Gbox mod - now it's actually quite decent

So I guess everyone knows that gbox can be a very decent squonker, but the squonk bottle is terrible and the whole rigid rod mechanism is even worse.

Being a good engineer, I decided to improve the situation.

First of all I ordered myself a pack of 5 Squonk bottles from fasttech (YFTK Replacement bottom feed …)

Next part was to dig out my rare earth magnets pack that was used to magnetize my old warhammer 40k models.

I took the gbox apart, removed the dreadful rod mechanism (held in by 2 philips screws)

The magnet pack came with matching drill bits, so I drilled out the screw holes and installed magnets on both sides

The mod can now take a normal soft silicone squonk bottle, and I don’t need to open the battery doors to replace it

And it looks perfect when closed

As you can see in this last photo i scuffed the paint a bit when I drilled out the screw holes (and the glue still didn’t dry properly since I did this literally 10 minutes ago)

The screw holes will be filled out with black milliput, smoothed out, and i will probaby sand and repant the whole back section (update will be posted when applicable :smiley:)

Super simple mod done in 15 minutes.


I’m glad you found a way to make this work for you. I hate that gbox, wish I never bought it actually lol. But that’s how you learn. Thanks for sharing.


Ok I’m the weird one. I have two and think their just fine. Go figure. Regardless, I do dig the fix. Much more eloquent than the MikeyVapes hack and slash, rip and tear method. The magnets are a good idea too in as much as one needs to take the cover off about once a month to tighten the 510 nut. I know, that should bother me too but it doesn’t.


Post of the day! Funny.


Awesome Bro. I want to help you though. ( I hope that doesn’t sound to facetious ).

The best place IMO to get parts for squonkers is…


So you can recommend the GBox? I’ve wanted to try squonking ever since @Steampugs did that review on the Wotofo Profile.


I recommend it as well. Great in vw mode, and semi-decent in tc.


The Gbox is ok,the bottle is garbage on it, I mean you’re pretty limited with dual bat squonkers, I do know however, that TVC’s new topside squonker is going to come in a dual bat version in the future, thats gonna be killer :ok_hand:


@Steampugs is usually dead on and per his post below I would wait and see what the TVC is all about. I have no idea. But I do like the G-Box. As @Steampugs mentions the bottle is not the best but you get two with the kit and I haven’t had one split on me or anything like that. There is the issue with the nut on the 510 getting loose from time to time but it is a super easy fix. The battery life on the things is amazing. I get between 300 and 400 puffs on a set of batteries. I just wish Lost Vape would come out with a 250C drone. That would be tits!!! Two battery squonker with replay. Oh My!!!


I run it in TC mode with ss coils, and it can give me almost 700 puffs before the batteries go flat. And with these bottles no more bad plasticky bottle, or opening the battery cover to refill it :smiley:


Ya, well, mine ties my shoes in the morning. Ya, that’s right. And fixes dinner at night too. Ya. ROLF, it is a nice fix. Maybe someday. Where did you source the magnets?


miniature wargaming :slight_smile:

I used to build tons of warhammer 40k back in the day, and used magnets for different weapon options. Still have a ton left.

They are usually cheap and some packs come with a matching drill bit.


Woah! Rare earth no less. Bravo. So where do I buy the vice grips to get the facure back off?


3mm ones are not ‘that’ strong :slight_smile:


Specialty stores will always charge ya more and don’t like that they dont state what grade (strength) they are. Jmak mentions other sources in Geekvape Gbox Silicon Conversion


This is strictly my opinion, but if I was in the market for a regulated 2 battery squonker then the Rage would be my choice.

A few things to note, I am not a fan of GeekVape products and have never used the Gbox. Also, I’ve seen people say that the Rage is made by Smok. I am not 100% sold on that unless Desire Designs, the maker of X Mini, is a sibling company to Smok, or uses Smok chip sets.

The price point may be a factor too. The Rage goes for about $94. But I got mine for $50 thanks to @Lostmarbles. They do run specials some times.

As for my use of the Rage, it goes with me every where.


Very nicely modded. I’m still on my original Gbox bottle, and it hasn’t given me any troubles yet, but time will tell. I do like the magnets however, as that just makes things stupid easy.


Never used em before but as a vendor here one might trust them more??,right?? - Anniversary Flash Sale 9.16-9.18, $44.99 for Desire Rage Squonk Box Mod


Yeah. I’ve seen people post about BuyBest and haven’t seen any negative feedback.

Of course Gearbest is a vendor here too, but I won’t ever order from them