Flavorings you should been aware about

Well not until recently I was unaware of this. Until I placed a order at ECX. I did more research and figured out the flavor I had ordered contain acetoin. I ask ECX on their live chat if they knew anything about it since its not posted on their site. They looked at the MSDS and asked their lab but they said they were not aware. So finally I contacted FW and they sent me this sheet containing all their flavors containing Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl. Figured i’d post this for anyone who was unaware. IMO I try my best to stay clear of this additives. If you know of any other companies using additives please feel free to post.

Sorry that bad link was from my e-mail. Didnt think about it not letting other people view it. Try this link out and tell me how its works.

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You’re welcome to send the list to me - send it to lars@ this domain :smile:

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Sorry bout the bad link I edited it and put a new link. Hopefully it pulls up.

I’ve updated the flavor warning list with all the new info. Thanks!


Your welcome figured people should know what they are vaping. Did that link at the top work this time?

Yes, it did! Thanks again :smile:

So I haven’t done any research on any of this. So without having to, what would vaping these things do? Why are they harmful?

Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl (AP) are supposedly less harmful replacements for Diacetyl. Both are GRAS in food, but not for inhalation. Both are structurally similar to Diacteyl and both are considered a respiratory/airway-irritant.

daath said it better than i could. Not saying they are all that harmful but in being a irritant I personally stay away. Only time can time what will be the true effects of vaping these products and how harmful they actually are in inhale.

thanks guys. I’ll definitely be doing some research on this.

Oliver56, I know your intentions are good by the data you are providing to us but I ask that you do not single out flavor west. If you read ingredients in many TFA flavor guess what you will find in their flavors, Acetoin! All these flavor companies, if they are not using acetoin then they are using some other substitute that is very unlikely to be much better. Everything I hear about diacetyl says any of the substitutes, acetoin, or any of the others, are not proven to be safe for inhalation either. Many feel they are just as bad since they can break down into diacetyl. One thing that we definitely know is that this whole Diacetyl thing started because of what is called popcorn lung. The only true cases of popcorn lung were of employees of microwave popcorn makers. The amount of exposure these employees put up with in a single day you could not get in a years time of vaping. I personally give up worrying about this subject. We’re talking a irritant, not a cancer causing agent…


Sorry I did mean to single out just Flavor West. As in my DIY experience, which isn’t too much, Flavor West is the only company that i’ve had the pleasure to try at this time. So thats why I kinda picked on them. But i could change the topic of this. That way we are not just pointing fingers at Flavor West, but then it would be a open discussion on all flavoring companies and many variants of diacetyl ingredients they are using. Or any other ingredients, such as food coloring for say.

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Since we are talking about all companies in a whole now. Here are some LorAnn flavors to be aware of.


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If you find some flavorings on the site that should have a warning attached to them, shoot me a message with the name/id/url :smile:

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Ok I will keep a eye out for anymore and let you know if i see any that should be noted too.


Just keep in mind that IF the acetoin should break down to diacetyl it is in barely measurable quantities. The ejuices Dr K tested that did have diacetyl in them still measured 100’s of times lower than a single cigarette.

After reading Dr k’s research and several discussions on Reddit by people immensely more intelligent on the subject than i am i have come to the conclusion that the diacetyl scare is overblown.

Another common replacement is butyric acid which isnt safe either. It is a known lung irritant and smells disgusting to some people.

I will continue to use some of these products until a real replacement enters the market.


If ur like me than any of these things are way better than those rotten butts and dam these flavors taste soooo much better!!! Lol


I can’t live without my diacetyl-concoctions! :wink: