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Get before they are gone (DIYFS)

If you like any of the following get them now before the reformulation happens (JIC)

One of the manufacturers of a component flavour used in Holy Holy Grail RY4, Holy Vanilla, and Gooey Butter Cake, is discontinuing the manufacture of it.

There is a v2 available but as it stands it could be better or worse so if you like the originals I would buy up before they are gone (i just ordered some to see).


Great! :smirk: …just when I was starting to try and clone my spouses RY4 from EC Blends using the Holy Holy Grail RY4 and Holy Vanilla.

Where did you see this info posted?


Liana Hudspeth posted on FB about it Joey from DIYFS has confirmed - they are still in the shop but once sold out they will be all V2.

I am not saying the v2 will be better or worse as I really don’t know yet


Thanks for the heads up. I guess we can only hope V2 will be better. Personally i only ever tried Holy Vanilla, but it is my favorite plain vanilla.


Well, if this cloning project is successful, looks like there will eventually be a social experiment happening at my house with the new DIYFS flavors. Kinda like when you swap out your dogs/cats regular food for another one… ya gotta do it a little bit at a time or they’ll turn their nose up at the new food. :wink: