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Good Deals 2017!


If 3fvape have done this deliberately they have started a big trust issue with the vaper community.
I mean i wouldn’t trust that anything they claim to be authentic to be anything but a clone now.
And if they did this deliberately they did shoot themselves in the foot big time business wise and i expect them to lose a lot of business.

Looks like greed is taking over everything in China and that they will do anything in order to maximize profits.


I have to agree with you there. I’ve never ordered from them before and just reading the post from 528customs I definitely wouldn’t even take the chance now.


Hate to hear that about 3fvape if it is true, but all I’ve gotten from them so far are clones anyway. Or am I getting clones of clones?


This is unsettling as hell. 3fvape may be off my trusted vendor list if this turns out to be the case.


It sure is and if they have done this deliberately they might have put a nail in their own coffin in the business.
I for one could never trust anything they mean is authentic and would take my business elsewhere.


Let’s wait and see what they have to say. They could have got them through a middle man so to speak.

Speak up on there thread to ask the question!


The claimed authentic Goons on 3fvape is priced up even more now and cost the same as the Goons in other places. The SS $59.95, the Brass and Copper $64.95 and the Black $69.95.
Looks like they have taken the prices directly from 528customs website and lowered the price with 5 cent overall.
Since 528customs claim they don’t do business with 3fvape i really do wonder where these so called authentics come from. It can’t be from the manufacturer of these RDA’s since it is manufactured in the USA, so no China manufacturer does this one and therefore impossible for 3fvape to get ahold of, at least directly from a manufacturer.
With what i have seen so far i think that what 3fvape is selling now is an over priced clone of some sort and that they are ripping off their customers.

It’s gonna be interesting to see if someone get back to us and answer the questions made in the 3fvape thread. I for one isn’t expecting any answers soon.


I decided to email them about this too, just to see if I would get a reply. So here’s the reply I got.

Thank you for your message! We are sorry for the confusion. But we promise the Authentic 528 Custom GOON RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is AUTHENTIC. 3Fvape never ever sells clone products as authentic. We would like to explain as following:

  1. The item is from authorized distributor of GOON. We have launched sales promotion for this item, and that’s why the price is so low on our site. Sorry that we are unable to enclose distributor information due to non-disclosure agreements.

  2. We made a video to show you the difference between authentic and clone ones. From the video you can see clearly about the difference. You may check the video with the following link: https://vid.me/B5vj

  3. We are under pressure, since we offer Authentic Goon RDA at such a low price. So we have to finish the sales promotion earlier, and the price of the Authentic 528 Custom GOON RDA has gone back to $59.95/$69.95/$64.95/ $64.95 USD.


Had one in my basket last night but never went through with the purchase, I’ve just refreshed the basket and the price went up. :roll_eyes:


You might have dodged a bullet with that one lol


Yes, so I’m reading.
528 say they don’t do business with 3fvape?
Something fishy going on there…:wink:


So basically what they say is that they are selling authentics without authorization.
And by the way that vid isn’t telling me anything other than the fact they are showing 2 different Goons which both could be clones for all i know.
I mean they do have a shit ton of clones to choose from don’t they…


That’s what it looks like they’re saying, but they all do that. I didn’t even look at the video and to be honest I probably wouldn’t know a clone from the real thing anyway. All the stuff I have is authentic, at least that’s what I was told lol


What a let down. A all round disappointment!


I know this much and that is if i would be in the market for an authentic Goon i wouldn’t buy it from 3fvape, i would go to a reliable shop or directly to 528customs and buy one there.

I mean it would totally suck after all to buy one from them and later on do a comparison with an authentic and it shows that i got a clone for the same price as an authentic. Better safe than sorry.


The goon on the right in the video seems to be identical to my goon (authentic)
However the one on the left (clone) has a few telltale signs, very shiny, the air holes don’t look right, the 510 pin is not brass and the screw on the underside looks wrong etc…
However if you never had one before, i would think it hard to tell the difference between them.
To me the one on the right is an authentic.


Good deal on a lava box dna 200. $39.99, can’t go wrong. Limited time though. :yum:


Tried to order 3 hours ago and back to normal $99 price, so looks like all 300 have gone :disappointed:


Sorry you missed out bro. Knew they would last long at that price. :pensive:


Is it really that great of a deal with shipping added? It’s almost $50 with shipping? Not that I don’t appreciate you posting this. I’m honestly just curious because I have never looked into buying one of these. I guess it would have been a better deal if it were actually the 200watt one but they are listing it as the 75watt mod. They have some available on the cite now.