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NicVape E-Flavors Tasting Notes

@NicVape sent me their line of flavors to try awhile back and I’ve finally finished the month long SF test for the first half. I hope someone finds some of these notes useful. I know my “style” isn’t super descriptive and a little all over the place, but I tried to include %s I think would be good, my thoughts, and what I’d rate them. All these notes are also in the ELR database.

I mixed these at 4%, 40/60 PG/VG, no nic, and tested on my Kylin RTA with a single coil ~0.6ohms.
The format is:
Flavor Name | Rating | Single % | Mixing %

1 = Gross or unusable, wouldn’t buy.
2 = Not great, but possibly tweakable, prob still wouldn’t buy
3 = Decent, probably good for mixing, would buy for a specific purpose
4 = Good, definitely for mixing, maybe as a single flavor, would buy unless I already had a better one
5 = Fantastic for mixing and probably as a single flavor, would definitely buy

Almond | 1 | 0.0% | 1.0%
1 day - Tastes like almond scented nail polish remover.
1 week - Still kinda tastes like soap and/or alcohol.
2 weeks - Same.
3 weeks - Same. Think this one is a miss.
4 weeks - Same. This is very chemically and soapy. Not very good. MAYBE with a lower % it could be usable, but I don’t think so.

Almond (Toasted) | 3 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 day - Definitely toasted nut, but more peanut butter than almond.
1 week - Getting more of a toasted almond rather than peanut butter now.
2 weeks - Same. It’s a very nice toasted almond flavor. I like it.
3 weeks - Very nutty. Not a sweet almond, but reminiscent of almond at least.
4 weeks - Same. Nutty, slightly sweet, doesn’t scream almond, but is pretty good nonetheless.

Apple Fritter | 4 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 day - definitely getting the apple. A slight chemical/alcohol back note. The “fritter” is very faint.
1 week - more fritter, a lot of apple, slight cinnamon. Overall, a very nice flavor so far.
2 weeks - Oh man, wow. Really got nice. Definitely getting that apple cinnamon vibe here. Pastry is most intense on the first hit and initial tongue taste. The sense of it fades kind of quickly. Tastes like one of those apple pie things you get at a gas station or McDonalds.
3 weeks - The apple filling is still the main note here. Cinnamon is a little more intense. Pastry still kind of a back note.
4 weeks - Same as 3. Apple filling and cinnamon are strong, but the baked/fried and fritter notes could use a little help from something like pie crust or fried dough and maybe some Liquid Amber.

Banana | 3 | 3.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - somewhere between a realistic and candy. A medicine/alcohol note. If that goes away, it’ll be a nice flavor.
1 week - Pretty much the same. Still some medicine or something. Kinda like what I get from FA banana.
2 weeks - Same, it is somewhere between LB and FA banana. Not a totally bad thing but that slight chemmy back note is kinda meh.
3 weeks - Same. A candy banana with almost a cough syrup undertone.
4 weeks - The medicinal/chem taste has definitely mellowed out. I get a hint of it every once in awhile, but this is mostly still something between a candy and a real banana. Not quite a sweet, ripe banana but sweeter and more candy like than the bitter banana I get from FA.

Bavarian Cream | 4 | 5.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Creamy feel, slightly sweet, a little vanilla and a back note of coconut. Nice.
1 week - Same. Sweet and creamy. Coconut is pretty much gone.
2 weeks - First hit almost has an Old Bay Seasoning/Crab taste to it now. The rest is sweet and creamy.
3 weeks - Still get a hint of old bay every once in awhile which is odd, but it’s a good bavarian in spite of that.
4 weeks - Of the cream type flavors in this first half, this is the best one. I don’t get any trace of BA. It’s not a super creamy mouthfeel, very light, slightly sweet.

