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“Body is too similar to what you recently posted” error when editing post


Seems to be not working so those of us that need to edit stupid posts can’t. :crazy_face:

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Probably operator error if so I apologize .


I ran into that earlier.


“Body is too similar to what you recently posted” is the message I get.


Yep no more drunk posting for me:rofl:


@RexRabbit, did you mean every time you “edit” a post, you get the “post is too similar to what you recently posted” error, no matter what you edit ?


I don’t think so @RexRabbit. @woftam is discussing this in another thread, and maybe he can cull that thread and move it to this one. If you are getting the error I mentioned above, can we change the title of your post to reflect that ?


I wanted to test if the mod edit is affected - it isn’t.

Kinda weird that it is happening at all - most likely due to an update. How long has it been happening? It may need to be reported to @daath & discourse if it continues.

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@woftam, it seems like a week or two maybe. Actually for me, about every time I edit a post it happens. Adding new info, correcting flow or spelling, basically every time I edit.


Just noticed it today myself = drunk surfing and postinfuckicantfixthis


@woftam, just did a few tests, added sentences, added paragraphs, same exact error. This DOES seem to be a bug. If it IS triggered because you are simply editing, and the majority of the post/text stays the same, it appears it will happen EVERY time you edit, regardless.


Last two or so days here.

I mentioned it to Lars in PM… but I don’t think he’s seen it yet


@woftam with your mod powers, do you think we should cut/paste the above ^ related posts into



This is a TEST post, which will be submitted, then COMPLETELY changed in edit, to see if the error occurs even with a TOTAL re-edit.


heheh already done look at the topic you are in


100% total re-write triggers it @woftam.


Yes, yes, and yes


yes could we also get the option to post missing body paragraphs?
so I can be like “TLDR JK LOL BRB”
totally unimportant but it’d be funny


edit isn’t working for me either :frowning:


This is OUTSTANDING stuff guys. We actually had TWO different threads talking about the same thing, but describing it differently. NOW, we have it all right here, it’s been tested AND proven, edited @RexRabbit’s title so any/all other users can SEE it, perhaps post here, and this confirmed error can now be passed onto Discourse when @daath get some free time.

Great stuff guys !!!