Flavorah- Strawberry, Alpine, Smash, and Filling

I currently have the strawberry and strawberry filling from flavorah. Not a huge fan of either, though they aren’t total losses.
Strawberry- bland, no artifical taste, good for undertones with other fruits
Strawberry filling- artificial, good for highlighting the reg strawberry, not for stand alone
How is the strawberry smash?
How is the alpine srawberry?


There are some notes on the Alpine Strawberry here:

Not much info on Strawberry Smash:

I don’t like Strawberry Filling much - it seems to stick in your mouth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel you on the strawberry filling, I use a couple drops with my strawberry recipes to brighten it up.
Thank you for the info :grinning:

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You will also find a little something about SB in these two threads, if you haven’t read them already :grinning:


I find both SB and SB filling from FLV to be very artificial and extremely candish it works for me to only use them as mixers otherwise I get too much of whatever that note is that’s in both of them. I’m looking out for other reviews on SB Smash and Alpine before I pull the trigger since I technically haven’t been wow’d by the first 2.
I will say thou when you’re in need of a sweet candy flavor thou both have really made some nice recipes shine so I can’t completely rule them out.


This one reminds me of Wild SB INW. It’s very strong and has a weird chemical taste that won’t go away. I’d suggest you avoid this one.


Much appreciated ! If you have a small sample left I’d take a stab at it. In the meanwhile I’ll refrain from purchasing it since I have a almost full 10 ml bottle of the horrible wild sb INW errwwhhh stuff taste so bad.

Btw that Apple Cranberry FLV sounds good I might have to try that one seen it on BCF


[quote=“Amy2, post:88, topic:231558”]
If you have a small sample left
[/quote]I’m a little under the weather right now. As soon as I am little better I will pm you and send it to you.

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I am sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon. Take your time I got about 2 weeks before my stuff comes in and I can set up my lab again anyhow.

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Where have you settled down this time?

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St. Augustine, Fl :ocean::tangerine::sun_with_face:

I’m sure you’ll make your way back to the northwest.

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Most definitely love the PNW :evergreen_tree:

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Nobody move! This thread is being jacked! lol

Well, since not too many seem to have notes on the FLV Strawberry Filling, I figured I would fill you guys in.

Strawberry Filling- Smells and tastes EXACTLY like strawberry cream savers. If you were to want a cream saver vape, this would definitely be your base. Would probably need some other ingredients to support and create a full profile, but the taste is unquestionably there.

Strawberry- I have not had this one, but there are plenty of notes out there on this.

Alpine Strawberry- More info above, have not had this but from what others have said, there is a distinct ‘green’ note to it.

Strawberry Filling- This doesn’t taste like you would think a strawberry filling would taste like, more of a very artificial candy strawberry. This is how everyone seems to describe the FLV Strawberry so I cannot say exactly what sets them apart.

I am curious as to the differences in Strawberry and Strawberry filling, if anyone has both and would like to weigh in, it would be greatly appreciated.

I used this in my Zingers recipe and it did what I needed it to do. It was kinda jammy like I hoped it would be with a lingering SB effect.

It works well with other SBs but I wouldn’t use it alone. IMO it’s a sweeter SB.

I’ve used this once or twice, but it just didn’t work for me. I get a weird chemical note that didn’t steep out for me. This might be one those super concentrated flavors that might need to be mixed at 1 or 2 drops in mixes.


I currently have
Strawberry flv
Fresh, no artificial taste, doesn’t shine as a stand alone. I need to mix another strawberry with it when i use it for recipes
Strawberry Smash and Strawberry Filling flv
I put these together because the tastes are eerily similiar. Artificial, sweet, not much is needed for recipes
Strawberry Cream flv
Perfect blend between the two, nice undertone to fruit and cream recipes
Alpine Strawberry flv
Here’s an expensive show stopper, vibrant, strong flavor. I caution everyone that doing more than .5-1% is dangerous. You may get an unwanted taste. With this one, a little goes a super long way.


Let’s do this @SessionDrummer :smiley:

Alpine FLV…

Things I have heard from others [Hearsay] : (no known amount mixed by)
Too expensive to buy
Not a real strawberry
Why is it so expensive?
This tastes like green unripe strawberries
Tastes like the metal bb’s that go in bb guns
Reserved for more comments…

It’s so expensive because of the compounds and availability.

for me… it is my fav true sweet tiny strawberries Flavorah stuffed into a bottle… and yes, its MINE!

Usage rate:
From FLV: .25%-2%

My rate: .12% max which comes to 3 drops in 30ml sometimes I use 1-2 drops, depending on mood taste and what else I am working with… but for a solo… it is 3 drops.

Findings with others: 1-2 drops in 30ml is too much… many get off tastes, experience weird textures and loads of comments about it… I know there are some that dilute Alpine… others have used to a max of 5% - I dare say they have maxed the flavor out, it zombied [returned again] in a morphed way, repeatedly. ***

*** flavors do have their own threshold. light/med/max then they die off to return again, loosing notes from the top bottom sides, middle, to the point of total muting, and so do and will come back again, with weird effects. This is why it is suggested to work your flavors from low to high to find where YOU like it.

@SessionDrummer is conducting a test of 1 drop in 60ml…

there are others playing with the 1 drop in 60ml too…

This is not your typical note thread, this is a discussion thread on Flavorah Flavors…
Keep all person digs to yourself - Enjoy the flavor ride!

This is here for your own amusements, notes ideas and more… Unsure if I will do/have the time for more flv flavors, but for now… this is all about the alpine!

If this is not in the right spot… please find a good home for it… trying to keep track of all notes for the Alpine Strawberry… :slight_smile:


Yes, this has come up many times with ‘super concentrates’, and I can give an example for comparison…

Before I tried FLV Egg Nog, I’d used TFA Egg Nog to get my fix (no, it isn’t really great but I love Egg Nog, so there). I mix EN standalone because that’s what I like.

So then, price? TFA Egg Nog is $8.00 for four ounces. Not bad!
FLV Egg Nog is $22.80 for four ounces. Way expensive, not cool!

Well, except that I will use ten times less FLV, so maybe it isn’t so bad after all, eh? To get the flavor level I liked with TFA, I used 15%. To get the same level of flavor with the FLV, I used 1.4% (and may lower it still). That’s more than 10 times less flavoring used, so even though $22.80 looks ugly compared to $8.00 I am way ahead (that’s just 2.85 times more expensive for 10 times more yield).

(Prices sourced from vendors Heartland Vapes and Bull City Flavors)

**Whoopsie, sorry I didn’t realize this was meant for Alpine Strawberry. I’ll delete if you want…


No it can stay… maybe we can keep all the notes for Flavorah here…
Seeing I am having a bad attack of my adhd… and I have way too much going on…
In fact in a few weeks I will be poofing for a while… so…
anything related to flv here is more than fine, @anon70102222

I needed a place holder for the alpine… a thread per say… :slight_smile:
Maybe other flv flavors will end up here too…

Anything anyone is having issues with, understanding etc…

consider it a FLV tourettes thread :stuck_out_tongue: