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Botanic Elixir Concentrates (MF Dilutions, UK, PG-free)

Time somebody started a thread about these . They are actually 9:1 Medicine Flower dilutions in VG, and work out a whole lot cheaper than buying neat MF.

As fellow MF fans know, the MF conncentrates are sooo strong that it’s very difficult to measure then accurately - a further advantage to diluting them. I don’t think dilutions assist with steeping time, though. The flavour still takes weeks and weeks to develop properly, in most instances. So do give them plenty of time, just as you would with pure MF.

These dilutions are only available from the Flavour Depot, in the UK. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that they do ship to many countries, inclusing USA

At present , I’m still waiting for their next shipment to arrive! as they are out-of-stock on some flavours and they’re adding a few new ones. In the neantime, Tony, at Vapour Depot has kindly provided me with a list of the anticipated new additions to the range:

White Peach
Wild Honey
Wild Raspberry

He also answered my query about the ingredients. My BE bottles at home list the ingredients as VG, flavourings and water, but this seems to be a labelling error. It’s actually just MF and pure VG, nothing else added.


Woot! I’ve just heard that the new flavours are in stock now, and old flavours are re-stocked! :slight_smile: I’m now vacillating over which to order first! (not wanting to break the bank right now)
@Plunderdrum I know you were waiting for this too :wink:

How did you get on with these. Thinking of placing an order as MF is so expensive.


This is very good news for us Europeans! :smiley:


Botanic Elixir Almond – 10ml

This extremely potent brand is Medicine Flower bottled at a 1:10 ratio with VG.

For use in DIY eLiquids. Can be used as the single flavouring or as part of a more complex mix.

Recommend to start mixing around 0.5% – 1% and increase based on preference.

*This is not for vaping in it’s current form, must be diluted with an appropriate base.

I cant see those %s working out well but now i have to test it just in case i have been using them wrong for years.


Side note: I cleaned up Medicine Flower yesterday :slight_smile:


that makes two of us , maybe a couple , but diluted in vg 1 to 10 ratio , those numbers are gonna be a bit higher in my opinion ( im assuming your thinki g the same thing )


Some tasting notes on these flavours. I’ve just received four flavours. Watermelon, blueberry, white peach and nectarine. I’m a bit dubious on the recommended % though. If it’s 1 to 10 vg ratio then i feel the % would need to be a little higher. These are fresh tasting notes so no steep time yet.
Watermelon 2%. Very nice watermelon in fact the best I’ve tasted so far. I don’t get any rind and it’s slightly candy sweet. I could vape this on it’s own and I don’t normally like watermelon on its own.
White peach 2%. Very true flavour not over powering its very real to the true flavour of the fruit. Again this would stand up on its own.
Blueberry 3%. I think this may be to high. A little harsh but very true tasting. I get the sweetfruit and slightly earthy notes of the peel.

I have never used medicine flower concentrates so I do not how they compare. My first impression though is very good and I’m looking forward to another test in a week. I think the watermelon will go pretty quick though as I’m already wanting to put it on the wick again. Always a good sign. If anyone else Is using them please put up your notes.


the blueberry as an extract is super strong its one of those that may be right on the .5 to 1 pct diluted

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Hey Solace! sorry i didn’t get back to you. i’ve been out of it for a while. I’ve got most of the range by no,w and I’m really impressed by just about all of them (still not tried quite all the flavours though. I only have so many bottles etc ! * chuckle * )

Tasted the nertarine just the other day, and it’s amazing !but a bit too weak at the % I tried…now where’s my fecking note? and where’s my fecking bottle? Damn. I can’t find eother at present, but i’ll fill in that info on here when I do.

I’ve got a good few neat MF flavours, same flavours again in some cases, and I do find that yeah, you do need to multiply the appropriate pure MF % by 10, surprise , surprise! and, in many cases, you do need to give them a good long steep, same as MF.

It’s a great way to try out the MF flavours without too much investment of cash! But in cases that you really like the flavour and anticipate using it a lot, then the pure MF works out more economical…

Beside genuinely having both, in many cases, I’ve now resorted to “pretending” to have the pure MF as well as the BE, in my flavour stash, in some other cases (might do same wirth the lot. But i do hesitate to lie! Really! *chuckle * ). Point is, that little ruse makes it much swifter and easier to check out other peoples’ flavour notes and recipes.


oops! see reply below! (i responded directly to your next post down nor this one. It just occured to me, that might not very evident to anyone else who might be twiddling their thumbs on this q)

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thanks, Daath. Is there any way of linking BE with MF in the database, insuch a way that I don’t need to dupticate my entries (as described in my prevuious post) to get info on both up?
I think there prolly isn’t (at least, not without calling them them identical, which isn’t true and would cause confusion) but might as well ask :slight_smile:

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There isn’t at this point. They would have to be merged into the MF-flavors. In the next iteration of the flavor database I am hoping that this will be possible - I just have to find a practical way of doing it, that is fairly effective :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder if some flavours are somewhat masked by the VG, a bit like the real flavors vg line. Tried a few and loved the coffee and also as chocolates go was impressed with the dark chocolate (though do wonder if chocolate just cant translate into a vape brilliantly, a bit like peanut butter for me). I liked them both enough to purchase the proper medicine flower bottles and I still think there is more body and punch in the real bottles that the vg dilutions…personally bar the red apple which is very accurate, almost too much so for me…I found the fruits lacking I tried like raspberry and blueberry…to the degree I wonder if it is the dilution ruining them.
You are dead right though, its a good economical way of testing medicine flower without the huge expense.


Well, I’m mixing PG-free juices myself, Will, so i’m just diluting them with a whole lot more VG chuckle . So…if VG masks the flavour, like you say, then I’m screwed, either way !
BTW, i checked out your profile (curious to see what recipes you’ve posted. but I either missed the link, or you don’t have any on public view?) and just happened to notice that your liked by: liked ratio is ridiculous huge, cos you’ve only ever liked six posts!. Aww, c’mon. have you been forgetting to use to to use that like button? We can’t be all that bad can we? * chuckle *


Theres a like for you :slight_smile: I think I generally comment rather than click like button on posts that interest me. Posted a few on new recipes section I think, but heres a link to last recipe I have posted so you can click on me from there to look at any others.



Thanks, will :slight_smile:
Ah, just as i feared, you use a whole bunch of flavours I can’t (due to them using PG as carrier) . Well, so it goes. Last time I checked: number of recipes I can make with my flavour stash was considerably less than the number of flavours in my stash!
Quite a lot of members are using the PG-free flavours (well, when they include delicious stuff like MF, of course they do!) but they are mixing tjhem with other stuff. Sometimes the other stuff is PG-free too , but just not in my stash as it happens!

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I wouldn’t. Or rather I would, cos I actually did :blush:and it was boring and frustrating as fuck :rofl: And i finally wound up just using my common-sense.

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I’m a little confused as to how I would add the correct percentages for the Botanic Elixir flavours to a recipe that uses the original version,am I right in thinking that I would have to add 10X more? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


yes, that’s right. multiply by ten .
trouble is, as noted on this thread they’ve been promising to re-stock for the past year and it still hasn’t happened. :rage:
i see they still have a few flavours left in stock, but those would definitely be old stock wouldn’t they? whicjh, in turn, might or might not affect their potency.

good luck !