Liquid Barn Tasting Notes

Hello ! A while back we reviewed some flavors and just hadn’t gotten around for the results. I wanted to put some notes up regarding Liquid Barn ( LB )

Packaging - they come in glass 15 ml bottles with screw on / off lids. The packaging is nice, tidy maybe someone kept a pic to put up.

Shipping was super quick and customer service was excellent in my couple experiences.

The line ! LB has 38 different flavor. Some of these flavors are VGD vegetable glycerin dominant the approximate mix is 85/15

So plug this into ELR and it will remember it’s contents do this on the suggested ratio linked page look to the left it will have 3 radio button pg , vg , other you can choose vg or other that way your mixes will stay on track with overall vg vs pg %s

I want to start off by saying this line in the bakery department is BA ! There are some secret weapons in here that are unbelievably delicious on their own and in a mix.

I was taken aback by the fruits thou I don’t want to discourage anyone by getting them at all that is not my intentions they just were not my favorite in this line is all the bakeries stole my heart !

I won’t go into to much detail on overall %s because ELR has them plugged in and they’re all pretty much spot on so head over there if you have questions on that. Just wanted to give a run down on flavors and the line overall.

I’m going to invite a few others to chime in & give their take ! @JoJo @Ken_O_Where @DarthVapor @Pro_Vapes @daath @Kinnikinnick @quitter1

Baked Cinnamon Roll - Not super strong on the cinnamon as it smells nice rounded back notes and blender quality. Has acetoin in it so gives that bready bakery feel to it. I smell a syrup then a bit of cinnamon off the bottle.

Baker’s Touch - Fantastic blend of custard danish & creams has a good amount of cinnamon in this one just fyi. This is one of those secret weapons for your bakeries ! If you only get a few I’d be sure to get this!

Banana- Blah not as punch ripe as i’d hoped more of a taffy candy quality that does seem to fade away.

Belgian Waffle- Very good syrup to buttery ratio I only used it as a mixer can’t say what it was like as a stand alone. Found it to be more forgiving than other vendors with the maple syrup not as prevalent easing the mixing quality.

Blue Raspberry- VGD flavor ! Nice and sweet. Taste like it says. However not really strong enough to be a stand alone I can go up to almost 6-7% in a mix.

Butterscotch Graham Tobacco- Don’t be scared off w/ the tobacco label there. This too is a secret weapon the butterscotch is a sweet one then the graham allows for a crust and then the tobacco well it’s in the back ground and not overly abundant adds a nice touch of leaf ! Has a good amount of creaminess to this.

Cappuccino- kind of creamy with coffee inspired flavoring is pretty strong smelling off the bottle and has Acetoin in it. It is dark in color like caramel. This wasn’t one I was too fond of maybe it just came off as too strong.

Cherry Blossom Tea- Very tea forward with cherry blossom in the back ground is a little sweet and tart. I did like this one as a stand alone around 7% but ymmv.

Chocolate Roll- This is straight up tootsie roll hands down full of flavor nice & sweet !

Coconut Milk- Lovely creamy coconut milk is a great blender adds body and a little bit of coconut. Not as milky as I’d hoped but does a nice job.

Cola Freeze- Bubbly carbonated soda ! No freeze in this I don’t think that was a good call on the labeling.

Cream- VGD flavor ! Thick rich cream semi sweet tons of body a great flavor.

Creme Brulee- Sorry this is a strangely off tasting cream maybe it is their caramel idk.

Dew Mountain- Not as citrus forward as I was thinking but kinda sweet kinda lemon limey I’d use it as a mixer but couldn’t get what I wanted out of it as a stand alone.

Fresh Cream- nice clean cream not added flavor works like a charm !

Greek Yogurt- creamy some sourness here but a decent blend of cream to tart sour ratio.

Green Apple- Not one of my favorites I’m not a big green apple fan and this one did not sway me. Kinda plastic waxy weird. I may not be the best to review it. Has pretty high ratings on ELR.

Honeydew- Light on taste very mild you’ll need to use more of it to get it to taste like honeydew.

Lava Cake-Rich thick chocolate cake is very potent and can easily take over a batch at 2-3% some serious chocolate cake here it is delicious !

