SMOK TFV4 Review: The pinnacle of tanks!

I received this device free for reviewing. The following review is my unbiased thoughts on it.

The SMOK Taste Furious v4 (TFV4) comes in a pretty box in a paper sleeve. The box contains:

  • The device! (Surprise!)
  • A pack of cotton
  • A quality control sheet
  • A manual
  • RBA-deck
  • A couple of rubber tank protector bands
  • A replacement silicone fill port
  • Spare o-rings
  • Extra coils for the RBA
  • A black screwdriver
  • Spare tank pyrex glass
  • A quad coil head
  • A package of delicious pellets that says not to eat them (ha! you can’t tell me what to do!)

The TFV4 is a big clearomizer. It’s 73.5mm high and 24.5mm wide! Build quality is top notch!

The tank comes with a triple coil head installed. It is stated that the wattage range is 40-130 W, but you need to go over 70 W to get any satisfying results. To me it’s best around 80-100 W. Excellent taste! Extreme cloud production. Very generous airflow! Even at max VG it wicks. No dry hits at all.

In fact it wicks so well, that you can actually see the liquid level drop after each hit, so be prepared to use a lot of juice!

The capacity in this tank varies. With the smallest coil head, it holds 5 ml, but with the triple coil heads you can only fit around 4 ml.

Double walled drip tip with airflow control (4 air holes) for a cooler vape, and less flavorful vape. I prefer it closed off. The driptip’s double wall seem to be working - it doesn’t get as warm as it otherwise would.

The base naturally has adjustable airflow control - this thing has 4 air holes. Big ones. This device has a very, very nice airflow at wide open.

The TFV4 features top-filling. You simple push the top part of device the to the side. It slides open, on a hinge. This will reveal a silicone “mouth” that you fill into. No need to close off the airflow - I haven’t found it to flood. Slide into place again and you’re ready to fog up the world.

Instead of the “norm”, where the coil head slides into the chimney, the coil heads for the TFV4 is part of the chimney, so the top part of the chimney actually screws into the coil head itself. The coil heads themselves are HUGE.

I mean. Look at them. From the left: TFV4 triple coil head, TFV4 quadruple coil head, Arctic BTDC coil head, Kanger Subtank coil head and furthest right is the Nautilus coil head.


Here they are in reverse order. It’s insane, how large they are.

So how do they taste? Very, very good. Near dripper territory.

There are four coil heads available:

  • TF-Q4 - A quad coil disposable head @ 0.15ohm (40-140W).
  • TF-T3 - A triple coil disposable head @ 0.2ohm (40-130W).
  • TF-R2 - A dual coil rebuildable head, comes with 0.25ohm coils installed.
  • TF-R1 - A single coil rebuildable head, comes with 0.85ohm coils installed.

There is no information of material, so I assume that the coils are kanthal.

There’s more coils coming, including Ni200-coils. No word on titanium. I hope they make titanium coils! @Pro_Vapes found out titanium coils are on the way! This will put this tank over the top.

All of them use organic cotton.

RBA deck

Entering dripper territory. This RBA makes the tank perform like a dripper. It’s that good.
I’ve had success with a good amount of cotton. Place it just above the juice channels - it’s ok if there is some cotton going a little bit down the channels, but not too much, or you risk dry hits.

Look at those juice wells! It’s ridiculous! They’re huge!

Check out the old standard little blue screwdriver in comparison.

Pro-Tip! Don’t screw the deck in too tight. The o-ring on the RBA-deck can distort and leak down to the air chamber! You’ll spend a good amount of time frustrated that you’re not wicking it correctly, even if you are. This is the o-ring that can cause trouble:

It’s very easy to work on, though I feel tha the design is rather dated. I would have liked to see a velocity-like deck on this. It would have fit nicely in there.

You can get a dual coil RBA-deck as well, but you have to buy that separately.


  • Built like a tank
  • Lots of coils!
  • Lots of RBA-decks!
  • RBA has lots of room to build
  • Good airflow
  • Great taste
  • Huge clouds
  • Easy to fill


  • Completely anihilates your juice supply
  • Big! 24.5mm wide makes it look weird on some devices
  • Heavy! If you already use a heavy mod, be sure to switch arms, so you don’t get an abnormally large vaping arm. What would people think?!
  • It’s fairly expensive compared to the competition
  • Post holes could be a bit bigger

Also worth noting, is that the tank disassembles …awkwardly. The top chimney is screwed into the coil head, so you must have a coil head in, to keep it together - if course you can just use your RBA-section. I wonder if that is the reason they included it?

This tank is a must have.

SMOK and is giving away FOUR TFV4 tanks soon! Stay tuned!


Great review sir! Now another tank i have to get, sigh. You’re on my naughty list now.

My GF is gonna hurt me. :sob:


sweet review!!! it makes me want… no… NEED one so bad…
well done sir!!!
more like my wife’s gonna kill me…


I just ordered the full kit last night on ebay for $39 with free shipping. Can’t wait to get it. All I hear are good things except the o rings are supposedly really shitty. Still debating if I want to get the dual rba section. This guy talks about the o rings at 5:20:

could you share the link to ebay???

Weird - My o-rings hasn’t disintegrated like RipTripper’s has… Looks weird and very suspicious!

I wish his face would disintegrate


Here it is:

If the seller runs out, there are at least 3 or 4 more sellers who are charging $40 or a few dollars less for it with free shipping.


Excellent review @daath. I saw review where they stated the coils were kanthal. The Ti coils are coming. They are for preorder right now.

I have the dual RBA Deck and like @daath said… it’s a dripping experience. This is a must have tank if you like advanced vaping. This tank delivers on all fronts. It’s definitely the best I own.

Here’s some shots of the TF-R2 Dual Coil RBA Deck…


If I only waited a week or two . . . /sigh

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I posted this somewhere else here before, but they are making a few more coils too. One is a six coil head and the others have better airflow apparently:


I used to look up to Rip… He appeals to beginner vapers. His is more of a show than a review.

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I remember when he first started. Humble man doing humble reviews.

Now, every time he mimics what a member of his audience says, he purposely sounds like a fucking retard. I am no retard, and I dont talk like that.

Douche canoe that guy is.


I hear this thing drinks the juice…so here’s to taking my nicotine addiction to a whole new level.

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What are those rubber bands for? Do they give a little buffer between the tank and the floor if it gets dropped?

A bit too silly for me; I like calm, no frills reviewers, such as “Mike Vapes” on the YouTube.


I hear you. Some reviewers are simply unwatchable because they think they need to be silly or over the top. Rip Trippers I can tolerate though. All I want in a review is information given clearly. Sometimes it’s like reviewers put all their work into production for their intro, then when they start talking it’s like they are 50 feet from the microphone.

This one takes the cake as being one of the worst. He obviously didn’t watch it before he posted it. Camera work is awful… so bad it’s laughable. Start at 2:10 to see what I mean.


Nice review @daath! I’m tank flush right now, but when things get boring, I might have to try this guy. The RBA deck will have to be part of the purchase, seeing as how I’m not a prebuilt coil dude; got to know exactly what I’m putting my juice through.


Yep, protection. You could also use it to restrict the airflow…

The RBA deck is included in the “full kit” - You have to pay for the dual coil RBA though!

As @ffrank mentions below, don’t get the “single” kit…


That’s true. Single coil RBA is included in the full kit. The single kit just comes with one tri coil head. Def get the full kit if not just because it includes an extra glass tank.

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