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Looking for Data for a project



I am creating a recipe / mixing application in Java - for personal use.

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a list of flavor vendors and the flavors they make like in a format that I can import into a MySQL database like CSV format as one example…

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Mike Sims



That would probably be the holy grail for ELR.

So no… but feel free to create and share with the rest of the DIY community.

With the amount of flavors being created, removed or changed at all times, it’ll be difficult to keep such a list updated as well.



Yup, lots of work List of MSDS sheets
Ethyl Alcohol Warning
and others but @woftam project looks to be the biggest compilation goal
Flavour Master List



BTW, there are a few compilations by folks that i had in mind but search fu is a bit off atm, ie. thought there was a pg free list besides the thread. Containing information so it is easy to find, condensed to one thread has always been a problem here, leaving it up to search keywords. Perhaps “looking for data for a project” would be easy to recall to find various lists that one might be searching for, just a thought w/o intend to derail.



I’d inquire with the flavor companies directly. They may have a web-feed you can query on their products and info. If they don’t have one, they should think about getting one set-up.



Evvery manuf. has to report to the FDA for each flavor when they are involved so a list is not a far fetched idea.



You could PM the OP and ask how he has progressed on his project if it is similar to what you are chasing.
Just a thought


Are quotes broken for anyone else?

I did recall that post but as i said my game was a bit off. I notice @Noke_Smok hasnt been on much but perhaps he would share when he does.

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I’ve got emails in to several flavor makers waiting for their response … and you are absolutely right … keeping such a database current would almost need to be a community effort I’m thinking … with some kind of oversight for accuracy verification etc.



Interesting that you say that because I was looking at the different ways the different companies describe their products from a database point of view and outside of the name of the flavor, there is pretty much no similarities between manufacturers … some have UPC codes that are different based on the size of the bottle, some just have one “part number” then your quantity is chosen at checkout … MY THOUGHTS were … what if we could somehow hand each company a database schema that would work for any vendor and ask them to to have their DBA populate it and make it available on a secure encrypted access pipe then we have our own database server that polls the manufacturers like once a day and consolidates the data into a usable format … think of the implications … recipe apps being able to access the data in real time … and maybe even have some suppliers “sponsor” the site and when they do, a button is right there for a quick purchase inside the recipe app … the possibilities are endless…

BUT, I’ve been in IT long enough to know that such a project is very similar to herding cats… and worse than that … you usually get personalities involved who are highly protective of their data and somehow feel that if they strictly govern it, they are protecting their income … but every situation is different so you never know until you dive in.

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@EasyGoing1 I hear you. :wink:

I don’t know how long this has been up… says Winter 2019 so pretty new. But it looks like some of the Flavor Gods are looking upon us. :rofl:

Nice start and A+ for efforts on their part. If some else wants to drop the link in the right (Cap) thread go for it.