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Hey Strangers

It’s Great to see you back @JoJo :raised_hand:


More than I have access to! :wink:
Agree with TZ. Will be very nice to have you back on that front as well.


Me too… :laughing:


Yeah… Poor woftam pulled one hell of load for a while.


I know! Color me impressed. :rofl:


Thanks for the warm welcome back guys. Special shout out to the mods who shouldered the load while I (and I guess Ken :pensive:) was gone. You guys really are an amazing group of people and I’m glad to be home. :heart:


Good to see you’re doing well and that you’re back now! :smiley:



Great to see you JO JO!


I’m really happy for you. Just wanted to say onething and please don’t take this in a negative way, it’s just a reality check, I read your post twice. Great all that happened in such a short time. Remember this your HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH, there are plenty of people who worked so hard they forgot to live, ended up in an early grave. This is not just for you anyone who’s reading this, we all want so much in this life so we strive for a 2 bedroom house then we get a better job so obviously the new cars are whatever maybe a jet and helicopter, a mansion with a swimming pool then we move up a little and by an Island are 2. My point is remember once we have our health we are wealthy, ask a multi billionaire in hospital with an incurable disease would he are she swap places with you, once your young and healthy. Not one of them are willing are ready for death because like myself at 55 yes of age I got stuck in that rat race, but it all stopped when I got cancer in my esophagus, I thank God I’m still around, and right now I’m feeling brilliant but put your life into perspective, don’t just work to live. We have gotten it all wrong because we all get cought up in this rat race. It’s called the system. I do understand bills have to be paid we need to work, please don’t anyone think I’m having ago here are I’m being negative, I’m just letting you people know if tomorrow was your last day on earth what regrets would you have because I’m writing this and my word regards I could write a whole book on if only this if only that…
Delighted to see you back SMILE IT MAY CHEER SOMEONE UP, and it didn’t cost the person who smiled anything, it’s nice to be nice tell the people you love you love them as often as you can, because one-day it maybe to late. Life is to be enjoyed not endured


Ain’t it the truth! :wink: Been there…


So good to see another familiar face @JoJo. I just came back myself after about a year (health issues as well) and am excited to see more family. Lots of new to me people to get to know too, but I am missing quite a few of the old gang!

Can’t wait to get caught up again!


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Aw same! Welcome back to you too, then! :hugs:


Other way around man! And shhhhhh!!! Incriminating all of us and shenanigans abound is not good.

Oh, @JoJo hi. I have been good I swear. Do not listen to @mjag, @SessionDrummer, or others.


Is that why I am always denied bail? Dammit, one of these days I gotta get it right!!!


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Nice to see you back lol. I am not on much anymore. I quit vaping about a year ago. My girlfriend still uses my account to find recipes for herself but I am never around. It is good to know things are going well for you!.


Aw DD! I’m glad things are going well for ya! And how’s that cute lil girl of yours? I bet she’s so big now! You should tell your girlfriend to come visit us if she ever needs help mixing. :wink: Of course you’re still welcome to hang out even if you don’t vape.


Hey @JoJo, Welcome back! was nice to read your post, all sounds so good for you congrats on your successes and getting through hard times​:grinning: all is positive except the work blocking ELR which is probably a smart move for them I suppose … As for belonging if it wasn’t for peeps like you helping to make a already great site better thats gold! Thanks for your efforts… wishing you guys the best aye!:+1:t2: I’m always late but I do make it something!