How to change flavors in your sub-ohm tank the new way


Thats why i use Rs b4 (Ta/Da/DTA) :innocent:


what does that mean?


I dont have to clean ready made coils
i change only cotton

R= Rebuild


Oh ya. Me too but since I got into reviews, they don’t tend to send R’s :grin: Also, a lot of people use commercial coils and the last video got a lot of comments.

Thanks for commenting bro. It’s very much appreciated. :wink:


do-u-use commercial coils


Nice channel @Dan_the_Man, watching other clips and subscribed :slight_smile: .


That’s awesome. I like how you’re always trying to figure how to do things better.

Today I’m going to try my own experiment on a factory coil or two. If my findings warrant anyone’s attention, I’ll post about it here.


Thank you, sir. I appreciate that… :call_me_hand: :v: :smiley:

Yes, please do. I suppose you don’t want to reveal your idea or plan yet?

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Yeah sure. Every once in a while I get a coil that doesn’t perform as it should. I use Uwell Nunchaku tanks all the time. The majority of the time, I use the .2Ω mesh coils. Most of them are awesome and perform as they should. It’s getting colder in Minnesota now and I had one struggle. I took a drag on a fairly new coil and it tasted burnt last week. The next few hits were fine but the burnt taste lingered.

This is my theory- it tasted burnt because there wasn’t enough juice in the cotton that’s in contact with the mesh coil. I’ve taken them apart and there’s several layers of those little cotton pads we talked about before. The “cotton is packed too tight sometimes” is nothing new. Some people have done pin pricks but I’ve never done that.

To ensure juice gets through freely every time, I had an idea. It’s to take a small drill bit and twirl it with my fingers to get through a few layers. I’d do this on each opening in the coil housing. I’m using one right now that I’ve done it to. I don’t know if it’s in my head but, this coil seems to be working better than ever.

I never prime my factory coils. I put one in dry and add liquid to the tank. Usually in a few minutes I look down the barrel and and can see the cotton is all wet. I watched the cotton as it soaked with this one and the cotton got saturated in about 30 seconds. That’s awesome and is telling me it can soak up some juice quickly. I’ve also been watching after each drag and it bubbles immediately.

The drill bit I used is 5/32 maybe? It’s pretty small as you can see in the photo. I twirl it between my fingers and it digs though the cotton leaving a hole. I’m careful not to deform the mesh and only go through a few layers, not all the way. I’ll probably do it to every factory coil I use now because the flavor even seems to have been helped. My juice is tasting great.


huh, I have never considered that. Interesting, very very interesting. I think I might give that a try.


Great idea. You might be onto something there.


I have completely rebuilt my eLeaf HW-N and Geekvape Supermesh coils. I remove the positive tip on the coil and the rubber grommet seal that separates the Neg from the pos, then gently push out from top to bottom the entire mesh together with the cotton. I found one mesh was completely charred like a BBQ grill. I got some mesh from FT. They have the ones with legs/posts. Wrap it around a 5mm drill bit and then wrap the cotton in thin strips. Reassemble by screwing the new piece clockwise holding the posts against the drill bit and then setting everything back in place. Check the ohms on my mod then prime and vape . Found it to be excellent, if I must say so myself. I have attached a YouTube link here that may be useful to some of you.


Added info:- FastTech - SKU 9665847 (10 /pack) Kanthal A1 Mesh 0.2ohm @USD1.59


Yeah, I’ve cleaned and re-wicked a few different kinds. I’ve never washed a burnt out coil under a faucet or soaked it in vodka. I take them apart like you’ve described. It’s always singular (wire or mesh) coils. Doing it for dual or triple mesh would be pretty difficult.

When I have the factory coil taken apart I get the gunk off the mesh. Some people just torch it. I just brush it off with a little steel brush if it isn’t too bad, or put the legs in an RDA and dry burn. Then I put it all back together with fresh cotton. I wish I could source large pieces of thin padding they use because I think it’d work well vs loose cotton.

I try to dismantle the housing even. I know most people skip that part but I don’t. My favorites to do it is the Smok S1 coils for Baby V2 tanks. It’s easy to get them apart and work on. They’re actually really good coils. I can do it to Nunchaku coils pretty easy now too but they’re smaller and a bit more challenging. Some of the Baby Beast styled coils are a breeze. The Sigelei ones (I forget what they’re called but they’re Baby Beast styled) have a huge opening throughout so they’re easy to work on too.

The drill bit thing is for new coils and works awesome IMO.


I’ve only done it to the one but I think it helps. It’s early but I’m going to keep doing it and try it on other kinds. I think we’ve all experienced a coil go bad from it not getting juice freely. I used to think nothing of it and just change it. I truly think that this is going to stop coils for misbehaving and ultimately last longer.

The flavor is even better it seems like. I’d love some feedback from others. Maybe I should do a direct comparison and see if I can notice anything different. That would be the most sensible thing.

If anyone decides to try it, be careful when you’re doing it. Pushing on the drill bit too hard can deform the coil. I’ve taken pictures of what it looked like after making the holes but my camera doesn’t pick it up. It just looks like all white cotton.


Thanks for the link. Those are cheap! I’m going to order some and take a look around there.

LOL at the one review-
“i use them inside my kylin m clone and there they work fine. i have no idea why there are legs on each end, i cut them off. at the end, it`s a simple piece of mesh. nothing more, nothing less”

I think it’s obvious what they’re for but some people don’t get it.


These ones look good too-


I’m glad you brought those mesh pieces up at Fasttech. @Dan_the_Man and I had discussed some of this stuff before. We’re both on the lookout for that thin cotton they use in factory coils. I think these might be what I’ve always wanted-
Thin cotton pieces
3 bucks for that amount is a bit much but Im going to order some! It might make sense to buy those cheap rebuild kits but I want wider pieces. I’ll have to do some more looking and check measurements.


Sorry for derailing the thread but I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. There’s only one listing at Fasttech for this style. The second picture confirms it. It’s a wide sheet of that super flat cotton padding.
10 pack of flat cotton

If it tastes like bleach, I’m gonna be pissed. I’ve bought a few different cotton fascial tissues that were similar. They’ve all had that bleach scent and flavor. I don’t want to boil and dry it.