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Coffee Vape From Beans


I used straight up Mawell house… as I was just testing to see how well it worked… I would go with a strong bean… fresh ground… my recipe turned out ok… just a little weak on the coffee


Hawaiian Gold from Fry’s ( Kroger )


My Kona bean extract is just about a month old now. :grinning: Soon and very soon…to the lab!


Be thankful you’re not a tobacco type. :scream: We’re constantly waiting a month or two for mixes to steep to perfection. We’re a patient bunch. :tired_face:


My coffee extract is fine, use as single flavor with vg’s sweetly is vapable. But it make my coil gunk very quick. Maybe it’s time to give up.


Anybody have a centrifuge? Maybe put it in the freezer and see if there’s an separation …wondering whats gunking? can it be removed and leave the coffee flavor?


Ok I have two tests in the freezer (a week ago). I took two 15ml bottles and added 5ml of VaporBase to each. I then added another 5ml of PG to one. Next I lightly crunched some Peets Dark roasted beans and only added the larger chunks (so I can strain easier) …about 2 beans in the 5ml and about 3 beans in the 10ml (PDO+PG). They both got a quick visit to a hot USC bath and off to the freezer …the waiting begins. Thanks for all your test results! It helped me get a better foothold on how many beans to add


I know there are some coffee experts here. And I find it interesting to read I’ve likely never had a cup of good coffee. So two questions.

First, how do I make a good cup of coffee? Don’t be afraid to go into detail :slight_smile:

Second, since heat is obviously pretty important in brewing coffee, wouldn’t heat of a substantial temperature be beneficial in extracting flavor from beans? I’m talking 200F hot. Anyone?


Start with Good coffee ( I like 100% Kona ) and a Good machine
I have had a Krups Espresso model 963 machine like this one for over 20 years and it makes a good cup of coffee it’s just a shame that the newer ones are not made as well


I grind my kona coffee pretty fine though


But I start to steam when the coffee gets at the 2 cup mark

also get a good steaming milk cup like this one . I fill the milk to where it tapers


I’m a Kona coffee hound myself @Rob62!

A six cup version of this Bialetti is my weapon of choice in the morning! Without it, I can’t face the day! :scream:


An aeropress, a good grinder, and a kettle. :smiley:


I love mine too! :heart_eyes:

@SthrnMixer ~ This is an excellent cup of coffee as well! And when your done, you can use it to filter your NET creations! Win! Win! :grinning:


Aeropress with an able stainless disk and the best grinder you can afford. I highly recommend the OE Lido 2, I travel with this setup and a LIDO 3…I have much better commercial grinders, but the OE hand grinders are great. I’ll take a $20 brewer and $200 grinder any day of the week. Follow the aeropress directions at sweetmarias.com.

People don’t realize the difference a good grind makes. I can explain why, but won’t here…my lido 3 is always out on loan unless I am traveling just to show people the difference. The grind is the key once you have good beans. How do you know you have good beans? Look at the bag; good coffee has a roast date. If the roast is over a month ago, do not buy. I roast, have daily for over a decade…Coffee is best within 2 weeks 4 if sealed in the refrigerator. Grind immediately before brewing.



I posted some Vaporbase coffee extraction results in that thread but the overall knowledge gained was very interesting. PDO is a very good tool/solvent for extracting coffee, but more importantly was the results from cold and hot extraction. I had mentioned the results were weak but after further testing I can report the hot tap water extraction (USC @ hot tap water temp) did result in what could be called a concetrate.

Actually it was a bit too organic and a wick ruining mess. I have to believe there were oils to blame. There would have to be some lab technique applied like centrifuging and filtering to get a vapable product, and maybe a final freeze to separate/eliminate oils. It also was a flavor that dominated anything mixed with it, so I was not happy with my preliminary results with the heated extraction …although with care and equipment it could be made to work.

My refrigerated extraction was totally different. My description in the VaporBase thread was “nose-in-bag” and the resulting liquid was relatively uncolored. The flavor was exciting and maybe not describable as a cup of brewed coffee …it was better. If you were trying to get something to mix with creams and hazelnut etc this would likely miss the mark …but on it’s own it was a treat. Unfortunately to move forward with my test (again VaporBase) I heated all my test subjects and it was gone.

I think I may make another 120 today and put it in the fridge for several weeks. Recommend just using your default diluent (70%VG/30%PG?) and maybe even add the nic (debating) I believe the low temp extraction captured only the top-note aromatics, and while it totally missed the body you would expect in a cup of coffee, what it did capture was amazing. Also I have to add I am pretty sure I was vaping some caffeine too, so be aware late night testing could disrupt your sleep :wink:

SO for today? I previously added like 3-4 beans lightly cracked for a 5 ml (original) test and it was likely saturated. It also had some particulate matter I would like to avoid …so no cracking beans. For a 120? that would be 24 X 3->4 I think I will add like 50 whole beans to a 120ml bottle of 70/30 VG->PG …no nic.

If you coarse ground coffee and extracted with the ability to centrifuge and filter you could probably do so with way less coffee beans. I will try and get any loose fluffy pieces off my beans so they don’t end up in my juice and 50 beans should be more than enough …talk to you around Halloween :wink:

Hey it’s been awhile …whatchu got in the closet?! I know I know if this turns out well why are we giving up the secret sauce? {{{ELR}}} heh are we spilling the beans?


I know this is old. Worth a good read though. @Kinnikinnick what were your final notes?


In short… for me, the process was a dud.

In long… I didn’t take it upon myself a “do over”, ‘cause this was about the time (Sept ‘16) I started moving towards using 100% NET with mixes. I moved away from anything which interfered with the tobacco flavor; totally divorced myself from synthetic flavor concentrates or extractions of any kind, other than tobacco… Can’t say I regret my actions.


Sure… I have one of those Haha :grinning:

I wound up with a pretty good tasting espresso coffee vape. I am not really into ‘flavors’ I am just a 100% MTL Tobacco NET type, but chemistry and extractions are kind of ‘my thing’.

I think it turned out much like the flavor profile that I get in a ‘pulled shot’ that I drink every morning from a my semi-pro machines. I have been roasting my own beans and using semi-pro machines for many years.

Here is what I tried, this is just a first attempt, so give me some feedback and I can travel further down the road using your directions for a guidepost: I bet those of you that know what they are doing could flavor this with some sort of ‘cream’, '& ‘sweetener’ and it might be very tasty. I, personally, know nothing about nor do I have all those ‘flavors’ that everyone on this forum works with. I am just an old cigar head. Tobacco is all I know. If you want to see my vaping world then click here. more about centrifuges? click here

  • Beans: My own Full City+ espresso roast from mostly Brazilian dry processed

  • Grind: 10grams ground in my professional espresso grinder.

  • Maceration: 100mls PG in Ultra Sonic at 125F for 2 intervals of 30 mins each ttl 1 hour

  • Filter: Centifuge 4,000RPM 60 minutes, which separated out 3 Specific Gravity layers.

  • Testing: I just pulled the clear portion with a pipette and dropped it directly on a single coil Hadaly at 15watts for a MTL vape test. No steeping or games, just as it came from the centrifuge tube.

PM me if you want a sample.

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Making flavoring from hops

VERY cool! I have been tinkering this year with several infusions and extractions. Coffee, Jasmine green tea, toasted Oak cubes… but I am hesitant to propose techniques of my haphazard (emphasis on hazard) homebrew attempts. Without spectrographic analysis, I am wary of what I am unknowingly vaping …I mean what is actually being extracted/infused? It makes me reluctant to share. Your technique looks much more scientific …in terms of isolating/separating. So do you get any caffeine buzz offa that? :wink: When you do this you can see how basic it can be to just extract some coffee, but the question in my mind is why no one seems to be able to make a Commercial coffee flav worth a damn (In others opinions).

heh “Infusions” you ask? Put the warmed coffee/PG under pressure …then quickly release …repeat several times.


I’m guessing it’s two fold. Cost prohibitive (due to the beans/roasting/etc) and I’d bet that the majority of the flavor lies in the oils (which we all consider a no-no). Just a guess though.

I do know that if anyone (commercial flavoring entity) does manage to “crack the code”, it’ll be a joyous day for many!

I have yet to hear anything about MF coffee though… That would be my one hope (offhand) since they do things so differently, and accuracy seems to be pretty much a synonymous term in conjuction with MF. But coffee is pretty far down my list ATM.