They are where I just shopped, two shelves of Swisse multi-vitamins gone - just them no others - they must be anti-virus multi’s

Same story with everything else no:
Cat litter
Paper towel - I wanted to top up all three - will have to wait.

No Flour,
No tissues
Froz chips limited
Froz veg limited
Cereal limited
Dishwashing liquid limited
Toothpaste limited
Fly spray - one brand sold out, not on special,
Basically every aisle was missing a chunk of something…

Hopefully this will calm down now that they’re shutting the borders to essential traffic only, they start policing this arvo at 4pm - they’be just started.
$20,000 fine if you cross without authorisation.

At least ppl were behaving them selves & only one couple were not Soc Distancing.

The Kmart was heaven, almost no-one in store.

Oh and absolutely no hand sanitiser of any nature, metho was sold out in the hardware shop too!

I’m glad to be home among the paddocks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sorry, bit long :roll_eyes:)


@Sevencasper, are you talking about borders between states???


Yes, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland & I think Nothern Territory are all closed except for essential travel.


I can’t imagine Kmart in Australia is the same as the US lol. If you have Walmarts there I will be flabbergasted lmao.


Nope, no Walmart.


I don’t know if I should feel sorry you don’t have a Walmart or if you did, feel sorry for you then too :joy: :rofl: :joy:


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PM just announced to Australia
from Emergency National Cabinet meeting:

Restricting group gatherings to 10 people or less as of midnight tomorrow.

Stay at home unless necessary, shopping, exercise in small groups, medical needs, work, work from home - where you can, visits to private residences small numbers only.

Outdoors - do not congregate in groups,

Schools - still open (meeting tomorrow to decide how to keep schools open - education is important) numbers have decreased significantly - better for social distancing - looking at extending distance learning. Needs to be open for all workers (as they are essential).

Overseas Travel Ban (was a warning - ppl still going on leisure travel)

Profiteering to export - will/have been seized, including medical & PPE

Hoping these reductions in contact will prevent retail being shut-down.

*Dr Murphy - very worried over rise of steep growth continuing. *
Will Not tolerate return travellers not self-isolating.

Contacts of ppl notified of being in contact with positive cases. You must go home immediately - Do not stop at shops.

*Small pockets of community transmissions - *

Need to take this seriously - avoid any unnecessary contacts to help control community transmission.

If current restrictions are not met & community transmission increase harder measures may have to be put in place

Q’s - aren’t schools human Petri dishes?
Dr Murphy- Petri dish analogy inappropriate, children fit healthy children are not vulnerable, with good hygiene, reduced numbers help with Social Distancing.
*Encouraging schools that have closed to re-open? *
PM - Yes, impacts workforce and compromises societies ability to function. Workers need to be able to send their kids to schools.

PM - More than 150,000 unemployed, resources are being put in place for ppl to be paid benefits back dated to when they stopped working.

Concessions being identified for mortgage, rent, utilities.

Manufacturing - masks, sanitiser.

We have one of the highest testing rates. Testing and contacts are most important.

(Sorry it’s long, was taking notes for 45mins!!)


Geez you did a good job of taking notes it was a long speech by our scomo


:joy: it just came on as I was about to reply to something else. It was long- I took out the nitty gritty about weddings and all that - too long :laughing:
Still is…
Hope ppl find it informative- I think it’s good to know what’s happing in other places.


Good job! My eyes glazed over a little when he was speaking thanks for the summary. Thinking Scomo is over due for a holiday he must have closed the borders so he wasn’t tempted :rofl: :rofl:


He’s just trying to makeup for the Bushfire debacle :wink:


Man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus - NBC News


Are we able to talk politics or not?.. I’ve been asked to not discuss politics in this thread.


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Just an opinion. While politics rear their ugly head and enter every facet of our lives and can’t be negated, they are tangential to the event. If political influences can be mentioned without becoming the focus rather than the event, I think acknowledging the influences is positive. When political debate, argument, passive aggressive digs, and the like dominate a thread obscuring the event at hand, politics are no longer positive. It’s a tough thing to manage. We see this in our Senate at the moment. Corona was the issue, politics have superseded the issue.


I’m just curious if this is an official US document before any discussion even begin… what is its source? You well knew how this post will end so I’ve been trying to be respectful of you alls wishes and not discuss politics on this thread like I was asked. There are already post for these type of conversations as already directed by Mr. Drummer.


That is an essential question. Another question I would have is if presented with the documentation, how many of us could legally deceiver it? I doubt I could. In the legal world words have connotations and precedence that I am not privy to. I have seen court decisions that make absolutely no sense to me, but they have been upheld. And then of course we can drill down another level and ask how much politics influence the courts. It’s endless.


But again, it could be nice having this topic without the rotten politic… Get so tired.

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IMO it looks a bit bias and without verification we could all be discussing a fake doc. All I’m saying is before when politics were introduced here some of you stated that this is not the place for it, so if we are allowed to discuss politics, then don’t complain later when things are posted that you don’t agree with.