A new record low for full flavor!

The two versions of the Kayfun Prime clone I ordered came in yesterday :slight_smile: Woohoo!!

With my (now standard) 2 Ohm (+/-0.2) 11-13 wrap 2.5mm 30G SS316L contact-coil, my UTA2 and Siren 22 (with Field-Mod 1.4mm AFC hole) have an acceptable full-flavoured vape at 7.5W and 8W respectively. With both Primes I’m getting full flavor at 7W! More battery life, less juice consumption, winning :slight_smile:

In my inevitably biased opinion (because I have had experiences rather than ‘I love Kayfuns’) the Kayfun Prime has the smallest vaporization chamber and narrowest chimney of all five MTL tanks I have. I reckon it’s is why they produce such amazing flavor at low Watts. They’re also a candidate for ‘easy build deck’ award.

Ok, I had to replace the deck screws (from the spares one inevitably accrues with various tank purchases) on the 2/4ml clone, as the original screws spat wires out even if you wrapped them around and held tension while you tightened. But other than that, VERY happy with my KF Prime clones so far…

You don’t need high Watts for great flavor :slight_smile:


Good to hear that ! I also have two on order, but have not recieved them yet.

Which ones do you have, perhaps one is the SXK version? Which suppiler did you order from?

Odd thing is, I ordered the SXK version from 3FVape, as they have been my go-to supplier for Kayfuns (I have about 5 of them V3 and SXK miniV5) but now see that they have pulled ALL Kayfuns from the site?

Do you know what is up with that?I see Fastech is listing them all, but I am not really a Fasttech fan as I have had previous problems with them. SO… ordered my second Prime form Gearbest, but the mfg of it is not listed, so it is a real “no-name”.

I am going to open a ticket at 3F and ask about why they no longer have the Kayfuns, perhaps they are thinking about changing the company policy. But that seems a little odd at this late date. It is all very interesting.

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Happy Camper Update:
Just found my order delivered: SXK version from 3FVape. Placed a build: 2.5mm 316L, 8 turns non-spaced, and loaded it with my DIY American Patriot NET. First few pulls had a slight gurgle, then it settled down and now very stable TC, perfect draw, and FLAVOR up there with the very best of 'em.

If you are a MTL DIY NET type you have to do yourself a favor and pick one of these up. Actually, this thing is so excellent I would pay the retail for another one if the SXK are no longer available.

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I was thinking about doing the same!

I had about 4 different Kayfuns loaded up in a cart, including a couple of KF Prime’s… turned around and there were NO Kayfuns at all on their site! Sad day for me!

I’m not in a big hurry for new gear, so waiting around for everyone and their mother to stock the KF Prime clone is no big deal. :smirk:

You could get them from 3a





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I take it that you are speaking to beginners with this comment correct?

Yep, first day.

Kayfun Light Plus V2 - 8.5w
Ego One CLRs - 9.5w
Erlkonigin Clone - 7.5w

Flavor galore

Am I doin’ it wrong? :grin:

Of course i still love my sxk v5 mini but trying something new, don’t judge me! Good place for authentics and replacement parts in usa

Yeh, there is something weird going on with the cart and search function at 3F… They responded to my ticket with this. I clicked on it and, sure enough, they do now show up. So I guess it is / was just some sort of glitch.

Please check the following link to see if it is the item you are looking for or not:


Or you could search KF for Kayfun products.

Your 3FVAPE Team,

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Back in business! :sunglasses:

You are my hero! :wink:

It may have a legal thing to do with using the words “Kayfun” in the title; “KF” is the way they get around legal issues?

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Depends on how you like to vape.

Modfather RTA 30MM
Titan Aromamizer
Voltrove 41MM

Wettest vape I’ve ever had in 8 years of vaping. The person next to me can taste it.

Am I doing it wrong?

Depends on what you like, set up as subjective as e-liquids i would say.

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Yeah, that was my point. There’s something for everyone. It’s all good.

I heard a discussion about the same thing happening at Fasttech. Their Kayfun styled parts were suddenly gone, then a day or two later they were back as KF styled parts. I think you hit it on the head.

2Fdeal is where I’ve been getting clones and also authentics from China…and I find them excellent to order from, maybe its because they are a smaller company but customer service is top notch. That being said, I just received an Ulton clone of the Kayfun V5 squared, and am VERY happy with it. Its a larger (25mm) version of the Kayfun 5…with much larger airflow…I liked my kayfun 5 but this has much more airflow and it is a total pleasure to vape on. They also carry other kayfun version clones. That particular one is listed as the Ulton KF V5 316SS RTA 25mm. If you liked the Kayfun 5 but wished it had a tad more airflow, this fits the bill. It pleases me immensely. And only $22 ! Nicely finished and no leaks, threads and construction are very nice. Yep, 2Fdeal and Efun.top are probably my favorite chinese vendors these days.


Absolutely… I well remember my noob searches (and searches) for information.

@RIPstinkies which clones did you buy? is there a difference between them?

3fvape still has the sxk kayfun 5 clone in the original 22mm 5ml, which is highly recommended but are sold out of the mini which i enjoy. extra cash for spare and i definitely grab one. The prime is more mtl then the v5. When u search, search KF seems there is something going on there like fasttech.

Biggest obvious difference is that one comes with a longer glass and chimney extension for 4ml. On a subtler level, one vape-chamber has an angled top while the other has a flat-top. No discernable difference in flavour I can tell.

Oh, and the 2/4ml version deck screws are complete rubbish - they eject wire rather than clamp it. I replaced them first build (from spares I got with other tanks) and I’m in love with these tanks!! MTL at it’s best :slight_smile:

Also - I’ve discovered I can get the same flavour out of the Kayfun Prime at 6.7W as I did from my Siren 22 and UTA2 at 8W (with the same coils 11-13 wrap 30G SS316L 2 Ohm 'ish contact). So less juice and more battery life

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I bought a Kayfun 5 Mini and it was too loose to MTL, too tight to DL. So I throttled it (Google “DIY KF5 restrictor”) and it’s still too loose for a decent MTL. Forget it if you want anything close to a rollie or pipe draw…

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I hurried to buy $15.33 ST Prime Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer - 2ml / 304 stainless steel
and have the same problem:

As a result, the hooks near the screws are deformed and touched by the chimney.
The thread of topcap is very-very tight and has low quality.
Final decision: ONLY SXK or YFTK clones.