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Drums of War in the Ongoing FDA Flavorings Inquisition?

Their cannon fodder may be accumulating. Amazingly (to me), “Unicorn Puke” is really and truly “a thing”:

(May, 2018): “Analytical and toxicological evaluation of flavor chemicals in electronic cigarette refill fluids

(Feb 21, 2019): “High concentrations of flavor chemicals are present in electronic cigarette refill fluids

(Feb 26, 2019): “Berries/Fruits/Citrus” favored refill fluids were the most popular in three independent methods of analysis. The 20 popular refill fluids contained 22 to 47 different favor chemicals with their total concentrations ranging from 0.63 to 7.9mg/ml. Eighteen flavor chemicals were present in at least one refill fluid at a concentration ≥1mg/ml. 80% of the 20 popular products were cytotoxic in the MTT assay. The four most cytotoxic refill fluids contained various combinations of the six chemicals (ethyl maltol, furaneol, maltol, ethyl vanillin, benzyl alcohol, and vanillin) that were cytotoxic as authentic standards. Most of these chemicals were present in the cytotoxic refill fluids at concentrations >1mg/ml. Maltol and ethyl maltol, which were highly toxic, were present in 19 and 13 of the 20 refill fluids, respectively. The cytotoxicity of refill fluids was directly correlated with ethyl maltol concentrations in the fluids. These data raise concerns about the safety of popular EC refill fluids as those tested all contained concentrations of flavor chemicals that would be cytotoxic at the concentration in the undiluted fluids.
Identification of Cytotoxic Flavor Chemicals in Top-Selling Electronic Cigarette Refill Fluids

(Apr 17, 2019): “High-Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Products: Toxicity of JUUL Fluids and Aerosols Correlates Strongly with Nicotine and Some Flavor Chemical Concentrations

(Having become something of a NET devotee), I have “no dog” in these synthetic flavor fights. These are long and complicated reports. While it may (possibly) be that these studies are in some (or many) respects flawed in terms of methods and conclusions that are clearly descriptive of, and thus relevant to, real world conditions, the fact that few persons in the populace will likely actually read these reports, and even fewer persons are in positions to (technically) question and challenge the nature and veracity of their publicized “findings” and “conclusions”, means that this situation represents distinct, imminent socio-political dangers.

The extraordinary ease with which the CDC (and now the FDA) have managed to quite falsely - and with what is in multiple respects pathetically flawed and unreliable so-called (garbage) data - convince an ever breathless/brainless “press”, politicians, policy makers, and a large majority of the public that (prescription pharmaceutical) Opioid medications were/are highly dangerous and fatal - where by far the vast majority of dangers/fatalities have been and are demonstrably due to the emergence of illicit Fentanyl(s), which is a direct result of the growing throttling and prohibitions of prescription pharmaceuticals. Their alleged “cure” has in fact engendered, exploded, and sustains this “mortality crisis” itself ! Genocidal idiotic lunacy. The “Iron law of prohibition” (predictably) at work, vastly more people have been and are being harmed by the actions of ham-fisted moral zealots. With blood on their hands, they just keep fallaciously “doubling down”.

Never over-estimate the intelligence of pandering politicians, glory seeking bureaucrats and the “press”, and the average consumer of their click-bait moralistic pseudo-scientific pablum and bite-sized rhetorical tripe. The problem with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise. Welcome to the Age of Dunning-Kruger.


Plus, Juul is finding it harder and harder to get recognized/legitimate researchers to give them the info they need to fight the battle of ignorance.


I’m with you, right up to the opioid medication scandal. Not a good analogy, IMO. According to reports about it, over here, your doctors were overprescribing like crazy, even to the point of making a nice little eraner out of it, such that the difference beween a Doctor of Medicine and a drug pusher became pretty academic, entirely a question of education and social status, nothing more. At least that’s how they tell it, over here

That’s not to say that the problem was tackled sensibly. Indeed ,the way your authorities tackled the problem was by far the bigger scandal. Creating a nation of drug addicts is one thing. But then whisking away everybody’s supply and leaving them all at the mercy of street dealers is a whole new level of idiocy.

Nicotine addiction is never, ever going to be such a big problem, not even if those nicotine salts really are just as addictive as smokes, like some say. I mean, when did you last hear of somebody commiting violent crime or selling their granny down the river because they couldn’t get their nicotine fix? I’ve never heard of that, ever. Nicotine addicts can sometimes get desperate enough to do really undignified things like hunting through ashtrays or picking dog-ends up off the street, but that’s about as far as it goes, isn’t it?

Not only is that a bad ananolgy, IMO, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot with that particular comparison, and making nicotine addiction sound worse than it is.

Thanks very much for posting this , though :slight_smile:


Jay, thanks for your thoughts. My intention was to demonstrate the full capacity for specious and sweeping activity by these agencies (FDA, CDC, etc) - not to make (psychological and/or moral) judgments as to the good vs bad surrounding the use of various alkaloids. Suit yourself there. Demonstrable truth(s) in general, it seems, have a way of having close to, or exactly nothing, to do with “it” (regrettably, in so many things where human affairs, and the creation/administration/enfarcement of laws/rules, are involved). Inviting the State to regulate the bodies and minds of competent adults is (IMO) “dicey”. Upon such these bureaucracies flourish