Help for Newbies

Hello Everyone;
I am new to this forum and I have been scanning as much as I can to get info on making my own e juice.
If I am not adding this note in the right place, can someone point me in the right direction?
If there is someone on here that doesn’t mind lending a helping hand to this newbie, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am looking for help on what I will need to purchase what I need to make my own e juice.

Thank you very much in advance to all that is willing to give me a hand.


Don’t know where you are so I won’t get into where’s it at aspect.

Syringe’s to measure with. If you can afford a gram scale that go to the hundreds 0.00 even better it’s the most accurate way to mix. PG and VG. Depending how you vape and what you vape on either 50/50 to a 70%VG 30%PG. Figure out how much buy by how you vape.
Go to the recipe side of ELR and look at the recipes pick out a flavor profile you like. Start small. Buy only the flavors in the recipes you choose. Buy 10 ml bottles of flavor only. You may end up hating mixing. You will need plastic bottles. 30ml and 60ml to hold your mix. First mixes don’t make anything larger than 30ml to determine if you like the mix or not. Nicotine to break the withdrawal. Again buy small to determine salts or free base. 100mg/ml PG. If legal where you are otherwise the highest it is legal to buy.
That should cover the basics. Welcome to ELR and welcome to the rabbit hole.


Welcome @BuckShot1. Follow EXACTLY what @rcleven said. You should also search the forums again- and use some more keywords. TONS of info there. Ask any question- as being new, it’ll be a lot eaiser than spending needless $$ where most of have already lived that dream. Lol


Welcome to ELR @BuckShot1, as you have mentioned, “Searching” is your most powerful weapon.


Welcome to ELR forum ,I think Rcleven hit the nail on the head


Welcome @BuckShot1

You got most of the information you need, apart from one thing. Find out what you like!
Else you end up with a lot of flavours you are never going to use again.

I got myself a lot of fruits when I was just starting. Everybody was raving about them.
They wanted to get as far away from the tobacco experience as they could.
I happen to like it.

This sounds like swearing in church, but you could even buy a few bottles commercial juice to find out what profile you like, then get some flavours for that kind of mix.
It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Looking at the highest rated recipes is not really helpful if they don’t fit your profile.


Welcome to the house of fun @BuckShot1.

It seems that all the others have covered the basics. Now it’s time to ponder the first simple recipe that starts you down the blending road. This could be a dessert, bakery, candy, tobacco, cocktail etc. There are countless here who specialise in each style, so they’ll be lots of threads on them which can help.

But for now: read the guides, pick a few flavours which appeal to you, search forums for relevant threads and then get down to making your first simple mixes.


How to save money: buy all new flavors in 10ml bottles. If you like it, then you can buy it by the gallon. Also, make all new recipes in 20-30ml batches. You’re going to make juices which will just suck and throw them away so keep it small.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @BuckShot1
Lots of great people here, with invaluable experience (not me as I’m new as well :slightly_smiling_face:), and willing to help!
Have fun and enjoy!


I can’t add much to what’s already been said, but I will advise to get what you can afford equipment wise to make the process simple.
Also, keep in mind that many juices will not be ready to go right away. Most fruit mixes may be a day or two, while desserts, creams and tobaccos may be a couple of weeks to a month before you can vape them.
Ask questions along the way. It’s how we all learned.


Hi @BuckShot1 and welcome to the forum. The answers you have already received have summarized my thoughts too so I won’t muddy the water anymore other than to say mixing your own juice may appear daunting but it honestly isn’t and is in fact extremely rewarding when you make something you’d pay a lot more money for from a manufacturer.
Enjoy the experience and there’s heaps of help available here if you so require it.


Welcome to the ELR forum @BuckShot1. I can only reiterate what has already been said above which is all good advice that won’t steer you wrong.


MAXUS Precision Pocket Scale 200g x 0.01g, Elite Digital Gram Scale Small Scale Mini Food Scale Jewelry Scale Ounces/Grains Scale, Easy to Carry, Great for Travel,Backlit LCD, Stainless Steel

One of these is going to be worth it’s weight. Forget about pipettes, or mixing ny the drop. No bueno.


You’ve already gotten some great advice so just want to welcome you to the community. Hope you have a blast learning to mix your own juice. Remember, you will mix some that will taste like sh*t. That is the “price of membership”. Mistakes are valuable lessons. Learning what doesn’t work is just as important as learning what does work. Enjoy the journey.


Welcome to ELR @BuckShot1 the right place to be if you’re into creating your own liquid.
As @Josephine_van_Rijn said, probably the most difficult thing is not really how to make an e-juice, but finding the right profile, what you like most, from there choose simple recipes, Keep it simple is the mantra don’t even try over complicated recipes with 6-7 flavours in them, start with three, four flavors or even two, great recipes are made with two flavors, e.g. RY4 double-FW Yogurt is a great recipe and it’s just two ingredients.
Probably most of us here at today, still haven’t got an ADV (3 to 4 really :joy: ) because vaping is about changing and here we change A LOT!
You’ll get better and better just by mixing and testing different profiles and you’ll love doing it.
BTW welcome to the rabbit hole!


Oh, @Iv3shf, your Blood orange and booze blend helped to remind me to create a new one of mine: I was vaping the year old one when when I spotted yours.


Dude comes in for his first post- and gets WAY MORE knowledge than most newbies, dips out never to be seen again… smh


So glad I ticked your brain @SquirrelSmash!
That touch of Honey gave it an oriental twist that made it a “different” kind of vape, usual thinking out of the box and experimenting new frontiers…


He’s probably banging his head on his desk. TMI, get me out of this rabbit hole!

Reminds me of people asking advice because they are having trouble choosing between two mods or tanks.
“Which of the two shall I buy?”
They end up with a lot more to choose from than two.
Utter confusion :rofl: