Different devices and why

Ok this may be a stupid question to most but I’m new to vaping and have a tank device I use, but Im interested in other devices and what the differences are between them like why do people drip? Is this a better way to vape?

If I’ve learned anything here, its that there are no stupid questions around here and nobody will think you stupid for asking. :slight_smile: Everyone genuinely seems to enjoy helping people. So ask away!

From what I know, using an RBA (dripper) or RTA (rebuildable tank) is said to give better flavor and more vapor production. They’re also easier to rebuild coils for (if you go that route) than say, protank or aerotank coils.

These threads might have some information you will find helpful. I’m sure someone with more experience will pipe up soon as well.
Favorite RBA
Mod & RBA


It’s because some people love to chase clouds, however, I’m willing to bet that if you ask them if they ever caught one of those clouds they will say no…lol. All joking aside, people drip for different reasons, not always the same. As @JoJo said vapor production is one reason but these days it is not necessary to drip in order to blow a good cloud. The Kanger Subtank Nano, Subtank Mini, Aspire Atlantis, Horizon Artic, The Herakes, the Lemo, and other subohm tanks will allow great vapor production and you still have a tank so you’re not juicing up your cotton every 5 minutes. With these tanks you usually dial in the wattage on your mod (if regulated Variable Wattage) for the best flavor for the type juice you are vaping.

People who drip can use these regulated mods if their coil is built where the ohms are not lower than the mods lowest tolerable ohms. Some regulated mods will go as low as .2 ohms, which will handle any RDA build that has been built within a safe ohm range.

Some who enjoy dripping love mechanical mods. This is a unregulated battery holder usually a tube or box with a fire button. They say they enjoy the difference in flavor of their juice as the battery drains. Remember I said people dial in wattage to get the flavor they like with the regulated mod. As the battery drains on a mechanical the flavor changes as the wattage gets lower and lower. Some people love this.

But, your question is why do people drip and put simply and each person will say one of 3 reasons…


They may say one of these reasons, maybe all three…

If you are thinking of going subohm, as a beginner I recommend using a good regulated (30 watt minimum) variable wattage mod with a low resistance of .2 ohms, and a Kanger Subtank Nano. The nano is not too expensive and I feel it is a good flavor tank to see if larger vapor production is for you.

WARNING, if you have smoked long enough that you have COPD, then most likely you will not be able to handle Subohm tanks…

If you find you love to tinker and want to build coils then talk to @NewDrip and @Jondamon. Probably should talk to these guys anyway. They probably know more about drippers, RTA, ect than I do…


The most honest reason I can give is I’m addicted to nicotine and it’s my preferred delivery method.


Figured I had better get in on this thread seeing as people are @ me lol

I’ve been vaping on and off since Oct’14 finally gave up stinkies 27th Jan’15.

I started with an eGo Twist and a Protank 3.

Then moved to an MVP2 and Nautilus just before Xmas. Flavour and vapour was a mile apart from the entry level eGo and Protank.

I’ve been making my own juice pretty much since I started vaping.

So I thought right I need a dripper to test my juices on my MVP.

While browsing Fast Tech I saw how cheap mech mods were and figured I’d have a go at sub ohm.

Flavour and vapour production are miles apart again.

I’ve since kicked my Nic levels down from 12mg down to 3mg.

The other side of drippers and rebuildables is making coils.

Standard coils produce good flavour and vapour, more intricate/extravagant coils produce insane flavour with great cloud production.

The negative side to building coils is that it begins to take over your life lol.

I’ve diagnosed a condition called OCBD.

Obsessive Coil Building Disorder.



I myself am not a dripper, not because I don’t like it just because I find it inconvenient for my lifestyle. I do have a few drippers and they are great for trying new juice mixes but that’s about as far as I go with them .
My advice is find what works for you . If you are perfectly fine with a small tank and ego style battery then by all means stay on that setup as long as you can because things can get really expensive and out of hand .Maybe go to a local vape shop and see if you can try out some hardware they have . If not set up a budget for the month and then you can laugh at the end of it when you doubled it or tripled it.


Yeah, I’m pretty much with @MixedUp1; tank guy. But I use a dripper for taste testing my mixes and maybe going through 5 to 10ml of a new mix. Otherwise, I’m a full on tank user, cause I don’t care to carry a bottle around all the time.


For personal I too use a tank, huge vapor is just not for me. Use my Magma RDA built at 1.2 ohm for testing new juice creations. After all the years of smoking I can barely handle my Magma built at 1.2 ohms…


Hi Ness I’m a tank gal don’t really drip but use a RTA which is as close to it with manufactured coils ( the RDA you would be wrapping and building your self ). I enjoy vaping a tank over using a RTA only because of the inhale style. In a tank I can bring it in my mouth hold it and inhale to my lungs which is called mouth to lung inhale , with the RTA I can only do lung inhale where I hit it and it is like taking a deep inhale of air but it’s vapor then exhale.

RDA / RTA provides much more vapor viscosity and will be huge clouds. You also are getting more nicotine due to higher vapor content.

Tanks well there are a ton of different styles I love the ones with air control your able to dial in your air flow for a more tailored effect.

Also finding your perfect ohm on coils are extremely important. I prefer to vape with 1.8 ohm coils. Play around with your coil options as I started out at higher ohms and didn’t really care for them.


Hi Amy2 you answered another question for me as I have seen people use RTA and noticed that they suck it into lungs straight away I also like to mouth to lung inhale. I have the air control flow on mine and I’m just starting to play around with it.

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Thanks JoJo

These new style subohm tank are delivering a dripper style effect with full on flavor and monster clouds. Nowadays there isn’t a whole lot of difference between to two styles. You can’t beat the convenience of a tank. I find myself dripping a lot less and leaning towards tanks because I can still get the dripping experience.


Ditto. Tanks with huge juice flow channels that keep the wick wet all the time and the punch of a RDA…what’s not to love about that?


Agree I get everything I want in a tank and don’t even have to wrap coils. Love them.


Lol I wish I could go into a local store but their nearly non existent here in Australia I think their is 1 that I know of but its hours away from me and from what I have heard they have a very small store with not much going on. All my knowledge comes from Internet (not that I have much knowledge) I vaped on my ecig the other night while out at a function in the smoking area and got evil or weird stares from people a few asked what it was and when I told them they were very interested about it.


We had a post about this a couple months ago. You might like some the responses.

What’s interesting is you can keep your vice and not kill yourself in the process!


I feel your pain . Vape shops where I live are non existent as well . Lots of info and advice here for you . I’m no pro but collectively on the forum we at least amount to one genious haha

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Yep my best friend smokes and keeps telling me that what I’m doing is the same no matter how many times I tell her it’s so not the same…lol

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Yes this is my saviour!