Mixing For POD systems ( pod system recipe ideas )

Ive read and listened to some videos . My question is , When mixing for pod systems are you mixing more simple recipes ? Ive heard some people say keep the flavors to a minimum like 2 to 3 fruits , also that creams are hard to detect so adding multiple creams / custards etc isnt needed to develope a more complex recipe like we all are use to . Should i raise the pct a bit ? should i only use things like FLV Frosting or FA MM. or meringue for sweetness since it seems in a pod system the mouthfeel isnt really there ??? i have a few simple recipe ideas but im trying to hear everyones thoughts on this… TIA


I don’t know because I don’t have a pod, but if I was to venture a guess it would be that recipes from 2014-2016 are gonna make a resurgence in the rating charts on the recipe side lol. Logically, pods are like returning to the old high ohm super low power tank days but with better wicking and coil material, and back in the day when subohming wasn’t a thing recipe total percentage was way higher than it is now. Sorry I can’t help and yet still rambled lol


Just covering all the bases on ELR in case you missed anything…




I know jack-shit about POD systems so don’t look for a qualified comment. But there are always certain
flavors that just taste better when hit with some real heat…something I don’t think a pod system can deliver.
And re-reading your post I wonder if add’t creams and custards create a viscosity issue that affects mouthfeel.
I dunno. :thinking:


thank you , although i have read these and others from reddit. and watching videos i was hoping to get some advice from people i know … im just going to run with it and start making some thing with MF and FLV since i think the SC flaves may be the answer …


ya i feel like the higher percentages will come back with pod systems but things like the internal unicorn milk for example will be pointless from what im reading and hearing since people wont be able to taste the layering that those older recipes have … im only trying to learn what works best is bc since me mom and gf both got pods and are using them with the higher nic salt levels they have finally completely quit smoking … and i refuse to pay 20 bucks for store bought juice lol… i have a feeling ill be able to keep the flavor percentages down by using MF and FLV concentrates i just ordered 250ml of nic salts so soon ill start testing , personally ill stick with Rdas, my cleito and og crown to vape with regular mods … im going to keep it simple i have a couple in mind like

FLV Pink guava @ .25
FLV lime @ .25
FLV frosting @.50

i think with those SC flaves the percentages will be able to stay low , i may have to double those percenatges .

how about

RFSC Strawberry Milkshake @ 4pct
FA Red Touch Strawberry @ 3 pct
FLV alpine strawberry @ .25 pct
MF vanilla @ .5 ish

anyway this is the route im going to go with and see if its successful


Using Super concentrates is a good idea, especially the rf sc strawberry milkshake, it tastes better to me on lower wattage devices. I actually have made about 6 different versions of your strawberry milkshake recipe lol I have an rda that I run about 35-40 watts specifically for that recipe.


If it’s a true pod. I would start more around 0.5 for the guava. Lime and frosting will just be the supporting layer but you just may not taste it.

Considering my low experience I would start by following the path of major manufactures. Do a mint vape. I’ve been enjoying spearmint flv with silver fish cap and vanilla shisha inw. You could also try a simple mango flv recpie.


ty , my mom has been vaping on a menthol fruit and my GF has been vaping on the naked POG which isnt bad at all … i only have koolada i may have to grab a minty type flave how about

MF dark choco
FLV spearamint

my real goal is to try and achieve a 2 layer vape , btw they are both using the smok novo pod which is a pretty good little kit


ty…im in love with the RFSC SM i think it may be my fave flave top 3 for sure …


one thing ive read today was the vg /pg ratio should be 50/50 which makes a lot of sense


Nice try TZ. Next time keep yer yap closed and don’t speculate!



Same here pods were the only thing that satisfied the addiction.

But trying to nail a few good recipes for them takes time, seems Ive been sabotaging my own efforts using to many flavs with Ethyl-Maltol and Maltol

Simpler but smart also. Props to “bluenose63” for the links to TPAs components below.

Have to see if I can look up other flavors components like TPA lets you do.

So make a 20% flavor recipe using just these and thats a ton of EM muting eveything.

