A Few Questions from Someone New To Mixing

Hey folks,

I’m new to the forum and new to mixing. Mixed my first batch last night. Wasn’t bad but I had some question for those in the know.

  1. I bought a starter kit from a Canadian company that came with everything but the nicotine. My bad, I made the assumption that a starter kit would have everything to get started. So I ordered some Nic from another company. To get more bang for my buck the rep suggested I buy the highest nic ratio because the prices are pretty much the same. So I order VG based with 20% nicotine (Max allowed in Canada). Just to be sure I used these settings. Are they correct and do I check the "Use Vape Ready Nicotine Base?


  1. I also ordered some flavours and a couple of them weren’t brand name. When adding to my flavour stash the others were found by brand name but two are just Cherry and Watermelon. How do you add those to your flavour stash or do you? In the future I’ll just order brand name.

  2. Lastly, when it comes to mixing I was wondering how you experiment with the flavours. A lot of recipes here use 4 to 6 different flavours.If I want to just create a Cherry flavour by itself and it calls for .30G do you add a little more because that’s the only flavour and the same would go for multiple flavors, do you add a little less? Does sweetener help?

I know it’s all about experimenting but just wanted some pointers to get started so I don’t waste my overly taxed products. Thanks in advance!


You got the nic setup correctly, the premade base thingy is for when it has vg/pg/nic all premixed. I would suggest getting your nic in PG as it is much much easier to work with.

Where did you order the kit from? Ill take a gander at the site and see if we cant figure out whatcha got.

For your last question, mix what you want to mix the way you want to mix it. I always suggest starting low and simple, you can always add flavor but you cant take it away, tho you can add more bases, VG/PG, but that is more difficult than adding more. As far as sweetener goes it is really up to you, try the flavor first and see if it is sweet enough for your taste. Taste is so subjective that it is hard to say what you will like compared to what i like.

PS: Welcome to the forums!


Hey Ken,

Thanks for the response and the advice. I noticed that the VG was pretty thick compared to the PG so it would make sense to go that route if it doesn’t make much of a difference to the actual recipe.

The starter kit was purchased from flavourhub.ca. It came with lots of plastic bottles, gloves, syringe, 1litre each of pg/VG and a half dozens flavors. I ordered a nice little scale from Amazon and the nice was purchased from theravape.ca. I was really happy with them. I called to make sure I was ordering the right product and the sales rep passed me onto one of their mixer techs who spent 20 minutes giving me pointers. Really great bunch.

As for the mixing. I’ll keep watching YouTube vids and trying things out. There are a few good channels and if I can get past their self adulating hipsterism then I should be fine. As an IT person I have little patience for for filler talk.

Anyway, thanks for the info and the kind welcome. Looking forward to this new adventure.




#3 should always be written as a % so that the calculator and us and you can figure out the amount.

Right now we have no idea if that .3grams is for a 10, 30, or 60ml bottle.

Edit: flavorhub is the old TBV. Every flavor has a vendor, including his own as flavorhub. I noticed he had a cherry. You can find it in the db here as ‘tbv cherry’

Whitby here, and I’ve been buying from there since 2015


ROFL! Back in the day there was a fella who was practically a cartoon character.

So your watermelon and cherry. What do the labels say? Is it possible for you to take a picture? I see with the kits you add the flavors, i had hoped that they had some kind of list you chose from. They have a crapton of flavors on their site so it will be difficult without knowing what concentrates they are as those cherries all taste very different and are used at a wide range of %s.


Welcome and glad you joined.


I just looked at their email, it seems it is The Broke Vaper.

Does TBV make their own concentrates, anyone? <— LOL, Moron… When i was a kid a teacher told me that there were no stupid questions, i have proved her wrong, finally.


You can also get your nic from most vendors by sending an email and asking. If it’s not on Flavorhub, you can check his ‘TheBrokeVaper’ site.

Where are you located as there are other good vendors?


Rock on @big_vape, thank you.

So then if it is Flavour Hub Cherry and Watermelon then they are in the database here:

and here:


Thanks for the point on favourhub and how to ask about amounts properly. I’m located on the other side of the country in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.


Cool. I’ve learned a few things already. Thanks for that. I’ll add those flavors to my list and as with any addiction, start ordering more. I was reading one thread where some of the folks on here had 200+ flavours and here I am proud of my 7. To quote Matthew McConaughey, “I gotta get those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers.”


Some of us are total ding dongs and have a lot more than 200. Its hard not to buy more when some can be had for as little as 1.50/10ml.

Feel free to always ask anything you need or just chat. Be warned we will stoke the flames of that new flavor addiction!


OK, here’s another question on mixing. I was watching DIY or DIE on youtube, who I’ve taken to calling Jimmy Two Times from the movie Goodfellas cause he says everything twice.

"So I know some of you want to save some money by making your own juice and by making your own juice you want to save some money." :grin:

He was talking about enhancing flavours to get the flavour you’re after. You can’t just add more cherry to make it taste more like cherry. I vape mostly crisp, fruity flavours like watermelon, apple, that sort of thing. Are there any flavourings you’d add that would enhance the taste? Are there non-flavoured additives like sweetener that DIYers keep in their labs?


Holy snort! @fidalgo_vapes you’ve got to read this, i laughed so hard so farted!

Keep this in mind, no matter what any of us say you may not agree, we all like things our way which is the point of DIY for many. And some flavors will actually morph into the unpleasant when mixed to high and others seem to have no ceiling.

We have a host of additives and most of them gunk up coils faster. Using certain flavor combinations enhance other flavors too, like a bit of raspberry in strawberry or lemon will enhance fruit flavors. And there are a lot of coolants as well. Sweeteners a plenty but its use depends on your preferences as well.

Holy crap, im still gigglin here…

If you want to vape really good juice there is a lot of learning to do, for me this isnt just a means of quitting smoking like it was in the beginning, it morphed in to a hobby one of i have a great deal of passion for because there is so much to learn. It is only second to microscopy for me.

The sheer number of flavors and combinations is crazy when you think about each can be used at different %s to achieve different flavors/textures.


0.9% Saline works well. Many foods can be enhanced with salt, not just the usual ones people think of. You can buy it a drugstore as it used for cleaning things and for dehydration (vaping can lead to an increased need for water, in case you didn’t know). Put a few drops into a mix and taste it.


Lemon flavouring (my choice is usually lemon sicily from flavour art) and sweetener (for fruit I usually used capella super sweet at low percentages, around 0.25% )


Welcome to the forums! You’ll find plenty of assistance here by some great people. Enjoy


Welcome to ELR @Wanderglobe.


Don’t just willy nilly start ordering more flavors. If you click on a flavor in your stash it’ll bring up a wealth of information about it. Choosing ‘Notes’ will show you what others thought. Don’t take it as gospel as all our tastebuds are different and you’ll notice many c&p from others. You can use this before buying new flavors. @sessiondrummer does dedicated evaluations and are his thoughts.

For vendors;
Flavorhub/TBV will always be my favourite. Fantastic person to deal with. Best bottle labeling.
Dashvapes (www.flvrs.co/) - most sales. Missing some essentials. Free shipping at $35. Ships from Ontario. Worst bottle labeling.
diy-ejuice.com - Largest selection in Canada. Kelly (Male) and Amanda good people. Has nic AND located in Abbotsford, BC. Decent bottle labeling.

Just saying but you don’t win anything by buying more flavors and getting those numbers up. You win by learning how to use what you already have.

Can you tell us what mod and nic level you’re using.


Thank you VERY much @big_vape. @Wanderglobe as big_vape said, there ARE a shit ton of notes up here, and even though we all DO have different tastes, please don’t hesitate to check out the “Base Camp”.

There are NEVER any guarantees, BUT, they might help you as well.