Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)

How far (% wise) have you pushed the strawberry in an attempt to counteract the fading? Have you found if you push it too high, it mutes or has any off taste?

Sorry, crispy! Lol sorry I just always think that when I take a quick glance at your name. High and low, I hardly find any good taste to the RF Watermelon. Maybe it just doesn’t agree with my taste buds. I enjoy candy watermelons much more but still am searching for that rindless, true to watermelon taste. It is a very elusive flavor… I have INW on the way to see how I like it, RF just didn’t agree with me, personally.


If a flavor holds up for 6 weeks, then fade to no existence in the mix, then I personally don’t see the need to over flavor from the start if it’s not going to be stable throughout the life of the mix. It’s like that mix will be constantly changing over time and it just not worth it to me. Find something that works.

Flavor fading is a new issue for me. I’ve had some mixes around for 6-8 months with no issue, so 6 weeks seems a very short life for a flavor.

@Walt_RealFlavors himself has stated they use PDO in some flavors, so I’m not surprised some of these flavors fade. These aren’t strictly vaping flavors, but some are stable and hold up well over time… just not all of them.


Yes! This is so true! I like to layer my strawberry flavors with acai and raspberry. I usually use more than 1 strawberry and then add 0.2-0.4% acai or Raspberry. It seems to add to the strawberry and helps with flavor fade.


Sorry I haven’t opened the bottle of it as of yet, I was hoping it was similar to Melon Medley (SC) in it’s make up but with a Watermelon taste, but from the notes I’ve read from others, it isn’t.
@Chrispdx do you have an actual recipe worked up for that comment of… [quote=“Chrispdx, post:73, topic:139196”]
But I mixed with dragonfruit tpa strawberry FA, cucumber FA, marshmallow FA. Cucumber to fix the rind, mallow to adjust the sweet. Dragon and SB to fix the red.

Or were you just mixing things up a bit?
I did plan on mixing up my PB Sugar Cookie and thought I’d like to try a to mix up a nice fruit mix.

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Rind, rind, rind!!!
As many have noted the rind is right up front. I don’t find it unpleasant at all but as I seek the sweeter and elusive mix I’m chasing, this one won’t do. Even layered with a sweeter watermelon and a watermelon candy, the rind sits right on your tongue and rubs it’s butt all over it. I still like this flavor and think it can be used in many applications. Just don’t expect sweet


I am definitely with you on that! What is the sweetest and least rindy/ candy like watermelon you have found? After eating real watermelon this past week I am chasing the real deal.


I think there ia a watermelon thread and I will try to find it for you. I have only 3
Watermelon Candy
Both of those are TPA and I use them both in the same mix to get my desired effect.

The other is the RF and even at low percentages I can taste the rind but I think my mind is looking for it.


Actually, I think the watermelon thread I was looking for, you have already seen.


Watermellon MyWay

This is version 4.

This last adjustment was due to an odd note (can’t explain) at 13mls into vaping. 1-10mls is as good and I started picking up another note.

Steep for three weeks cap on. The below I am mixing today.

Watermelon RF Sc 2.5%
Watermelon FA 1.65%
Cucumber FA 0.25%
Fresh cream FA 0.25
Marshmallow FA 1%
Dragon fruit tpa 1%
Strawberry FA 0.75%

Personally I think @Walt_RealFlavors could up the red part of this Concentrate and create a rind free red candy watermelon (you would see a billion bottles if you did it just right). I do like the “natural” aspect you get from this.

Tagging @Pentine since we talked about it earlier in the thread.


i refrigerate all my flaves except the MF i cant seem to get a response from them :frowning:


This would be a wonderful idea, please do this @Walt_RealFlavors, I would buy it ALL!!!

More red, less rind. Scratch that, all red NO rind!

I refrigerate only my RF and MF. Why don’t you keep your MF in the fridge? In my mind, the more realistic extract would need more preservation.


@Ken_O_Where posted about refrigerating the MFs a while ago. He recommended it for extending the life of MF extracts.


Well, I promised. Don’t mind the mess, and don’t take any of the brands that we don’t carry as hints. This is just where we like to mix at work, and this is mostly our personal stashes. :slight_smile:


Lol. How do you even find a flavor? Or do you just do Russian roulette mixing. Grab a random 5 flavors and just go for it? Dang it…I should have done that today when I mixed.


i did refrigerate at first then around the cap i got some kind of build up , i guess after that i wanted to see what manufacturer said since they were a little spendy , i do think that using refer keeps flavors a lot longer though


Did they ever get back to you about refrigerating them/ what the buildup was?


never they never answered me , it looked like a sugar build up around the edges


Bergamot SC- This bergamot was a very welcome change from what I had been working with (FA). It is pretty citrusy, but not too much. Also very juicy for a bergamot while still having a slightly green taste (if that makes any sense). Good flavor at 4%, but it doesn’t scream ‘orange’ the way FA Bergamot does (which is okay, bergamot is its own kinda thing). Will definitely use it to mix things up where I was previously using bergamot. Has good taste and its own sweetness.

I am very curious to see what others who have tried FA Bergamot think about the RF version.

Any takers?

I know you had worked with the RF SC Bergamot, how has that been? Have you tried it above 2% yet?

Hmmmm, odd. I keep mine in the fridge but have yet to see anything like that. Must be certain flavors.


i wanna say it was the strawberry and vanilla because for a long time they were the only two i used when i started getting more i already stopped using refer , it could have been the had leaked a bit and being exposed to oxygen it dried up


I made a batch of Strawberries and Cream using Strawberry SC at 2% and Sweet Cream at 1.25%.

I really expected this to be a moderately good mix but after a month, there was little to no cream taste. The strawberries stayed intact but the cream never really came through. After reading peoples notes on the Condensed Milk and Cream (Regular) being very potent, I expected this mix to be pretty creamy. Sadly it was not.

Earlier today, I made a single flavor of the Sweet Cream SC at 4% just for shiggles. I just tried it, expecting some off flavors from using it so high, but to my surprise, it was not bad. No off taste, slight sweetness was present as well as a creamy nuance. I will have to revisit the mix after a few weeks but I think that the Sweet Cream may not be as potent as the rest of the creams, requiring a higher percent.

Will update after a good steep, searching high and low for what other people are getting from this sweet cream, but there isn’t much out there yet.