Bavarian Cream (TFA) >5% <25% EM
CheeseCkGrahmCst (TFA) <5% EM
Cotton Candy (TFA) 10% EM
Dragonfruit (TFA) <5% EM
HoneydewMelon II (TFA) <10% EM
Malted Milk (TFA) 4% EM
Mango (TFA) <10% EM
Marshmallow (TFA) <10% EM
Rice Crunchies (TFA) <5% EM
Strawberry Ripe (TFA) <10% EM

Props to bluenose63

No credit for the recipe below, I just sub’ed flavs in and out. Friends say this is spot on for pods and higher salts, no problem with salts killing the flavors, seems to be the ethyl maltol and probably just maltol additives. Never used freebase, I started with salts. I don’t get any perceivable changes in my test recipes using between 3 - 24mg/ml. Smooth Nic Salts from NicRiver. And the only harshness I get is from some flavors. Rice Crunchies, Peach Im sure you experts know them all. Juuls site has info on their nic base. Im satisfied between 12 and 24mg/ml salts for cravings. (which is their 3%, they must use a very high nic base to start out with for 3% by weight)

Trying to slowingy decrease it.

And of course no sub ohm vaping with that high nic salts. My Aspire Breeze 2. I use 1.0 ohm

PG/VG-ratio: 40/60
Flavor total: 1.75 ml / 1.75g (17.5%)
Drops per ml: 20
Price: 0.00
You can make this

After 8 Thins Double Shot 40/60 (Nic Salts Only & Not for Sub Ohm!!!)

7.00% Creme De Menthe (FW)
5.00% Double Chocolate V2 (CAP)
2.00% Sweet Cream (TFA)
3.00% Vanilla CustardV1 (CAP)
0.50% Super Sweet (Cap)


50/50 leaks more if your refilling. 40PG/60VG or 35PG/65VG anything above 30PG/70VG is way too tight, you’ll be sucking hard. =). Some of the 30PG/70VG I really liked.


Basically if you are using 6mg/ml of freebase nicotine, then use the same 6mg/ml of salt nicotine. You don’t want to increase your addiction to nicotine. If the vape output of the lower wattage pod systems are making you crave cigs because they don’t produce as much vape/nicotine in each intake, then just bump it up a tad like try 9mg/ml of salt nic.


ty for all you wrote , this is for my mother and GF , my mother is just coming iff the ciggs so shes been using 50mg /ml and mybGF has been vaping and smoking she has also started on 50mg/ml but i just got her some naked 100 pog thats 35mg ml which she likes better , ill keep them both at 35mg ml for a little bit since it has jept them off the ciggs



Good luck, yea I always keep some store bought 50mg Nkd 100 stuff handy.

Im sure you know but… I make sure to get Nic salts in VG base only, since so much of it goes into my recipes. It’s pre-blended well also. Or else you could end up with bad lop-sided mixes like (60PG/40VG.) Because remember up, to 20% of it can be PG based flavoring also. It could be hard to to get even a 50PG/50VG recipe or a nice 40PG/60VG mix or more cloud producing mixes 30PG/70VG, 20PG/80VG, MAX VG.

It’s best to try out “mock” PG/VG numbers in the calculator first to see if you can even make what you want to make if you’re thinking of using a PG only Nic Salt Base or a Blend for high nic salt recipes.

When the Nic Salt VG base is at room temp, it’s only a one time process of putting it into a clean dropper bottle, then it’s just as easy as adding VG to recipes.


If the links are not welcome please remove them. (admin)

I just stick to mg/ml and the PG%/VG%'s in the links below. For me it is the only thing closest to a cig replacement quitting solution, it is just like a real cig buzz-wise.

The thing that confuses new and some old DYI’s is the 3%-5% thing.

But if you put in the highest strength nic (you can get) in the calculator and set the target to 30mg/ml and 50mg/ml then you will see it does come to 3% and 5%. But I would never use or buy pure nicotine. I don’t want to have to dress in a hazmat suit to handle it.

I would rather put in 50% of 48mg/ml nic salts base or 25% of 100mg/ml nic salts base to get my 24-25mg/ml for use. For low watt POD devices 1.0 ohm or higher only.

I use this info below as a good starting place to start mixing for PODs and high nic salt e-juice.


Propylene Glycol and Glycerine
(30/60 mix)
(up to 90%)


heres my first pod recipe using 25mg/ml nic salts . A blast ffrom the past , kilos dewberry cream was always a very good juice imo , i used the RFSC SM bc it has a creamy feel to it and used all these flavors a bit higher than i would especially when mixed … 7.5ml of nicotine in a 30ml holy moly…


do you let the recipes steep a couple days due to the amount of Nicotine ??? i know ill make sure to shake the shit out of b4 filling pod .