Menthol- taste pretty clean and minty I am not a huge menthol fan but taste pretty straight forward to me.

Orange Banana- VGD flavor. I didn’t care for this one kinda weird plastic with some notes of citrus and more weird taffy banana. Clouds mixes.

Pacific Cooler- VGD flavor. I have no idea what this is in here. Intriguing blend of berries with SB notes. LB says it is a drink mix. I tried it at 10% stand alone and still was confused what’s in it.

Peach- Guna be honest I am not a peach person but this one seems strong and not as sweet as a juicy peach.

Pineapple- An artificial tasting pineapple tasted waxy to me and clouds a mix.

Pink Lemonade- Delicious beautiful pink lemonade fantastic flavor and strong… blends well !

Rainbow Sherbert- VGD Flavor. kinda strangely creamy with some raspberries but not enough and some citrus notes just not strong enough for any one profile to stand out. Not one of my favorites.

Rootbeer- VGD Flavor . Yep that’s rootbeer barrel.

Snickerdoodle- It says cinnamon sugar cookie but I get a heavy cream and cinnamon swirl going on here. It has Acetoin & AP in it.

Sour- It’s not as puckery as you’d think however I use it all the time to help VG flavors pop works like a charm.

Strawberry- Here is one of the few SBs that I have decided taste like a waxy crayon and just does not come off as SB. I mixed it in a varying of %s with no luck.

Strawberry Cheesecake- Again oddball weird cream with a waxy SB not for me. I was bummed I was looking forward to this.

sweet pipe- Have no idea what this is a cigar … I am not the person to review this. LOL

Sweetener- didn’t use it pretty sure it’s surculose

Tobacco- light not as potent as I’d thought smells of Anise off the bottle which scared me off for a while but actually it tasted ok. Again not the tobacco person here.

Vanilla cream Tobacco- Another secret weapon it is a wonderful cream with great vanilla hints and a tiny bit of tobacco ! It is a great blender.

Vanilla Ice Cream-Oh my favorite of this bunch be sure to check this one out it is spot of creamy buttery rich ice cream and some good ol fashion vanilla. It’s shake and vape friendly too not weird peppery notes here either.

Vienna Cream-Great flavor is creamy with a tiny touch of cinnamon I really like using this in bakery juices.

I want to add I am not paid by LB they were nice enough to offer me the line back in December to try out. I found their line overall a decent line. The VGD flavors are a real bonus for me as I have pg sensitivity and don’t do well with weaker flavor concentrates that I have to use more of to achieve the profile I want.

This does not make a company bad it just makes them a less attractive option for someone like me. I feel in all this line is great but with a middle of the road % usage for each flavoring you can expect to use 2-4% more than on average. Again, not badmouthing just stating my experiences.


Still working through them, but I’ll post what I have so far and update when I get through them all.

