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So, was having a discussion in another thread (sorry) about the fact that I am a MTL only vapist and my perspective on some recipes is somewhat different than those of a DTL or RDTL vapist.

In my case, I still mix some of the “older” recipes that have 20% of flavouring and it works for me. But I also modify a lot of things, bump up more subtle flavourings and tune the more prominent ones.

I am primarily into Custards, creams and cheesecakes but do venture into bakeries and strawberry based mixes at times. As opposed to a few other MTL vapists I know, I am not big on fruits in general or drink based recipes.

My usual weapon of choice is the original VandyVape Berserker RTA with 26 or 28 gauge round wire at 0.8 to 1.8 ohms. I have multiple setups of this so I always have some on the go. I also use the Vapefly Galaxies RTA and RDTA, a Ammit RDA and a Kayfun Lite 2019.


Idk how much i have to offer as i don’t have many mtl setups, but The only setup I’ve kept fully operational for about a month and a half is a wotofo stng rda atop a vv pulse 80w squonk box, it always has a full bottle and a clean wick lol have been vaping ry4 mixes for several weeks but about to switch to a vanilla custard for a while


I find that fascinating…


That looks like an alright set up mate. I have one of my Galaxies RDTA’s set up on a single battery Topside squonk and I use that fairly often. Let me know how the custard goes…


Interesting that in vaping I am an anomaly just as in every other aspect of my life (according to my wife at least) :rofl: :rofl:


I think it’s GREAT that you almost soley vape things, that wouldn’t SEEM to translate well to an MTL setup. I really gotta get into that more.


A lot of older custard and cheesecake recipes were made for low powered, high ohm, MTL type devices mate. Just a case of translating them to current equipment and personal tastes…


Nice thread. I’m strictly MTL as well. Love my old Kayfun Lite +V2’s. Very rarely over 10 watts. Tobacco only, for the most part, but like to use complimentary flavors with the tobacco. The old ego One CLR coil tanks are another favorite.

@Fishaddict420 I’ve been playing with a blend of Tobacco & Vanilla Ruyan Custard, and it’s almost done steeping (month). The preliminary tests are very encouraging. I think it will turn out nicely. Save a little of that RY4 and add some of your planned vanilla custard to it.


I have the Galaxies rta, i really liked it until i got tried the stng, using a 20w mtl clapton in the galaxies and just seems like i get a thinner vape than on the stng with a 12-14w round wire coil. I never went back and tried plain round wire in the galaxies because it’s so much easier to change cotton with an rda lol


I currently have one with a 0.9 ohm 26g round at 13 watts, one with a 1 ohm 28g round at 11.5 watts and one with a VV Clapton 1.2 ohm at 11 watts. I find the galaxies gives a bit more throat hit and is more difficult to find the right recipe for. It vapes totally different to the other RTA’s and for my tastes it needs a “denser” flavour profile to excel.


I only tried it with fruity flavors, maybe that didn’t help lol


'nother MTL’r here (recently began the transition from RDTL). Using the Stng, Ripley RDTA, Ares V2, a couple of Siren V4’s and a Dvarw FL 22. It is, to some degree, like beginning again with all of the attendant excitement and chasing of shiny things. Also good re the DIY side of things with most of my recipes having to be tweaked to suit this new style. Recommended for giving a new lease of life to ones vapelife!


Also MTL only here. After 40 years of cigarettes it’s the only form of inhale that feels natural to me. I have 2 all day, every day devices.

The Galaxies RDTA on a squonk mod, 6 wrap 1.02 to 1.04 Vandy Vape super fine clapton wire, 420 degree temp control, mostly custards. This is set up with mesh tank wicks so it is incredibly easy to clean the coil and rewick the cotton. I clean the tank and mesh wicks only when I do a complete recoil, about every 2 months.

My alternate devise is a Caliburn G, 1 ohm coil, mostly strawberry or peach creams. This devise has great flavor, but it’s best features are stealth vaping, and that coils are available absolutely anywhere.


It’s just such an easy set up isn’t it? At one stage I had three set up like that but now only the one.

Did you make your own or are the retail somewhere. Using cotton on mine annoys the hell out of me and I always thought there should be a better way, like the wire rope in the Brunhilde MTL for instance…


I made my own mesh wicks. It was popular on old school Genesis attys, back before I started vaping. There are older Youtube videos showing how it’s done. My first pair of wicks has lasted a year and a half and I expect them to last indefinitely. Cotton wicking was my one and only complaint about the Galaxies and it’s no longer an issue.


Cool @CCS I will have to look it up. Would definitely be something I would like to change in mine. Cheers.


What a GREAT idea, and thread @Ianc13. Yeah, yeah, soo what if we blew UP that other thread right ??

I have, and do, talk to a LOT of people about vaping. Many here, some the Vaping Community, and surprisingly, quite a few on ECF, and Reddit if you can believe that. I get ALL orders of questions about, well, FLAVORS (duh), but others as well. I found out fairly early on that most people either thought, or assumed that I was DTL (Direct To Lung) due to all of the pics in my SFT threads, but I actually roll MTL about 50% of the time. Not adventurous at all, as I BRIEFLY tried some of my regular Custard/Bakeries, and failed miserably, so I chickened out, and went back to traditional fruit vapes.

I was gifted an older Berserker, which I’ve had fairly good success with, picked up some newer (v2’s I think) and use them from time to time, and still love my SteamCrave Classic MTL. I’ve actually picked up even MORE MTL setups, but haven’t really gotten into them yet, and I have to check, but I know I def. have a DigiFlavor Siren SV4 MTL, and a Svoemestro Kayfun Prime. After listening to @Ianc13 clarify (again) that he was a FULL TIME MTL’er, and INDEED was slamming CUSTARDS, made me take notice again.

Think I’m going to have to FINALLY, expend my MTL usage.


I still use SS mesh in my Vicious Ant Krakens.
Took a while to get it down.
Don’t use them much anymore. I just can’t deal with MTL


@Pastorfuzz hehe, I hear you, as I USED to say that. I forget the actual TRIGGER, and maybe it was one of my Big Ass Flavor Chucking setups that leaked in a pocket, or got laid on it’s side, and blew juice everywhere, but I started wanting a more leak proof, less intrusive (i.e. not huge clouds) that could be easily carried, and used maybe when the flavor chucker wasn’t appropriate. That saved MTL for me.