Good deals?

Yeah, I notice that too, when mine showed up. I posted about it in the Vape Mail thread.

These must have been old stock. They are the earlier ones with the V1
RBA (tiny juice holes), but they can be modified. They also have the
earlier OCC pre-built coils. They are the 2 piece OCC coils. A twist
with a crescent wrench will separate the case, and they can be rebuilt
easier than the newer, one piece coils. I doubt it will be necessary,
having the RBA’s but I’ll stash them just in case, never know.

A little drilling will be in order. Like you said, still worth it at that price though.

I just got this email from Lightning Vapes.

20% Off All Wire, This Week Only! More Sales Coming!
In case you missed our huge wire sale last month, here’s a chance to stock up again at a great price. Keep your eyes peeled for new sales each week!


They only have the Black one’s in stock…but still it’s a good deal


Quick! 6 hours left on this sale (20% off) …get some 316L stainless steel Clapton wire …or any other wire

6 days left on this sale at Lightning Vapes


It was a ticking clock! I panicked! :sunglasses:


Oh, lmao. Thank you, I needed that laugh!


to get an additional 20% off the LightbingVapes 20% off deal, use the discount code “VapeDealsLV”


Nice, thanks! I was just about to order. Glad I looked here first.

Lightning Vapes now has SS clapton wire. But it has kanthal outer wrap, will it still work in temp control?

Whichever wire has the least resistance should be the path of current and the resistance measured for TC. As I understand it, the core should carry the electrical load, and the wrap mostly just acts as a heatsink.

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Coupon code “yeti4life” will get you buy 1 get 2 free at


I think it’s buy 2 get one free. Maybe I did something wrong.

Edit: Tried again and said code invalid because used to many times. Man teased me thought I was about to get me three more IPV5’s for $65. :frowning:

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It’s only on eJuice


Wizard Labs mark down some of their Inawera Flavors.
8ml .99 regular price $1.87
1oz $3.99 regular price $7.29

Cactus, Strawberry, Watermelon, Apple, Honey, Mango
Plus more cant remember them all.


my apologies, Ggr, it was late when i posted that…as stated by Bo, its on their juice line only…


Went to LV site put wire in cart. When doe’s the 20% off show up?

Never mind

Did you also use the discount code “VapeDealsLV” for an additional 20% off?

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Why yes I did thank you!

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