  • Baked Cinnamon Roll 6% ( SnV - not sure about this one. Not getting any cinnamon. 10 days - still not getting much here. 2 weeks - same. 3 weeks - same. Kinda sweet maybe? 5 weeks - still just kinda sweet. A little cinnamon, maybe.)
  • Bakers Touch
  • Banana 4% (SnV - it’s no Ripe banana, but it’s not bad. Kinda weak. 1 week - up % a little but tastes like banana laffy taffy. 2 weeks - Definitely getting banana taffy. 3 weeks - gotten a little lighter on flavor. 5 weeks - same. Seems like banana tends to fade quickly in general. Still a good banana flavor, but much weaker than it started out.)
  • Belgian Waffle 6% (SnV - weak and kind of nondescript. 10 days - better. Still a little weak but getting more sweetness and what tastes like a hint of cinnamon. 2 weeks - not much here. 3 weeks - seems pretty nice now. With some butter and maple, it’d probably be a good waffle. 5 weeks - back to being weak. I’d up % a little if it’s supposed to be the main flavor and make sure it was vaped around 3-4 weeks.)
  • Blue Raspberry 5% (SnV - little weak, but definitely a blue raspberry vibe. 10 days - still weak. 2 weeks - still a little weak, but definitely blue raspberry. 5 weeks - pretty good. Definitely up the % but I like it.)
  • Butterscotch Graham Tobacco 4% (SnV - pretty tasty, a little funky, think it’ll steep nicely. 10 days - has a sharp bite, almost like cheesecake. 2 weeks - same; I think the bite is from the tobacco, but it makes it taste like cheesecake. 3 weeks - same. I like it though. 5 weeks - a lot of the bite mellowed out. I like it a lot.)
  • Cappuccino 5% (SnV - Not feeling this at all. Kinda skunky and plastic-y. 10 days - tastes like a tire smells. 2 weeks - not liking this much. Still off tasting. 3 weeks - Kind of nutty now. I like it. 5 weeks - man, this took forever but it’s actually pretty great now.)
  • Cherry Blossom Tea 6% (SnV - a little strong, kinda dirt tasting. 10 days - still pretty earthy, I think from the cherry, but kinda tasty. 2 weeks - interesting, not sure. 3 weeks - better. Maybe lower % but I think I can use it. 5 weeks - still some dirt and medicinal cherry, but I think with a lower % and some playing it might be really good.)
  • Chocolate Roll 5% (SnV - Kind of a chalky taste. Sweet. Semi alcoholic tasting. 1 week - wow this mellowed a lot. Not sure what a “chocolate roll” is supposed to be, but this kinda tastes like little debby chocolate cakey. 2 weeks - almost nonexistent. 3 weeks - I’m wondering if this is supposed to be a tobacco flavor. It almost has a chocolate swisher/black and mild kinda taste to it. Still also getting chocolate cake. 4 weeks - not really getting anything out of this now.)
  • Coconut Milk 4% (SnV - a decent coconut, a little plastic. 1 week - Little sunscreen but mostly creamy coconut flavor. Pretty good 2 weeks - very tasty. 5 weeks - no idea what happened to notes for weeks 3&4. This has pretty much just gotten better.)
  • Cola Freeze
  • Cream 4% (SnV - a nice, slightly sweet cream. 10 days - not getting much now but a vague, slightly sweet creamy feel. 3 weeks - this is a nice, light cream. Not overly sweet. I like it. 5 weeks - Same.)
  • Creme Brûlée
  • Dew Mountain
  • Fresh Cream
  • Greek Yogurt 5% (SnV - Chalky. Not as good as Flavorah. 10 days - still seems chalky. 2 weeks - still chalk but sweet; could possibly offset the chalk with something fruity. 3 weeks - still chalky, sweet, and a bit tart. 5 weeks - chalk finally went away but I still prefer Flavorah.)
  • Green Apple 1% (1 week - a little light, get a little apple and some plastic + anise flavor. 17 days - still light, less plastic. 24 days - a very nice green apple flavor. No more plastic.)
  • Honeydew
  • Lava Cake
  • Menthol
  • Orange Banana
  • Pacific Cooler
  • Peach
  • Pineapple
  • Pineapple Sherbert
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Rainbow Sherbert 7% (SnV - Kind of generic, slightly sour, fruity. 1 week - same. 2 weeks - gotten much more sour but still not much actual flavor. 3 weeks - stronger, still sour and fruity, almost citrusy. I like. 4 weeks - lost a lot of flavor. Will try heat with this one.)
  • Rootbeer 3% (2 days - sweet root beer and even tastes kinda fizzy. Delicious. 1 week - very tasty. I love this flavor. 2 weeks - still very good and tastes like rootbeer. Not quite as fizzy. 3 weeks - same. 4 weeks - same. Excellent flavor and will certainly use more in the future.)
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Sour
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Sweet Pipe Tobacco
  • Sweetener
  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla Cream Tobacco
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
    Vienna Cream

Looks good JoJo ! I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I know we’re all busy and you have school. It’s here when you have time !


How do the lb flavors compare with other brands’ similar flavors? Are there certain lb flavors that you like more than the same (or similar) flavor from other companies? I hope that made sense… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not sure if your asking me or Jo ? I feel overall they’re less concentrated than the typical TFA / FW / Caps but only by a small fraction depending on which flavors we’re speaking of. None of these ^ vendors are super concentrated to begin with.

For me my top picks for LB would be
Baker’s Touch , Belgian Waffle, Butterscotch Graham Tobacco, Cherry Blossom Tea, Coconut Milk,Cream
( VGD one ) ,Lava Cake, Pink Lemonade, Vanilla Cream Tobacco, Vanilla ice cream & Vienna Cream

These listed above ^ all are great the strength to usage ratio are within our typical findings !


Oh sorry, I was asking either/both of you. :wink: Thanks! I’m still getting my flavor stash stocked up so I’m trying to make sure I get a good variety of the best flavors. I know it’s such a subjective thing, but you ladies seem to know your stuff! The cherry blossom tea sounds really good, and so does the pink lemonade. I might try a few of these.


Those two imo you won’t go wrong with. However I feel the tea could be used a little lighter I tried it at 7% alone but if I were to use it in a mix it’d be around the 2-3% mark. The 7% was really kinda powerful probably would of went with the 6% standard but I’m kinda a rebel and like to stretch flavors and see how far I can take them :wink:


I bought some of this recently and I thought it was pretty good tho slightly peppery, but I probably needed to rebuild my coil. It’s a pretty intense vanilla cream at 10%.

I’ve also got some root beer and cola freeze steeping. Gonna make some floats! :stuck_out_tongue:

As I understood it, freeze just means it’s an icy/slushie/whatever, which is basically a flat cola flavor so I wasn’t expecting a koolada effect or anything.


I think the peppery part came when you mentioned 10% that may have done it :wink:
since i’ve yet to take it to that level but haven’t felt the need to. Good to know thou.

The root beer & the Ice cream make an awesome Root beer float with that VGD cream man oh man I just may get around to that one ! I don’t think I have that recipe anymore but wouldn’t be hard to figure out.


If I couldn’t ever reorder anything from LB I don’t think there’s anything I’ve tried so far that I’d be super upset about losing. Like Amy said, most are about the same concentration as TPA/Cap/FW. That being said, I like them—none so far have been awful or unvapeable.

I like the banana for a candy banana. The blue raspberry is good, but weak. Butterscotch Graham Tobacco is good, but not one I see myself using a ton. Cappuccino is really good but takes a LONG time to steep out the skunk. I wasn’t crazy about Cherry blossom tea, but with some fiddling it might be good. The coconut milk is really good…in my top 5 for coconuts. The rootbeer is pretty awesome.


I’ll have to give the cappuccino more time it was pretty strong and stinky for a while thanks.


Great reviews ladies. I appreciate them very much. I only have a few of their flavorings, but your reviews of them are spot on, IMHO.


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So not good this LB rainbow sherbet I had great expertaions with it . Specially at 7%
Can it be added as flavor In Recipe . I’ve not tried adding to Any thing… But I get the creamy sour raspberry flavor . Yes it starts to disappear as time goes on so a quick vape
Thank you for great reviews


Hello . I am kinda new in vape . 1 month.
So a got some 50 different flavors , mostly TPA . So when i chouse TPAs i found Liquid Barn
And it was kinda cheap. I google Liquid Barn and found yours reviews. So i got
Bakers Touch ,Butterscotch Graham Tobacco ,Cappuccino ,Cherry Blossom Tea
Cream,Lava Cake,Menthol,Orange Banana.Vanilla Cream Tobacco.Vienna Cream

So i mix up in % as suggested on a web site this flawors
Bakers Touch ,Butterscotch Graham Tobacco ,Cherry Blossom Tea
,Lava Cake, Vanilla Cream Tobacco

Of and let it try in a 3 and 5 days

I tried to accelerate process with warm watter bath , microwave temp less then 80 celsius
But still taste VERY BAD after 10 days

Yes , i read JoJos post about steeping.
Do this flawors REALY need 3 weeks steepng minimum to vipe?
I read that singl flawors kinda ready for smoke almost immediatly or next day.
i had toughts to throw them away already.
btw TPAs works fine after 10 days . made unicorn milk , mothers milk

so from what i tried after 10 days, after shakings, microvave , warm watter bath and give to breath 2 times for 4 hours
Bakers Touch - more o less there is some flawor and more o less can smoke. but without exitment
Butterscotch Graham Tobacco - no flawor , taste chemical
Cherry Blossom Tea- smell a little bit cherry , taste - strong chemical , cant even vape
Lava Cake - some smell exist , bad taste, nothing about choclad or cake
Vanilla Cream Tobacco - dont understand :))

can you please share more your experience after half year usage please
how you mix, %, steeping time, any accelerations, how you keep them (dark, temperature)
pg / vg ? open caps how much times and for how lont time /
i use 70 pg/ 30 vg

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I’m new to mixing myself. Just a few months. I bought the whole starter kit from LB BC it had everything in it for a newbie. However, no guide to make recipes. I did the same thing. Mixing these single flavors. Except for the orange banana they all r too strong & don’t taste good on their own especially @ the % they say. They work well if u use no more 3-4 % & mix with other flavors. I looked for recipes that were similar to the flavors I had using a 50/50 ratio of PG VG. I hope this helps.


