Need help and advice with DIY e liquid

Hi. Looking for some help and advice. I am a vaper for about 2 years now, started from the bottom, pen vapes, sub ohm tanks and currently rta. Just started mixing my own juice after watching youtube videos on how to start. I have used mothers unicorn milk recipe but with no exact percentage. I think my biggest mistake was to make 800 ml at once.

50/50 PG VG 3%nicotine
Strawberry 10%
Sweet cream 5%
Cheesecake 3.7%
Vanilla custard 2.5%
I used glass jar and mixed it all together by shaking. I have also did warm bath for one hour in 50 degree water.

The juice is very blant, muted. It tastes like strange sweet something. Can’t even feel any strawberry at all. I have give it to try to my girlfriend and friend and they both said its sweet and they can taste Little bit of cheesecake.
I’m currently steeping the juice in cold dark place and open it for air for about 3h in total.

Is there any chance I could add more strawberry to the liquid to help bring the flavour?

What did I do wrong?



If you could link to the actual recipe it would help greatly since there are no brands in you pasted one.
I would say that Strawberry 10% is the culprit as it is likely a little on the heavy side and muting the recipe.

More is not always the answer quite often less will have more flavour.


This is the original recipe. As you can see I didn’t use the bavarian cream and I did different percentage for some of the flavours.

Thanks for your reply


The original recipe is from 2015 and when it was made the devices were very different than they are today - i would suggest that diluting it by about half would work for my tastes but yours are very different.

Since you have 800ml to play with (hopefully that lesson was learnt :grinning:) cut off a few small amounts to different bottles and dilute them to varying degrees until you find one that tastes right to you.

@CosmicTruth 's calculator may help you there


Thank you I will come back with findings.


I doubt my calculator will be much help, instead invest in the other supplies and follow the gurus here.
you can buy some 120ml bottles, scale, and be mixing like a madman in no time :slight_smile: .


That is. Pretty large mount to start off with , especially since you adapted the original …Steeping will take longer bc of the amount you made an I believe that recipe needs a descent steep …

Is that 50 degrees Celsius ??? Heating in my opinion isn’t necessary and heating your liquid with the top off will allow your flavor molecule to dissipate faster …

Stop breathing your liquid it hurts more than it

I wouldnt waste anymore flavors in this mix… Time will be your friiend with this mix , Cap it leave it alone and forget about for half the year…

Also do what Woftam said dilute it , take whats left and divide it into smaller bottle say 100 ml bottles then add only your Base ( VG nd PG ) at equal amounts this will cut yiur percntages in half . Add some lemon to one bottle that might be fun … What I would do is put it away forget about it and mayne in 6 months you will come back to an average mix…


The guys above have offered some good advice already but for what it’s worth sub ohming 50% PG presumably DTL would have me coughing up a lung or two.
I wouldn’t be aiming for any more than 35% PG for DTL vaping.

As for heating juice there is only one merit in doing so imo and that it to help you mix all the ingredients together and is specifically because of the viscosity of Vegetable Glycerine.
Chemically speaking it is classed as a solid when it’s temperature is below 17.8 °C (64.0 °F; 290.9 K).
Warming VG slightly higher than its melting point (17.8 °C (64.0 °F; 290.9 K)) is all thats needed and only so that you can mix all of the ingredients together properly.

I’ve left a strawberry vape in a hot car before and had to ditch it because it soured.
I’d chalk this one up to experience as heating to 50C is likely to have ruined it.


Do you by any chance have your flavors listed? If so can you give a link to your flavor stash? Maybe we can help you find something that will work better?


Thank you all for you comments. Thank you @woftam diluting it helped. It is much better now.

Since I have about 200 ml 50/50 base left I would like to make a liquid ( I’m currently vaping that big amount that I made but want to let it steep longer). Could anyone recommend a recipe and a good online store? ( I’m living in UK)

I would like to make a rich, refreshing fruity flavour liquid.

Thanks to everyone in advance.


Have a browse through the recipies on here for something you like and you should be able to pick up everything you’ll need with the links below which are some of the best UK vendors for DIY supplies.


Greetings @Maya1 , this is a recipe for refreshing fruit, I like it a lot and I repeat it. In two days this list. Let’s see if he likes it

I like many recipes of this mixer. Of course there are many others, but for something you start


check out decadent vapours many of their concentrates are complete mixes


I wish sometimes I lived in the UK so I didn’t have to wait so long for those flavor concentrates from there to arrive here LOL


Hahaha welcome to a day in my life - in Australia you have to wait a minimum of 10 days for EVERYTHING.


I’m so used to my flavors being here in 3-4 days and I’ve been waiting since Jan 23rd it’s killing me LOL


Easier to just forget about it and get a surprise when they arrive