving on to the star of the show, the deck. When I first saw it, I did a double take, as it looked a little odd, and not what I was used to, but when you look at how it’s laid out, with the FOUR “air tubes” heading RIGHT to the coils, you start to better realize what this WAS going to be about.

Super nice were the fairly beefy phillips screws, and worked great with the included driver.

By now, my flavor seeking ADHD was in high gear, so no more delays, time to coil up. The included triple core clapton coils and cutting tool (with the dum dum arrow) were ready to oblige.

I had thought of sizing them manually, but decided to let the experts do the deciding (the people that put the arrow on the cutting tool LOL). And after I did, and seated the coil, I could tell they thought about this, as the airflow was hitting mid-mid/low on the coil. Smart my flavor making engineers, very smart.

With some really top rate machining, and dual o-rings on deck, it was no surprise that they smartly thought about notching the lip to allow for super easy insertion of the included agleted cotton. Very nice.

As always, I thoroughly cleaned all the parts, and after installing the coil, dry burned, and with minor raking, it evened out nicely, and it clocked in at roughly 0.18 ohms.

Wicking up turned out to be as stupid easy as it looked like it would be. The cotton provided was a bit snug, but pulled through, and cut the tails to go to the bottom of the deep wells. Very hassle free.

Putting a little gas on the fire.

Yeah, but does it SQUONK ??? Ummm, WINNING !!!

For all of my testing, the ED was riding on a Stentorian RAM Box, but you could surely set this on any quality squonker.

How did it do ??:

Well, coming from a guy who barely RDA’s, and barely squonks even less, I was IMPRESSED. This may be one of the BEST dense flavor chuckers I have ever tried, and I’ve tried quite a few. And this one, isn’t even a STEAMCRAVE !!!

The machining, and workmanship were really good on this, well thought out, and despite looking hard and far, I couldn’t really find fault with it. The dual o-rings made for a solid slide on / off, the semi-spaceous deck worked great with the provided 3mm ID coils, and although I’ve seen dual coils run, I just wouldn’t do it for other than bragging rights. Air flow while somewhat restricted, I think actually added to the dense-ness of the flavor, which was outstanding on this. Very nice phillips screws and notched lip for easy wicking just made it all too easy to setup. I tested my go to custard/bakery as well as a new watermelon and the flavor was just plain outstanding on this. It flavored so well, I just don’t think I was missing a second coil.


  • Machining, fit-finish
  • Easy building / wicking
  • Great screws
  • Multiple drip tips included
  • Squonk or Drip
  • Outstandingly dense flavor-licious
  • Compact


  • Semi-restrictive airflow
  • Single Coil
  • I didn’t review this earlier !!


I really wish I would have tested this much earlier, as it clearly was designed for flavor, and who doesn’t love da flavor ?? !!! Your vaping style may dictate whether or not you love or hate the somewhat restricted air flow, and although I typically prefer a more open flow, the flavor was so good and dense on this, I really didn’t mind. Sometimes certain setups favor one type of flavor over another, but this one just didn’t seem to care, and just kept on producing flavor clouds regardless. The compact-ness of it works in its favor for flavor (hehe), and even for a single coil setup, it really didn’t leave me wanting, which was more of a surprise because I typically always run dual coils. I didn’t get any whistling or spit backs, which had originally concerned me with the more compact design, and semi-restrictive air flow. Nadda, zip, zero. Maybe you didn’t catch this one when it came out like I did, and/or you haven’t tried a single coil setup, or squonking. If you did miss it, now might not be a bad time to get a few, because I’m having a hard time faulting this little flavor chucker. If flavor is what YOU savor, I’d say pick up one or two !!! At $19.99 currently at Element Vape, it’s almost too cheap to NOT try.

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Very nice review, sir. Very nice. I’m digging this flavormeister as well. I’m actually going to break down and buy my first squonker for 1 of the 2 I bought. Dripper for testing, squonker on the go, or something like that!


You should look at the Revenant Delta for squonking.


Nice review @SessionDrummer!


A most excellent review, sir!
If I might make one small recommendation: Try cutting the legs a little shorter on your coil. I used the next step below the recommended length and the flavor was even awesom-er. Wicking is slightly trickier with the coil that low, but tweezers makes it easier. Give it a shot.


Great review. I haven’t wanted any new RDAs for quite some time. I’m a big fan of Wotofo and this has convinced me to pick one of these up.


LOL!!! Love it. The ED has been the only thing I’ve put my Aromamizer Plus down for. If there is an award for RDA’s the ED deserves top honors.

Nice review @SessionDrummer :+1: :+1: thank you


I did just that and you are correct!


Thanks for the review @SessionDrummer , excellent comments, I’m looking at one …


Great review SD, thanks.
Problem being that now I want one, I don’t need one though, do I?
The only thing prompting me is you comparing it to Steam Crave.
Surely not !!! :wink:


Thank you very much @plunderdrum. Bring on da Squonk !!!


Thanks @Deerslayer, a little late to the party, but it was too tasty to not do a write up on this one.


Very kind words @Lostmarbles. When first setting it up, I had considered trimming the coils without the cutting card, but decided to cut per the MFG just to see how they spec’d it out. Once I finish this bottle, I’m going to lower them as you said, and see what increases I get. Thank you.


Thank you @natbone. I’m quickly becoming a fan myself !!!


Huge thanks @JiM210. I about in the same boat. The pure amount of great flavor out of this thing, surprised me.


Thanks @Gus6.

The price is fairly low for it, and supplies may run out, never a bad idea to get one while you can, but no pressure LOL.


@Tworrs thank you. I didn’t need one myself, but somehow saw a few posts about it, decided to get one, and I can’t say that THAT was a bad decision in any way. If you like FLAVOR, you can’t go wrong.


Well, just left Lightfire Distribution, and they’re sold out. :confused: Figures, now that I had two nickels to rub together. lol

If anyone who ordered more than they’ll actually need, wants to trade two ED’s (Black, Blue, or Gun Metal)… I have a proposal for ya! :wink:
(PM me if interested)


@Sprkslfly looks like only the GM is sold out currently…


$20 though… =S

Was hoping to work a deal with someone that scored them reasonably (and bought a crap load lol). :wink:

MFS is out too FWIW