Also the cola freeze is really good by itself. This forum has been great for me. Every one is really nice and so helpful! If you can’t find what you are looking for just ask & iam sure they will help you. I have found recipes I like & follow them for their help & recipes. Don’t give up. Happy vaping.


My notes on Baker’s Touch in case anyone searches for info :slight_smile:
Percentage Used: 9%


Equipment Used: Troll 2 RDA with a single Kanthal .2 ohm Bird’s Nest coil (Kernel 24GA*3+26GA= Wrapped 32GA) at 27W, full cotton wick.


PG/VG: 30/70


Manufacturer’s Description: Bakers Touch is a full flavor danish style dessert: a cinnamon streusel yellow cake a la mode. Suggested Mix Percentage: 9%


Steep Time: 25 Days. I did try it at 1 week, but it shows a significant difference with the longer steep. Although good, it is worth waiting for, the flavor really deepens.


Aroma: Pastry, cake, cream, cinnamon, icing.


Flavor Description: This is a rich and full bodied danish pastry. Authentic flavor, buttery densely packed layers of pastry that is topped with heavy cream and drizzled with cinnamon sugar. Most prominant flavor up front is buttery pastry. I’m not getting a light and flakey mouth feel, more of a heavy cake. Next I notice the cream, it’s very much like their vanilla ice cream. No egginess like a custard, yet is has that creamy slightly cooked pudding like consistency usually found in cream cheese danishes. It has the flavor of a light vanilla cream though. The cinnamon is a mild bakery cinnamon, fairly light, and comes through more on the exhale along with a hint of a slightly darker baking vanilla, more of a low note than the vanilla cream. Sweet cream butter and sugar are well balanced in with the cinnamon, very much like the streusel they refer to in their description. Moderately sweet overall, I’m also getting a sweet powdered sugar type icing finish. Every once in a while I get a hint of a super light maple. It’s very faint and seems to come and go. I’m wondering if there is some brown sugar in with the cinnamon?


Off Flavors: Faint maple every once in a while, nothing offensive.


Throat Hit: 2/10


Pairings: Almost any fleshy fruit would be good here, turning it into a fruit and cream danish. It will also fit in very well to strengthen bakery notes, especially in cinnamon rolls or anywhere you would normally use Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Great to add sweetness and body to custards, and tobaccos. Also would be very good with nuts, specifically almonds and pecans.


Notes: This is a very complex flavor, and makes an excellent single flavor for a fast and easy mix, or to have something good to vape while still learning about mixing. I enjoyed it at the recommended 9%, I wouldn’t go over 10 tops. I’m going to start around 1-5% as an accent. It’s much more complex than Capella’s Cinnamon Danish, and I can see using this a lot.


When i first started DIY in january, i bought the liquid barn starter kit.
It came with a mixing mat (with very good instructions on both sides, including the actual equations for mixing) i also got a fair amount of mixing supplies (some needed, some not needed for mixing by syringe).
It came with 10 sample flavors. Pg, vg and nicotine.
I couldnt peg a recipe by the time i ran out of flavors. They seemed weak but tasted good for the most part. I gave up on the brand because i had to use so much flavoring for each recipe.
The strong part, in my opinion, for liquid barn is the vg, pg and nicotine. All came to me colorless and odorless and i was so impressed i continued to buy these three things from them.
Then i found bulk apothecary(vg/pg) and perfect vape (nicotine) which were cheaper with similar good qualities.
Overall: liquid barn is very helpful in the information department as their site has many links that are very exploratory in regards to the science of mixing. Perfect for beginning the journey. :dash::dash::dash:


that is how i started as well