Im craving a sweet fruity vape

Hey y’all I’m craving a sweet fruity vape that kicks butt on flavor ! I like 30/70vg anybody got a recipe they want to share ! I love strawberry watermelon blueberries creams


I haven’t really gotten into mixing other’s recipes yet…although I have it on the agenda. Would you like to try one of mine? Both are fairly sweet IMO.

Stolen Watermelon

Strawberry Cheesecakeshake


Yes I’m lazy today and don’t feel like doing nothing but following a recipe lol ! All of mine lately and some of y’all’s have been semi sweets. Like your snazzy it’s very good but I want a sweet fruity something at the moment.

Heck yea I’mma make this stolen watermelon that’s one of my favorite flavors
Thank u !

Um sh$toki I have all the flavors except vanilla custard. I have v2 and just custard FA sweet cream sign. What is VC cap most like ?

I"ve heard very mixed reviews on CAP V2 VC. Everything from It’s good, to It’s ok, to It’s just plain awful. Some have even said it tastes like plastic. Well I don’t mix it as a solo or even prominent flavor, so for me at least the V2 has been ok as a supporting flavor. Not as good as the original, but not bad either. TEHO.

I like it. I can see where some ppl say it taste odd sometimes Bc sometimes it doesn’t mix with a flavor well. Ok so Im Guna try it with v2. I have some VC on the way but it won’t be here for a lil while.

Amy you try my Strawnana Custard? Seems quite a few on Reddit like it. Its my wife and mothers ADV right now.


Yep I’ll mlae that one too tried to remind myself the other day when u put that link up to make it but got side tracked !

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Hope you enjoy. You can shake and vape but of course with the high custard content it is best after a week or 6. I prefer it cured but the wife likes it freshly mixed.

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I’m in the same position I was in with sthrnmixer’s stolen watermelon I don’t have Capella’s VC only have v2 so I can make it but it will be with v2 in its place.

I tried the V2 but that butyric acid, yuck and cough for me. Thought CAP might get rid of V1 so i ordered 5 4oz bottles as i use custard a lot.

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I got some original on the way. So I can make it with v2 and then later as ur recipe lists.

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Stolen watermelon shorty carto 3.7 pen style
It’s delicious I immediately thought it was going to be an over abundant watermelon vape but Nooo was wrong just after mixing it’s a sweet cream brown sugar inhale with a watermelon exhale darn good thank you !

Some people prefer the V2, i wish i did too, hehe. The coughing is probably psychological, i read it is a known ling irritant the day before i got it. We gingers are odd like that.

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The strawnana is so good the v2 dominates the mix right now I wanted the banana and strawberry I’m Guna steep it how long do you think ?

Ken, ever notice how after you’ve been DIYing a while you’ll start to have preconceived notions about a recipe? I’ll be honest…I’m looking at your Strawnana and wondering will this have any sweetness at all? As my journey has progressed I’ve found I need something in every single fruit mix to make them sweeter…maybe just to counter the raw flavor of the fruit. I dunno. Anyway, even though I only have Totally Wicked’s banana flavoring I’m going to give this a whirl. I’ll weigh in later. Thank you for sharing!


I do love fruit mixes however there isn’t many that don’t require a sweetner or a citrus or mint to help them pop. I want them to be a shake n vape so badly but to me it always seems a good fruit mix does take a lil patients and time. Ugh.
So tonight I tried ken’s strawnana and it was really creamy with a banana peaking thru and in the end the ripe strawberry was on the exhale however I didn’t use the exact vanilla custard so probably was that.
And the stolen watermelon by sthrnmixer was in reverse of what I had originally thought …watermelon then sweet nope surprise.Both very good and by Tom or maybe the next I’ll have 2 even better vapes ! Thanks y’all.

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Ok Ken, I dove in and did the best I could. Oddly with the ingredients I have I didn’t really need sweetener…at least ATM. But let me say this…since I didn’t have the Bananas and Cream I’m quite sure this is nothing like yours. I’ll need to get some of that. Using TW Banana and sub CAP Sweet Strawberry with CAP Strawberries and Cream…it’s a good vape. Giving you credit brudda - will work on it more when I get new supplies. Ken’s Strawnana Custard (adapted)


Thats the part of my reasoning for using both TFA Ripe SB and Sweet SB from CAP. The ripe adds the smell and the sweet sb adds the sweet and juicy flavoring. The LA Banana Cream is also a bit sweet on its own as a single flavor. This recipe was a first try which is rare for me. I mixed it and handed it to the wife, she loved it and told me if i changed anything i would be punched in my fun bits and that hurts!

The first run was made it the colored LA Banana Cream but botboy posted soon there after about a colorless groupbuy and i jumped on it, grabbed 16oz which is more than enough for our needs. I posted this recipe in the thank you thread i made in the DIY sub and since then there has been a couple variations as people didnt have the LA BC. A common substitute was TFA BC, this is a flavoring i dont have but its on my list for my next buy because id love to try the variants.

Who is the manufacturer of TW’s Banana? Is it more of a ripe banana or plain? You’ve got me all curious as i didnt know he had his own flavoring line.

I dont use sweeteners often but when i do it is usually TFA Cotton Candy in the .5-1% range.