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What are your favourite recipes


G’day all. Curious to know what everyone’s vaping atm. My favourite all day vape right now is Bust-a-nut. Love this stuff. So what’s yours?


lots of threads that may help like






there are also TPA , Cap , FA based recipe threads

i think you get my point anyway welcome to forum


Favorites sorta change as mixers gain more experience and obtain better flavors. These posted below were several users favorites at the time of that post. I’m sure they are all still great, but I’m fairly certain some top 3 favorites have changed for some.

Good post as some of them might want to update their favorites.


These 2 have been my ADV for a few months now:

I think I might be a cactus fan.


Thanks for all the suggestions peoples. I have a lot of concentrates to order now… gotta run - lol.