Blackberry | 3 | 3.5% | 2.0%
1 Day - Nice dark berry scent, slight sweetness, a little soapy and tart on the exhale.
1 week - Same. Sweet fruity berry, little soapy.
2 weeks - same. Still a little soapy/plasticy.
3 weeks - Same again. Sweet and berry with a soapy back note.
4 weeks - Soap is less and I think if the percentage were lowered it wouldn’t be noticeable at all. Otherwise it is a decent tart, blackberry.

Blue Raz | 4 | 4.5% | 3.0%
1 day - Definitely getting the blue raspberry blow pop vibe. Tart berry, not much sweetness, slight alcohol note. 1 week - Less alcohol. Decent blue raz flavor here.
2 weeks - Less alcohol but less potent as well. Still decent flavor but has weakened some in oomph.
3 weeks - Same. Still a good flavor, but less intense than it was at first.
4 weeks - Same. I don’t think this could be a stand alone, but I think it’d be a great mixer if you’re looking for a blue raz blow pop or slush.

Blueberry | 2 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Definite berry, slightly sweet, slightly tart, a little floral, and feels kinda like it has a tiny bit of menthol or cooling agent.
1 week - Still getting a menthol from this. Tart, slightly sweet.
2 weeks - Still tart and slightly sweet, a berry overtone. Menthol has almost vanished.
3 weeks - Same. This should be called Icy Blueberry. Still a bit of a mint or menthol tingle. The blueberry part is very nice though.
4 weeks - Still slightly menthol and tastes more like a rhubarb than a blueberry.

Blueberry (Wild) | 4 | 5.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - really nice, almost candy or jammy blueberry. Maybe a smidgen floral.
1 week - same. Sweet blueberry, slightly floral.
2 weeks - Really nice, sweet and still slightly floral. This one also seems to have lost a tiny bit of potency. Must be a berry thing.
3 weeks - Same. Not as potent as SnV but a very nice sweet blueberry.
4 weeks - Same. SnV was best, but it’s still a very good blueberry. Bordering on candy, but not quite syrup.

Bourbon | 5 | 4.0% | 1.0%
1 Day - Definitely tastes like bourbon, alcohol and all. Slightly woody and musty.
1 week - Very much bourbon. Less musty.
2 weeks - Woody, alcoholic, bourbon. Almost makes me ill vaping it and remembering all the times I drank Jim Beam and puked my guts up.
3 weeks - same. Very alcoholic and woody. Tastes just like bourbon.
4 weeks - This is straight up bourbon whiskey. Not the kind of thing I wanna vape by itself, but I can see it being really good in mixes. It’s woody and alcoholic. The dusty/musty taste has dissipated and for what it is, it’s fantastic.

Bubble Gum | 4 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 Day - Tastes just like bubble gum, with the powder/chalky outer level and all.
1 week - still bubblegum but tastes a little like fruit gum now.
2 weeks - fruity gum for sure. Still getting that bubble gum flavor but with a slight fruit overtone.
3 weeks - tastes like bubblegum with a little fruit.
4 weeks - same. Really nice bubblegum flavor. I’m not super into bubblegum but its pretty good.

Butterscotch | 2 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 Day - If I had to guess, I’d say this is a BA butterscotch. Not super sweet and getting that off note that I get with BA.
1 week - Still getting a bit of BA and otherwise not much. Pretty nondescript.
2 weeks - still pretty much the same.
3 weeks - still getting the BA note but not much else besides sweet.
4 weeks - Still slight sourness from the BA is definitely less. I think it might go away in another week or so. Not gross, but it’s still not buttery enough to be a good butterscotch.

Cantaloupe | 3 | 5.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Tastes like a vaguely melon flavored candy. Very sweet, but not much cantaloupe.
1 week - Same. A little sweet and melony but not super strong.
2 weeks - Same. I actually kinda like this a lot. It’s not overly syrupy.
3 weeks - This is yummy. Melon for sure, a little more like cantaloupe but not completely realistic.
4 weeks - Same. Kind of what I imagine a melon smartie would taste like. It’s got that chalky candy flavor.

Cappuccino | 1 | 0.0% | 1.0%
1 Day - Not awful. Slightly nutty, chocolatey, sweet, and creamy. A bit of that fakey powdered cap mix taste. Maybe a bit of BA. Not much coffee.
1 week - same. Very powdery, slightly nutty and chocolatey in a tootsie roll way.
2 weeks - not crazy about this right now. It’s still got that powdery tootsie flavor and some BA.
3 weeks - Same. This is not one of my favorite flavors at all. Kinda makes me feel sick like the EF Nougat
4 weeks - Same. Powder, nut, tootsie roll, and some sicky back note I don’t like.

Caramel Candy | 2 | 6.0% | 3.0%
1 Day - Mostly just sweet. A little bit of that sticky throat hit.
1 week - Same as before.
2 weeks - very sweet, slight caramel tones.
3 weeks - same. Very sweet, slight dark caramel notes. Sticky throat hit.
4 weeks - Same. Like the butterscotch, this isn’t horrible, but it’s not quite intense enough to be great. It’s more of a generic sweetness with a sticky throat hit. The caramel is very slight. Would work as a general sweetener used similar to a brown sugar maybe. Otherwise, sort of boring.

Carolina Tobacco | 5 | 5.0% | 2.5%
1 Day - Nutty, a little creamy, leafy. Very nice.
1 week - Same. Really nice tobacco flavor.
2 weeks - Seriously yummy nutty leafy tobacco.
3 weeks - Sweet, leafy, nutty.
4 weeks - Same. This is a really good tobacco IMO. Good enough to be a stand alone, but versatile enough to be a good mixer.

Champagne | 2 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 Day - Slightly fruity/wine taste. Maybe a tiny bit of fizz but not very much.
1 Week - Same. Fruity wine.
2 weeks - same. Nice but not super spectacular.
3 weeks - same. It’s okay, but not one I see myself using that often.
4 weeks - Same. Slightly fruity and sweet. Not spectacular. Might work best as a sweetener for fruits.

Cheesecake | 1 | 0.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Not liking this at all yet. Kinda chalky, very stinky/BA, slightly burnt tasting.
1 week - same.
2 weeks - yeah still kinda gross. 3 weeks - Burned chalky vomit yuck.
4 weeks - Vomit is lessened but still getting a footy, chalky, burned taste. This is a miss for me.

Cherry | 3 | 3.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Cough Syrup.
1 week - Straight up nyquil.
2 weeks - same.
3 weeks - sweeter. Still tastes medicinal but I think at a lower % it might be useable.
4 weeks - Same. Sweeter still and the cough syrup has seriously faded. It’s still noticeable, but I could see this potentially becoming a decent cherry with time and/or lower %s and some backup. I’m sufficiently intrigued enough to keep playing with this one.

Clementine | 5 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 Day - Really nice orange. Sweet. Kinda reminds me of Tang.
1 week - Definitely one of the best orange flavors I’ve tried. Doesn’t make me cough, tastes like a sweet, juicy orange.
2 weeks - Same. One of the best oranges I’ve had. Definitely a good citrus taste without the bite or throat tickle.
3 weeks - Same. Very nice orange flavor.
4 weeks - Same. This definitely is more of a Sunny D or Tang and less of an orange juice.

Coconut | 4 | 3.0% | 1.5%
1 Day - Decent dessert coconut flavor, but not super sweet. Slight sunscreen note, but otherwise not bad at all.
1 week - Still getting some sunscreen vibes. At lower %s or with some steep that might go away.
2 weeks - Still very intense. I think a lower amount would be better and it might be a good coconut after all.
3 weeks - Mellowed some. I like this a lot.
4 weeks - Good, but intense. Still getting a slight alcohol/sunscreen vibe, but I think a lower % and this would shine.

Coconut Smoothie | 3 | 3.5% | 2.0%
1 Day - Kinda tastes like a lighter version of the coconut. Not quite as pronounced.
1 Week - Less like the other coconut now. More sweet and creamy coconut.
2 weeks - same. A sweet and creamy coconut flavor. Very nice.
3 weeks - Gotten a little harsher. I think I might like the other coconut better now.
4 weeks - Good, sweet and creamy. Still a little more intense than it started out, which is really odd.

Coffee | 3 | 3.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Smells just like coffee, a slight burn and ash taste, overall not terrible. I think this might be a decent coffee flavor in the end.
1 Week - Same. Pretty decent flavor.
2 weeks - Same. A bit of a nutty burned flavor. At a slightly lower percent and mixed well it could be a good coffee flavor.
3 weeks - Same. This isn’t a great coffee, but for some reason I really like it.
4 weeks - There is something oddly intriguing about this flavor. I’m interested in playing with it a little. It’s almost a hazelnut coffee. It’s nutty and slightly burned but it’s not bad.

Cotton Candy | 4 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - I realize this is likely just EM like other cotton candy flavors, I was just curious what a SF cotton candy would be like. It does smell exactly like cotton candy. Relatively sweet, too.
1 week - same. Punch in the throat sweetness and definitely makes me think fairground.
2 weeks - same.
3 weeks - Same.
4 weeks - Same. Smells like CC, tastes like sugar.

Cranberry | 4 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - slightly sweet, mostly tart and soapy/floral.
1 week - not as floral, but doesn’t taste much like cranberry.
2 weeks - still a little soapy, tart berry aftertaste.
3 weeks - same. Tart berry with a slight soap flavor.
4 weeks - Soap is gone and this is now a very nice tart cranberry flavor. It took awhile, but I really like this one.

Cream | 2 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - creamy, sweet, and slightly sour. Guessing it’s BA again. It’s not wildly off-putting though, so I think it’ll be okay in the end.
1 week - the tart/sour has started to fade. Very good cream mouthfeel. Not hugely sweet.
2 weeks - again, great creamy mouthfeel but still got a bit of the sour BA taste.
3 weeks - a little sweeter than I remember last week, but still sour.
4 weeks - This is a miss, it’s sweet and has a cream mouthfeel, but that burned BA flavor is here just like it was in the cheesecake. Gonna call this a slight miss. Better than a 1 star, but only slightly.

Creme de Menthe | 5 | 4.5% | 2.0%
1 Day - this is a more authentic creme de menthe than Flavorah. It’s straight sweet mint without any kind of chocolate note. It’s a very nice mild peppermint.
1 week - I like this a lot. Very soft creamy mint.
2 weeks - agreed. Lovely creamy mint.
3 weeks - Same. Sweet vanilla mint.
4 weeks - Same. This is very nice.

Dark Fruit | 5 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it’s really good. Definitely dark and fruity, slightly floral, almost a tobacco note.
1 week - same. Really nice flavor.
2 weeks - Same. This is a delightfully fruity floral flavor.
3 weeks - Same. Pretty sure this will be one of my favorite flavors.
4 weeks - Dark, floral, fruity, slightly tart and not overly sweet.

Dark Raz | 5 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Surprisingly good jammy raspberry. Sweet/tart, slightly floral, scent is perfectly on point. I get a similar note that I get from Inawera’s Bahraini Apple Gold.
1 week - really one of the best raspberries I’ve tried so far. Not super potent or tart, but very nice.
2 weeks - same. This is a kicking raspberry.
3 weeks - Same again. so very tasty.
4 weeks - Definitely the best raspberry I’ve had. Sweet and tart dark berry.

Dragon Fruit | 4 | 5.0% | 2.5%
1 Day - Different. I’m not super familiar with dragon fruits so not sure how this compares. Tart, slightly earthy/bitter, a little floral/soapy, sweet and slightly jammy/juicy. Very strange, but I think I like it.
1 week - same. A little earthy, tart, bitter, and sweet.
2 weeks - same. Earthy, almost has a mango or papaya note. Nice.
3 weeks - Same. Slightly earthy, sweet, less intense than the Flavorah. I like it.
4 weeks - Earthy, slightly tart and bitter, a little sweet. Sort of mild and a tad melony. I like it.

Energy Drink (Beast) | 3 | 3.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - First instinct is that it tastes like the frosting licked off the end of a just blown out candle. There’s a waxy sweetness plus a weird carbon back note.
10 days - still a little waxy tasting, but more fruity and like an energy drink now.
2 weeks - still has that waxy thing going on but now it’s more of a frosting. Fruit too.
3 weeks - Tastes like frosting and energy drink.
4 weeks - Not energy drink really. Slightly fruity, juicy, and the waxiness is still there only it tastes a little bit more like chocolate than frosting now. It’s very strange but not awful.

Energy Drink (Red) | 4 | 4.0% | 2.0%
1 Day - Melony tasting. Sweet. Lil bit of that b-vitamin energy drink flavor.
10 days - Pretty much tastes like a red bull.
2 weeks - cantaloupe or watermelon red bull.
3 weeks - Melons and b vitamins.
4 weeks - Same. Melon red bull. It’s not bad. Kinda nice.

English Toffee | 3 | 5.0% | 3.0%
1 Day - Smells just like toffee, slightly sweet, has a bit of an absinthe/licorice note to it.
10 days - same. Smells just like toffee, sweet, slight absinthe note.
2 weeks - mildly sweet, weak, a little smoky.
3 weeks - Same.
4 weeks - Getting a little more of the dark toffee notes, but it’s coming across more like a caramel than a toffee. Would make a good sweetener, but other than that I’m not getting much.

Fine Cuban Tobacco | 5 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - This is a pretty floral tobacco. Reminds me of the Flavorah Virginia. There’s another leafy/earthy note I can’t quite identify. May turn into something really great.
10 days - Same. Very floral, almost soap, but it’s really nice. I think it’ll be very good. That taste that I can’t identify is still there. I think it might be something like cedar or sandalwood. It’s nice.
2 weeks - There is definitely some sort of wood and something slightly herbal and earthy in this. This is very good. I like it a lot.
3 weeks - Same. I’m really loving this one.
4 weeks - Woody, floral, earthy, leafy, slight cardboard, and slight sweetness.

French Vanilla | 2 | 5.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - Very mild vanilla flavor.
10 days - Getting a BA/slightly burned plastic taste.
2 weeks - still mild and slightly plastic.
3 weeks - Same.
4 weeks - Still a slight BA plastic flavor. Vanilla is present but not intense. Not awful, but not fantastic.

Fruit | 4 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - Definitely a “fruit punch” kind of flavor. Maybe some apple, coconut, melon, berry? Very sweet.
10 days - Melon and berry and still some apple. Very fruity and sweet.
2 weeks - Very fruity and juicy. I like this.
3 weeks - Same. Very nice.
4 weeks - Fruit punch. Slightly floral. Not bad.

Gourmet Cinnamon | 1 | 0.0% | 0.0%
2 Days - Cinnamon scented soap or potpourri. Tingle on the tongue tastes more cool/minty than spicy. Not great. May need to steep or significantly lower %. Not a SnV.
10 days - Definitely menthol. Slightly spicy. 4% is probably way too much.
2 weeks - Same. This is way more like menthol than cinnamon.
3 weeks - Same. Spicy mint. Someone missed the mark on making this flavor.
4 weeks - Menthol soap potpourri. This is gross.

Grape | 3 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - Not a realistic grape, maybe more like a grape wax chew. Little bit of a dirt back note? Getting that same odd birthday candle flavor. I can’t figure this one out. Website says “Not a candy grape” and reviews say cough syrup.
10 days - Tastes like grape bubblicious.
2 weeks - same.
3 weeks - Same. Grape gum or taffy.
4 weeks - Same. I don’t know if it is because I’m using it too high, but it’s definitely right on the money for a grape bubble gum or grape laffy taffy. In that sense, it’s very good, but for a normal grape like a grape soda or grape juice this misses the mark.

Green Apple | 4 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - Definitely can get green apple from this. I think this one could go either way—realistic or candy—depending on what you pair it with. It’s very sweet, but not quite candy or syrup.
10 days - Sweet, slightly tart. Same as before, could go either way depending on how it is mixed.
2 weeks - Same. Slight floral note now, but not bad.
3 weeks - Same. I really like this apple flavor.
4 weeks - Pretty good. Tartness has diminished and it doesn’t scream apple, but I think it’d be a great mixer and very versatile flavor.

Green Tea | 3 | 3.0% | 1.0%
2 Days - Definitely green and leafy, almost grassy. Slightly sweet. A little herbal/floral but not quite tea. Intriguing and interested to see how this steeps.
10 days - Same. Green, grassy, sweet, floral.
2 weeks - Same. I still feel intrigued. I can’t decide if I like this or not. It kinda tastes like incense.
3 weeks - Same. Definitely odd, but there’s something about it I really like.
4 weeks - Same. If taken for something other than tea, this is a really intriguing flavor. It’s possible I have the % entirely too high and that’s causing the soap/incense flavor. I want to play with it more and see what I can do with it. Definitely not a flavor for someone who doesn’t like florals/herbals/etc.

Guava | 3 | 3.0% | 1.0%
2 Days - I get the guava. Lil bit earthy and bitter. Not super sweet.
10 days - Same. Tastes about like I remember guava juice tasting.
2 weeks - Same. Still a little earthy and bitter, a little more sweet, definitely got the guava going on.
3 weeks - Same.
4 weeks - Earthy, slightly bitter, slightly sweet, slightly tropical. Interesting. Not a stand alone, but possibly a good mixer.

Gummy Candy | 4 | 5.0% | 3.0%
2 Days - Sticky sweet throat hit. No real pronounced flavor but definitely a gummy bear scent and vibe.
10 days - Same.
2 weeks - Same again.
3 weeks - Sweet and nondescript flavor-wise. Good for a gummy candy.
4 weeks - Same. Sweet, gummy feel, no real flavor.

Hazelnut | 4 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - Nice mild, nutty flavor. Definite hazelnut. Almost waxy but not quite. Looking forward to seeing how this one changes over time.
10 Days - Waxy seems to have gone away. Definitely tastes like hazelnut. It’s very nice.
2 weeks - same. Good hazelnut, not super sweet, slight wax/plastic is back. Think the % needs to be a little lower on this one.
3 weeks - Same. Nutty but slightly waxy.
4 weeks - Definitely a sweet hazelnut. A little bit of waxiness still, but an excellent flavor.

Honey Crisp Cereal | 5 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - wow, I’m thoroughly impressed with this one. Does what it says on the tin and does it really well. If this steeps well, it’ll be a fantastic SA or addition to anything needing a honey grain flavor. Ever so slight floral back note.
10 Days - Tastes just like Honey Bunches of Oats. I don’t know what more I could ask for here.
2 weeks - This is seriously fantastic. Spot on, great oat/grain flavor, sweet honey goodness. No milk, which I like.
3 weeks - I am absolutely in love with this flavor. The honey and grain flavors are perfectly balanced. The lack of a milk or cream aspect makes this really versatile. It’s yummy.
4 weeks - This is amazing. I don’t even like cereals and I love this flavor. Top notch here.

Honey Vanilla | 4 | 4.0% | 1.5%
2 Days - Tastes a lot better than it initially smelled. Tastes like honey, but I think it would benefit from a steep.
10 Days - Good. Honey and slight vanilla. I think there’s a hint of clover or that slightly floral or funky note but it is pretty good.
2 weeks - Same.
3 weeks - Same. Clover honey is the main thing here with a sweet throat hit. Vanilla is slight and in the background.
4 weeks - Same as 3. This is very much honey with a slight vanilla in the background. It has that weird scent that I think turns people off from honey flavors, but it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t remind me of cat pee like I’ve heard people describe, just that funky flavor honey sometimes has.

Honeydew Melon | 5 | 5.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - This has a woody/herbal note to it, but it’s not bad. I get the honeydew melon but it’s pretty far in the back.
10 Days - Decent. It’s a little strange, but I like it okay.
2 weeks - This almost tastes more like a green tea than the green tea. Did I mix up the green tea and the honeydew or something??
3 weeks - If I don’t think about this a honeydew melon, this is a really great flavor. It’s mild, slightly sweet, still reminds me more of what I’m wanting from a tea than a melon. If there’s any melon here, it’s way in the back.
4 weeks - I really don’t get this as a melon, but as a nice, light, almost floral flavor it is fantastic. It really does remind me more of tea than the green tea did. When used in that way, I think this will be a supremely useful flavor.

Irish Cream | 3 | 5.0% | 3.0%
2 Days - really mild. Irish is there, but it’s mostly sweet and creamy. The liqueur part is way in the back.
10 Days - same. Sweet and creamy.
2 weeks - More of the dark Irish liqueur coming through now. Still a nice sweet cream up front.
3 weeks - same. Up front is the sweet cream, back note is the darker Irish cream part.
4 weeks - one of the weaker flavors in the bunch. I still don’t get a ton of Irish from this, mostly still just a sweet cream.

Kentucky Tobacco | 3 | 5.0% | 3.0%
2 Days - Slight honey nuttiness, a little darker and less floral than the Fine Cuban. Not much of a ‘leafy’ or ashy flavor. Strong throat hit from something, maybe the sweet.
10 Days - Same.
2 weeks - Same. Honey with maybe a slight tobacco back note.
3 weeks - Same.
4 weeks - Still faint on the flavor; what’s there is a honey nut.

Kiwi | 3 | 4.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - The EuroFlavor Kiwi had me scared to try this one as the smell was similar but the taste is way different. This isn’t quite a kiwi (yet), it tastes more like the rind from a watermelon and a hint of plastic. But, I think it might develop into a really nice flavor.
10 Days - not bad. Very fruity. Not sure what this is. I guess it is a kiwi but I dunno.
2 weeks - sweet, fruity, a little bit of plastic, kiwi is a lil more prominent but still in the back.
3 weeks - Same.
4 weeks - Pretty much the same. A little more kiwi flavored now, still a little plastic.

Lemon | 5 | 5.0% | 3.0%
2 Days - Wow. One of the best lemons I’ve had to date. I did not have high hopes for this one, but they nailed it.
10 Days - Lemon heads, it’s very nice. Definitely lemon. Getting a hint of pledge now that I hope goes away cuz it was so awesome SnV.
2 weeks - Yummy. Pledgy taste went away. Might have been in my head before.
3 weeks - Really great lemon. Sweet, not tart or sour. Very nice.
4 weeks - Very good sweet lemon flavor. Great for lemon candy or dessert but not for a sour or tart lemon.

Lime | 5 | 5.0% | 3.0%
2 Days - Nice lime, slight scrubbing bubbles scent, not as bang on as the lemon. On the sweet side. Overall, very nice.
10 Days - Really nice lime. A little sweet still. Scrubbing bubbles is gone.
2 weeks - Same. Nice, sweet lime. Not sour at all.
3 weeks - Sweet lime, slight sour/tartness and a bit of chalkiness showing now.
4 weeks - Less chalk, sweet and slightly sour, great lime flavor. More candy, less authentic.

Maple | 3 | 5.0% | 2.0%
2 Days - not as intense as I was expecting based on the smell. The essence of maple is there, not abundantly sweet up front, slightly woody. It’s nice, but it’s not in-your-face maple syrup. The throat hit and aftertaste have the sticky sweetness.
10 Days - Very much same as 2. Woody, sweet, mapley, not too syrupy.
2 weeks - same. Sweet, slight woody back note, maple scent, not syrupy.
3 weeks - same. Maple woody scent, not much actual flavor, not super sweet.
4 weeks - same. Smells just like maple syrup on the exhale, but the inhale is just mildly sweet and woody. This would make me and anyone around me crave pancakes, but it doesn’t actually taste like much.

Maraschino Cherry | 1 | 3.0% | 1.0%
2 Days - I was both anxious and hopeful about this one. Anxious because cherry (esp maraschino) is infamous and hopeful because so many of the NV flavors have surprised me. Not this one. This one’s cheap cherry cough syrup for sure. Maybe a lower % or good steep would help.
10 Days - Same. Sad pandas. Almost even has that mentholated vibe going.
2 weeks - same. slight rancid oil flavor almost. This one is gross.
3 weeks - still pretty awful. Maybe a lower % would help. I dunno.
4 weeks - Still really medicinal. I don’t know how this could improve, but I haven’t given up completely.


I love that rating scale! I really need some of that Honey Crisp, that there is something i think i could adv.

Thanks for taking the time to test and rate each one of these, JoJo. And another thanks for making it fun to read.


Haha thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah if I had to pick just one flavor of the ones I tested, it’d be the Honey Crisp Cereal. It’s so spot on it’s crazy. I’m not even a huge fan of cereal vapes, but that one made me a believer. I could see it being useful in any kind of recipe that needed a honey/sweet grain flavor.


Wow thanks jojo!


Great reviews, and very much appreciate your time and efforts in sharing these with us!!

I’ve already found one must try:

Ok… Maybe three or four…

(apologies for the ‘thread clutter’, but I did it this way so I could bookmark it, and be able to add then to the shopping list later.) :wink:

Especially appreciate the notes about BA! :thumbsup:


Hats off to you girl, you put in a lot of work; mixing, testing and taking notes :+1:
I hate taking notes :nauseated_face:


I think your comment should be directed to our lovely @JoJo :upside_down_face:


Whoopsie!!! You’re correct!! That’s what I get for being half awake!
Fixed!! :sweat_smile:


I really like you’re style! Finally someone who describes flavors like I do! :heart::heart:


If I was on the fence about your suggestion to get the Honey Crisp Cereal a couple of days ago for my granola recipe, I’m definitely set to try it out now! :smile:


Thanks for your hard work @JoJo :grin: That Honey Crisp Cereal sounds yummy…now I wanna eat a bowl of the real thing :yum:


Awesome work @JoJo thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


Wow, TU for the effort.


Hi @JoJo, thanks SO MUCH for posting this info.
I’m so glad that there is some info in the form of notes, ratings and percentages coming out as I purchased a DIY starter kit from NicVape and still have varying amounts of flavors left but it seems there precious little info regarding this company and their e-flavors line of concentrates.

Kudos to you @JoJo for taking the time to review and upload your thoughts.:disappointed_relieved:
Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank @JoJo for your time and sacrifice. It’s really crazy how many of these you SF tested. This is super helpful. I really like how you set up your format for your notes. :open_mouth:


According to one of the flavors I checked out, your percentage was below what they suggest. Thanks for the reviews, I may trry them.

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Thank you, I recently bought one of there packs. I think I had a bad batch, all the ones I have tried taste the same way medical, or like soap. I have tried high and low % then the next day flavor is totally gone. Big disappointment for me. Will not buy any more flavors from them.

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Nice work jojo. I’ m a big fan of Nic Vape. They have great customer service, knowledgeable staff and tasty products. I was reading comments and someone bought a 3pack. And wrote them off. Made me chuckle. 3 flavors, really! But anyhow that was a lot of work and totally impressed. You enjoy it like way i enjoy it. Thank you


They definitely have a few that are misses, but I don’t think you can ever judge an entire company’s line based off a few flavors. I tried six EuroFlavors and didn’t really like any of them, but I know there are some that are good based on what other people have tried.

Overall, it seems like everything from NicVape but the cream/custard/buttery type flavors have been really good. I think the only problem with those is that NicVape is avoiding the “baddies” and you just can’t get that great buttery creamy flavor without them.


Well Done. The suggested %'s and week-by-week notes are very useful.