Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help

Awwwww, that is very sweet. My order #8706 was already shipped and is showing in transit with an expected delivery of Thursday by the end of day. So I’m sure everything will be great! Thank you so much for everything!

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Thanks Grant for getting Flavor West Butter Pecan and Peach in stock, will be ordering soon. :grinning:


I think Nic River has the best pricing I’ve seen. I’m sold.


oh my, PV…you just now getting in on NicRiv? absolute lowest price and the customer service, if it is ever needed, is unmatched! the owner, Grant, has taken a personal interest in each of us, circulates the forum frequentlyand openly takes, and puts to action, suggestions from the forum members. all bottles come with a twist top pour spout cap(whatever its called) and he carries the top flavors and is constantly bringing in new flavors. and the last time Grant and i spoke, he was still on the hunt for INW flavors to sell on his site.
i could go on and on, but the bottom line is: try NicRiv first in your flavor purchases! did you see his prices on FA? how about FLV?


I haven’t ever ordered from Nicotine River before, just got a small 60ml bottle of the 60mg nic to try out. Looking forward to it. Assuming all goes well, I will definitely be a return customer :slight_smile:
Total after ELR discount code, including shipping, was a dollar cheaper than RTSvapes without including shipping yet even, same size same strength. Great price.


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Thank you for the kind words my friend!

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Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!

Looking forward to your response!


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Got my order in using the “West” code, thanks for sharing with us. I’ve never ordered from Nicotine Rivers before, the site is easy to use and the ordering process the same. Hope I like the flavors and the quality if so I’ll be ordering again.
One question I have does the flavor come in plastic bottle or glass? My preference is glass.


My flavors came in plastic bottles.

Like @Pro_Vapes the last time I ordered from them my flavors came in plastic also (I probably ordered small quantities than he did).

They do come in PET plastic bottles my friend. We contemplated glass but ended up siding with plastic. Thank you you very much for your order and the opportunity to earn your business!

Have a great day!


My first order arrived quickly, everything was correct, and it was packed very well. I had a very smooth and easy transaction for my first order. I like the the labels, they are easy to read. I haven’t tried the vg yet, but it looks great and I’m expecting it to be great. My only concern, and a minor one at this point, are the twist top caps. My storage system requires the bottles to be laid on their sides. So far (crossing fingers) they haven’t leaked and so probably won’t be an issue at all. I’m going to assume they will behave themselves.

So I am very satisfied, and will definitely order from them again. And look forward to smaller sizes being sold so I can order even my less used flavorings from them that I will be able to use before expiring so I can stop having to shop at other places :wink:


I am glad you decided on plastic. Glass would start to cost a heck of a lot more in shipping for us, since it is heavier. Plus, glass breaks… Lost my wizard labs glass vial of Cactus flavoring accidently dropping it… The house smelt nice, at least haha


The @Nicotine_River bottles are too nice, so figure not only do you save on juice you get a nice bottle to go with it… 60 seems like a lot until the 15ml runs out and your ordering another.
Will the bottles eventually be for sale that the 60ml comes in? Or 30 would be nice too, usually only carry glass but I like these bottles a lot


Would like to add to my previous post. Had a long mixing session tonight with the 60ml bottles with twist tops, and loving them! No leaking, and I thought the drop size would be too big for measuring small batches by weight, but I was very surprised to discover they are very similar with regular dropper bottles, and they don’t drip slowly when held sideways even without squeezing them the way other dropper bottles do. They have also been laying on there sides in my drawer for 3 days and not a leak one even when not stored upright. Nothing but positive to say about this company and their quality!


Same here. I absolutely love the bottles NR is providing. I find each drop to be around .03-.04 gm which is perfect for me. Anything I use where that is too much I don’t typically use undiluted anyway :slight_smile:

Grant has it going on!


All FlavourArt flavor bottles have been updates to the new style bottles. The sizes are 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 1 Liter, 4 Liter and 10 Liters now. All prices have changed to make up for the volume adjustments. I have a question for you all! Which size would be best for a smaller bottle below 60ml? Does a 10ml, 15ml, or 30ml make the most sense for you guys? Thank you everyone!

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