Your Top 3 Tanks

I was looking at the Aromamizer last night. I like that the main kit has different tank options.

Out of those tanks which would you choose if you could only choose one? I have to do this on the down low or i might just wake up with one less testicle since i have four of these tanks now and my Sapor’s on the way.

EDIT: Much appreciated bud.

I’ve been through a lot of tanks, but this is still my fave. With the dual rba deck.


Alrighty, i think ill grab one right now. Thanks again PV.

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Cthulhu v2 w/dual deck
Billow v2 w/out the coil barrel
TFV4 w/dual RBA deck

not necessarily in that order…

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Well not much has changed since I posted my top three tanks, save for one thing. I still think the Aromamizer RDTA is the bomb. But since I’ve re-acquired the Ohmega and took and entirely different approach to its use, that has now taken second place, followed by the Goblin Mini. The TFV4 just isn’t getting as much use these days, although if I lost an Aromamizer to some freak accident, it would quickly move from 4th to 1st in terms of how much it got used. Go figure.

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Anyone got any tanks they would like to trade for or sell? Perhaps some of us have devices we dont like that someone else will enjoy.

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I have a goblin mini on order and an aromamizer and I presently have a TFV4, a billow, a bellus, an ohmega, a crius and a mutation. If I build with the right configuration of Ti wire, the best taste comes from the Bellus, I hate to say it because it is definitely a primadonna. The TFV4 is flat out the hardest bong hitting type of tank I have tried. BUT, after cycling through all those tanks I finally put my PV on top of my temp controlled mods. Man, TC/Ti/hemp on a dripper ain’t going to be beat by a tank. I vape a tank all day, but the dripper is just dirty it’s so good.

But as far as tanks go:
Bellus/TFV4 dual RBA (flavor/bong hit)


I LOVE my PV 1.5’s. We have over a half dozen of them with the FT wide bore caps. Unrivaled flavor in my opinion. The Sapor is the first RDA i have purchased outside of the PV and Tugboat V2 in a very long time. I dont run my RDA’s in temp mode but i do use 316L in them. I save the TC for tanks as i havent quite gotten the hang of them yet.

Really love these Goblin Mini’s tho, fantastic.

Ohmega? Dude, really? Please, how are you building it? That is dead last for me. There is nothing I like about that tank.

@Ken_O_Where, I believe that is the answer to your question if @SthrnMixer 's build doesnt work for me.

That’s funny, I have wide-bores on mine too, but I only have one and I appear to have lost it. I bought a Freakshow and Freakshow mini because they are so cheap and the way the airflow works. That is a damn fine dripper but it needs a chimney BAD.

My friend, drip some of that MF goodness on a TC mod. I think you will find it to be a very nice improvement. . .I did not think it possible, which is why it took me so long to even try.

I have built with 22ga Ti, 6-1/2 wraps, 2.5mm duals. However right now I’ve got 26ga, 7.5 wraps 2.5mm. Either of these would be spaced coils. Wicking it the same as the Goblin Mini which I posted that here.

I gotta experiment a bit more with wicking my Ohmega - Every time I fill it just pisses all over me :angry:

I sent my Freakshow to a fella on reddit, what a leaky POS that thing was. I argued with that thing for days until i gave up.

Here are the top caps i have on the PV’s: If you order them use code XMAS for some sort of discount.

. . .well, if I can find the PV again. What I did was just take the chimney I was using on an authentic Tugboat V2 that is apparently never going to be returned to me by a friend, and just crammed it on there. Never was on real well, but it worked.

You didn’t like the FS? Wow, I really like mine. Certainly no issues with leaks on mine and a massive juice well. Got mine from Eciggity on a whim. I dont have the mini in my hands yet, but if it hits like I expect, it will be permanently mated to my DNA 200 Efusion. The mini has screws like an RBA deck. It’s so short that I am more than a little worried about spitting. My builds are <0.1 Ohms typically. But it should be an all black super compact, flavor throwing room fogger.

Mine could have been a bad clone. What would happen is when i dripped the liquid would get between the base and top piece and leak through the unused air slot.

The guy i gave it to loves it, perhaps im just tarded, hehe.

I know Steam Crave has a couple different versions of the Aromamizer tank - the OCC and the RDTA. I own a couple of the RDTAs and quite honestly they are the easiest to build (Velocity style deck), requires less maintenance than any other tank out there and has excellent flavor. I suppose that flavor and air flow are probably the two areas most people would say is not superior. Ok, the flavor isn’t as good as the Goblin Mini, but I don’t know what tank is. To me the GM is in a class by itself in terms of flavor. It also is more restrictive on air flow than say the TFV4. But it has better flavor than the TFV4 and building is a breeze in comparison. Plus the air flow is actually quite good…far better than the GM. So personally I find it to be the way to get the best flavor, build, capacity and airflow all in one tanks. But you know what they say about opinions :wink:

Then again, the next guy will find air flow to be more important, or another guy the way it looks, and on and on.

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Your words make me glad that I have both of those tanks on the same order as my delayed Reuleaux. I really look forward to checking them out now.

Cool. So, wanna get off on the right foot right away? Assuming you are planning to do dual Ti builds in these for TC -

Goblin Mini - 26ga Ti wire, spaced 7.5 wraps, 2.5mm ID
Aromamizer RDTA - 22ga Ti wire, spaced 6.5 wraps, 2.5mm ID

Then get ready to fall in love.

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I only find my GM to be “very good”. The Aromamizer, however, is truly excellent :smiley:

First for me is the aromamizer. Bellow v2 now that you guys told me to remove chimney. Then the subtank mini … It needs less watts and extends battery life. I need to work at tc again now that I have a evic mini. With the segelei 75 didn’t like it with nickel.

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